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Best Byron Bay beaches you need to visit while you’re here

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wategoes beach byron bay

wategoes beach byron bay

If you’re coming to Byron Bay on holiday we are certain you’ll be spending ample time at many of the amazing Byron Bay beaches. Knowing which Byron Bay beaches are worth your time, away from the masses and secluded enough for a blissful beach day can be a bit of a gamble! We’ve laid it all out for you with our top 5 favourite Byron Bay beaches for achieving exactly that.

  • Wategos. It goes without saying really, we’re sure you don’t need an explanation why! (The pictures speak for themselves!). One thing we do recommend for Wategos is to arrive early, because once the car parks are all gone, it’s really difficult to get there. Also, if you’re actively inclined, bring some supportive shoes do you can make the trek up to the Most Easterly Point of Australia, and further up to the lighthouse! It’s a beautiful way to finish your beach day, before heading home to relax on the couch with a glass of wine!


  • Little Wategos. This one is slightly more hidden and sheltered from the hustle and bustle of Byron. Again, park at Wategos (remembering to be early!), and take the same track that leads up to the lighthouse. Around halfway up, you will get to a split, with one path leading downwards, that’s the road leading to Little Wategos! Try to go when its low tide for maximum beach space (high tide swallows most of the beach up), and bring the whole kit and caboodle (picnic blanket, umbrella, food, drinks, good book etc), because once you get there, you’ll want to spend the entire day just basking in the serenity!


  • The Pass. Popular with surfers and families alike, The Pass is the place for your typical picturesque Byron beachside sojourn. Bring your surfboard, and your comfiest cozi and prepare for hours in the surf. Even if you’re not usually a water dweller, the crystal clear shallows and perfect rolling waves will keep you immersed for what seems like an eternity! Bring your camera for that perfect snap overlooking Clarkes and Main beach from up at the lookout!


  • Whites Beach. The not-so-secret spot that feels miles away from reality the moment you wander down the track leading to the shimmering waters. A little bit outside of Byron but trust us, you want to go there. Whites Beach is all crystal-clear ocean, creamy white sand and rockpools to perch on and explore, and a little bit of an effort to get to but oh so very worth it when you do!


  • Torakina Beach (Brunswick Heads). This is the Team Sienna favourite. We literally bump into each other at Torakina so frequently and so unplanned, it’s almost a joke! The perfect combination of beach meets river, the sheltered Torakina is right at the bar of the Brunswick River. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the perfect buoyancy for floating away the day. Torakina is also right next to the wall, one of our favourite locations for sunset gazing!

If the thought of beach days has got you craving those blue hues as much as us, be sure to check out our ocean pack and all the blues in our collection.

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