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Autumn Colour Palette

autumn colour palette jewel tones

Autumn is here! And as sad we are to say goodbye to our favourite summer months, there is something very appealing about it cooling off… the autumn colour palette. This year we are embracing everything jewel toned- deep, shimmery, rich hues that really up the ante on our day-to-day mani!

Jewel tones are the perfect addition to your autumn colour palette, as they flatter all skin types, giving you a glowing, radiant look. When determining what the best colour for you is, first determining you skin tone is where to start- whether you are Dark Cool, Light Cool, Dark Warm or Light Warm.

Dark Cool

Characteristics– pale white, olive or slightly sallow skin that tans easily. Dark roots with no red/auburn undertones.

The bright vibrant hues work best on Dark Cool skin tones- think colours like Royale, Bonsoir, Gypsy and even our Heartfelt Homes red.

Light Cool

Characteristics– fair to light olive skin that tends to tan easily rather that burn. Light Blonde to Dirty Blonde hair with no red tones at roots.

Cool jewel tones like Stardust, Genie and Beyond best suit you light-cool beauties!

Dark Warm

Characteristics– creamy white, fair skin with or without freckles, that tends to burn easily. Hair tends to be auburn, copper or brown with red undertones at the roots.

Warm colours that emphasise the warmth in your hair and skin suits best! Promise, Torakina and Sundance are all perfect jewel tones for your statement mani.

Light Warm

Characteristics– creamy ivory or peachy pink skin with red/pink undertones. Naturally strawberry blonde or golden blonde hair with golden tones at the roots.

The corals, bright peach and orange-red tones are best suited those with light warm skin! Sol, Daydreamer and Love are all beautifully complimentary shades for you!

Of course, with any decision in life, the absolute number one deciding factor should be choosing what you LOVE the most! If your heart is set on a particular colour, wearing it with confidence will look the best. Choose a jewel tone that brightens your day! Send us through your photos rocking the bright and bold jewel tones as your autumn colour palette!

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