Jamii pack Rafiki Mwema Collaboration Sienna Byron Bay

Rafiki Mwema x Sienna – our latest fundraising collaboration

Meet our super-limited-release, fundraising collaboration, the Jamii Pack. 100% of all profits from the sale of this gorgeous collection are going to support the work of Rafiki Mwema in Kenya.

“I always wanted Sienna to be a beauty brand that gives back. I’m so proud for us to be partnering again with Rafiki Mwema. The kids they love, care and advocate for have gone through so much, it’s just not fair. The work Rafiki does to heal their trauma and keep them safe is so important.”

Danielle, Sienna Founder and Creative Director

Read on to learn more about the work Rafiki does and how the funds raised will make a difference.

Jamii pack Rafiki Mwema Collaboration Sienna Byron Bay
Rafiki Mwema means ‘Loyal Friend’

We work with families, in the communities, with schools, churches, villages and with government officials to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken and that children are given the chance to live as children should.

Funds from the sale of the Jamii Pack will help Rafiki Mwema keep their doors open. Their running costs are huge, on average about AUD$40,000 per month, and when you see everything they do, you’ll understand why.

From little things, big things grow

Rafiki Mwema supports 70 children under the age of 12 who have experienced sexual abuse. The children live in therapeutic houses – there are two houses for girls and two for the boys – where they can be safe, loved and supported while they heal. Rafiki also supports another 130 children who have left their therapeutic homes via the Rafiki Outreach Team. As if all this wasn’t enough, they have also organised, funded and installed two video links in local courts in Kenya so children can testify against their abusers safely, acquired a farm, then built a school on it, and started a weekly food program in town. Rafiki also runs regular training on topics like Building Attachments and Living with Trauma in the UK, Australia and Kenya.

Unbelievably, all this incredible work is facilitated via fundraising organised by Sarah Rosborg and a small group of wonderful volunteers who are based in the small seaside village of Lennox Head. Sarah’s passion and dedication to making a difference are just extraordinary. You can see why we were moved to help.

Rafiki Mwema Collaboration Sienna Byron Bay
Meet Sarah Rosborg

We spoke to Sarah about how she keeps going when the work is hard and the children have experienced so much trauma, so young.

There are days when I feel like I physically cannot continue. The sadness can be overwhelming and it can feel like we’re not making a difference. But when I travel to Kenya I can SEE the change with my own eyes. I see that the future for that child HAS changed through our work and you never know where that can lead. We want to break the cycle of abuse so these kids can grow up and be balanced and loving adults… I would like to think someone would fight for Lovisa (Sarah’s daughter) if I was not here.  I believe we owe it to the world to honour our good life, but we should also be helping those who are not so lucky.”

Are you crying? We’re crying.

But wait, there’s more

The three colours in Sienna x Jamii Pack are gorgeous, of course, but more than that, Sarah told us these colours – Huruma (Empathy), Upendo (Love) and Upunyaji (Healing) – represent all the children cared for by the Rafiki staff. Pass a tissue, please.

Sienna Collaboration Rafiki Mwema Jamii Pack
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Sienna & Rafiki Mwema Collaboration
Teamwork makes the dream work

Head to the Rafiki Mwema website to read more about what they do. If their work resonates with you and you want to help Rafiki keep their doors open, they have lots of suggestions about how to help. From writing a letter to a child in Kenya to sponsorship options, there are lots of ways to get involved and everything helps. They also have a couple of really great events coming up with heaps of special guests, including An African Affair on the Gold Coast with Celeste Barber’s infamous Hot Husband.

Thank you

We’re pretty sure this gorgeous capsule collection will fly off the shelves and we want to say a big thank you to our beautiful customers, who appreciate a good cause as much as they appreciate a good manicure.

With gratitude from all of us at Sienna.

Soy nail polish remover Sienna Byron bay

Sienna FAQs – Part II

Welcome to Part Two of our FAQ series! People are more interested than ever before in the products they are using and how brands make them. We think this is a good thing. So in the spirit of supporting this curiosity and, in our quest for transparency, allow us to present “Sienna FAQs – Part II”.

So whether you are new to Sienna or a clean nail polish convert since way back in the day, here we go!

Does a nail polish remover made from water really remove your nail polish?

Of course it does! We might be all about clean beauty and keeping it sweet for the planet, but we’re all about efficacy too! If you have used this absolute HG of a product you will know that it might take a little longer to work the polish off, but there is no bad smell at all. None. We’ve also included some nutrient-rich ingredients like Vitamin E – an absolute superstar when it comes to nail health – as it not only moisturises your skin and nails, it also helps treat yellow nail syndrome. By using a nourishing remover and steering clear of drying ingredients (like acetone, which is found in many mainstream removers), your nails are less likely to become brittle and break. Did we mention the glass bottle can be recycled? (It can).

Soy nail polish remover Sienna Byron bay

What can I do to get my nail polish to last longer?

AKA, the million-dollar question. There are so many reasons that nail polish lasts longer on some people than others. Genetics, nail health and application technique are all factors in how long your manicure will last. Other enemies of the mani include prolonged exposure to hot water, alcohol in other beauty or cleaning products, a lot of time spent in heavily chlorinated swimming pools and, this one is for the parents of small children, Lego. Those colourful small blocks are hell when it comes to keeping your manicure looking good. So if you are experiencing the odd mani-misadventure, we have written some more in-depth posts on our blog. Follow the links for more: 10 tips to maximise the life of your manicure and Easy steps to a non-toxic manicure at home.

Nail care Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

Is it safe to use nail polish during pregnancy?

This is one of our most common questions. And… we don’t know the answer. No product can give you that kind of reassurance. We see all sorts of claims in the marketplace about natural nail polish/makeup being safe for pregnancy and, while generally, most products are fine, it’s a very big call to say it is safe without independent tests. Our formula is the cleanest one out there, but we would NEVER, EVER consider testing this in-vitro to get an answer. When you take into account the variety of pregnancy needs, you need to get the individualised care and advice that’s right for you and your baby-boo. If you’re having a baby (congratulations!) and you’d like to continue wearing nail polish, run it past your doctor, midwife or OB first. It is great we live in a world where people are paying attention to the make-up of their makeup, so we have listed all the ingredients of our products in the FAQ section of our website.

What is the difference between Sienna Base Coat and Top Coat?

Did you know they are designed to do different things? Let’s talk about our much-loved Base Coat. Our Base Coat is designed to stick to your natural nail. It’s nice and thin so it creates a smooth base for your nail polish colours to stick to. You’ll still get a lush, durable Sienna manicure without it, but the Base Coat is just a little extra care that will strengthen your nails and protect them. On the flip side, if you want an everyday slick of clear gloss to protect your nails, this is the one you should go for. It also has the added benefit of strengthening your nail by acting similarly to a band-aid. It holds your nail together so you’ll get more length and strength and less breakage.

Now for our super-shiny Top Coat. This formula likes a sticky surface – wet nail polish, for instance. This thick, glossy coat gives you a high-gloss, salon-style finish and completely seals the polish. It dries much harder than the colour formula so you know your mani/pedi will be in it for the long haul. From a functional perspective, the Top Coat is also a quick-dry formula which means your polish will be touch-dry in about two minutes. It’s a good idea to wait about 15-20 minutes before you take the deep dive into your bag for your keys/wallet/keep-cup/phone though, as all the micro-layers underneath need a bit more time to dry.

Both the Base Coat and Top Coat will help you get longer from your Mani/Pedi.

Base Coat & Top Coat Sienna Byron Bay

What is the difference between Cruelty-free (cf) and vegan products?

Put simply, cruelty-free (or cf as you will often see it, particularly on products from the UK) means that a product and its ingredients were not tested on animals, nor are they sold in countries where animal testing is mandatory. Leaping Bunny (one of the organisations that has certified Sienna) has an informative FAQ section if you want to explore this further. A vegan beauty product is one that contains no animal ingredients. Confusingly though, it is possible for a vegan product to have been tested on animals, and a cruelty-free product to be not vegan. If animal welfare is a deal-breaker for you, look for a brand that is both cruelty-free and vegan. The New York Times has this super-informative article which explores the reasons why the future of the beauty industry is vegan and not animal-tested. Hello, green science!

How are our timber caps made?

Ah, our beloved timber caps. We like to keep it humble over here, but we are the OG when it comes to timber caps on nail polish. When Sienna launched in 2014 it was often our signature timber caps that people commented on. And how could you not? They’re gorgeous! We don’t want to spill all the tea when it comes to our caps, but here’s what we can share. Our caps are made from a local timber. While the timber itself is stunning, the tree itself is a total weed in the wild rainforest areas around Byron Bay. It grows like crazy (technical horticulture term) and is very destructive as it inhibits the growth of native vegetation. When Danielle was hatching plans for Sienna way-back-when, part of her vision was to use this non-native weed wood in packaging and help revegetate local rainforest at the same time. It took a bit of trial and error to get it right, but after a few experiments with local woodturners, the solid timber cap you know and love today was born.

Timber Caps Sienna Byron Bay

If you have a question that isn’t answered here (or in Part 1), please, by all means, slide into our DMs.

Benzophenone -1. Why we don’t use it. Among other things…

Long gone are the days of bottled car paint so ladies could match their nails to the duco… (and long gone are the days of Benzophenone -1)

It’s impossible to be 100% chemical-free and 100% organic when developing nail polish. In fact, no matter how hard we try, it just isn’t possible… yet! But we do believe in being as healthy and safe as possible.

Our nail polish has always been free from Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin, Synthetic Camphor, Xylene and Benzophenone -1.

Pink Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Brief overview


If it’s a brief overview you want, here it is: All of those chemicals we just mentioned are toxic. Some are carcinogenic and linked to causing cancer, others have been attributed to birth defects, and others can cause various other symptoms including dizziness and respiratory problems. While using nail polishes containing these chemicals in small doses and well-ventilated areas may not pose a major health risk, it can be a big concern for those working in nail salons, manufacturing it or those who are exposed to them continuously over the a long period. The thing is, some of the worst offenders are not even necessary to create a great nail polish formula. So rather than take risks with our collective health, we left them out of our formula completely – no compromises for health.

This is what we mean when we say ‘no nasties’


We take our commitment to providing a clean nail polish formula seriously. We know that most people want transparency when they are looking at beauty products, that’s why we list every ingredient of our all our products on our website. So when we say ‘no nasties’, these are the chemicals we are talking about. Read on for a fully referenced breakdown of all the ingredients Sienna has never used, and never will.

The chemicals we will never use

Benzophenone -1

This one is the source of much controversy. Many 7-free, 10-free and ‘non-toxic’ nail polish brands still use Benzophenone-1 in their formulas. Benzophenone -1 is a UV blocker that is used in sunscreens as well as cosmetics to stop discolouration of products. Just to be clear, there are some studies that show it is relatively harmless in small quantities, however it has also been linked to breast cancer9, ovarian cancer10, prostate cancer11, and has been found in human placental tissue12. We have never used Benzophenone-1 and never will. Even though exposure in small quantities may be deemed harmless, the research speaks for itself.


A known human carcinogenic. The long-term effects of formaldehyde exposure have been evaluated in epidemiological studies, and have been found to link with leukaemia, brain and other cancers.1 Formaldehyde was listed as a Schedule 6 poison by the Australian Government in the 2012 Poison Standard, which means it is a substance with a moderate potential for causing harm, the extent of which can be reduced with distinctive packaging with strong warnings for safety. However, Appendix C of the Poison Standard notes formaldehyde concentrations of 5% or more in nail hardener and of 0.05% or more in any other cosmetic preparations should be prohibited because of their known dangerous properties. We’re going to stick to our formaldehyde-free polish.

Dibutyl Phthlate

Otherwise known as DBP. Typically used as a plasticiser in nail polishes, DBP poses major health risks, particularly for pregnant women and unborn children. In a 2012 report by the FDA, Guidance to the Industry Limiting the Use of Certain Phalates, it is stated “the Agency has determined that there is evidence that exposure to DBP and DEHP from pharmaceuticals presents a potential risk of developmental and reproductive toxicity”3. The European Commission has identified DBP as a reproductive toxicant and the European Union prohibits the use of DBP in all cosmetics. You can see why we stay away from it.


Toluene is a commonly used solvent that creates a smooth finish across the nail and keeps the pigment from separating in the bottle. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)4 states: Toluene can cause headaches, dizziness, cracked skin, irritated eyes, nose and throat. It also states over time, exposure to high concentrations, day after day, may lead to female reproductive system damage and pregnancy loss. If swallowed, toluene can cause liver and kidney damage.

Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin:

This is a polymer used in nail enamels to form a tough, shiny and durable film on the nails. Although it’s considered much safer than formaldehyde, there is strong evidence of tosylamide/formaldehyde resin being a human toxicant or allergen5. There are cases of nail polish dermatitis of allergen origin, attributed to tosylamide/formaldehyde resin6.

Synthetic Camphor

Synthetic Camphor functions as a fragrance, denaturant and plasticizer in nail products. Synthetic Camphor poisoning in humans can occur from swallowing, breathing or dermal contact with preparations containing camphor. It can result in nervous system and kidney effects, or other symptoms including colic, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anxiety, delirium, convulsions and seizures7.


Xylene is a solvent used to keep nail polishes smooth and liquid consistency. Xylene has carcinogenic properties with exposure leading to cancer potential. It is an endocrine disrupter, can have reproductive effects, birth and developmental effects and is toxic to specific organs such as the liver, lungs, heart and gut8.

When in doubt, leave it out


We’ve forgone all these dodgy chemicals from the get-go and have created a nail polish that is as healthy as possible while still giving you a durable manicure. But don’t just take our word for it. We are certified by Made Safe who have analysed every single ingredient and deemed us the best.

The ingredients we do use


We believe in transparency and you can find a full list of the ingredients we use on our website. None of the ingredients we use are linked to negative or long-term health effects. A safe option for you, your family and your health: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetyl tributyl citrate, phthalic anhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycols copolymer, isopropyl alcohol adipic acid/fumaric acid/phthalic acid/tricyclodecane dimethanol copolymer, stearalkonium hectorite, silica and citric acid.


Sustainability and ethics Sienna Byron Bay

What’s important to us − sustainability and ethics

What’s important to us at Sienna? We’re so glad you asked. Alongside making the best nail polish, probably the same kind of things that are important to you too – people and planet, sustainability and ethics. We’re not saying we know everything or that we are all the way there yet… but we’re committed to always learning more and trying to raise the bar so we can do better. Read on to learn more about what keeps us motivated and how a value-driven business like Sienna gets it done.

Why it’s important for business to do the right thing

Times are changing and we think companies need to change too. Companies should be accountable for more than just profits. People expect the brands they support and shop with to go beyond providing a product and be a force for good – and rightly so. Businesses should be advocates, live their values and provide evidence of it. Put simply, it’s about walking your talk.

“We get accredited by third-party auditors like BCorp as part of the dialogue with our customers. The trust our customers put in us to be ethical and do the right thing is so important to us, and one way we can show them that is by doing the work and becoming certified.”  –  Danielle, Sienna Founder

Certified B Corp Sienna Nail Polish

Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here and it has been that way from the very beginning. Way-back when Sienna was just a twinkle in the eye of Founder, Danielle, she imagined a ‘wheel’ of ethical standards to meet before she would even consider launching. The ‘wheel’ on which Sienna is based includes the polish being vegan and cruelty free, low carbon production, 100% recyclable packaging, working to regenerate local rainforest areas through utilising non-native weed wood in packaging, renewable energy at the warehouse and head office, supply chain traceability to ensure raw ingredients come from sources that are child labour free, community partnerships and fair wages for all employees.

You can see all our certifications on the Sustainability and Ethics page of our website.

Sienna Wheel Infographic

Keeping the planet in mind

In the immortal words of author and artist, Oliver Jeffers. “Well, that is Planet Earth. Make sure you look after it, as it’s all we’ve got”. Never has this been more apparent than during these terrible, terrible bushfires that are still burning in Australia. It’s easy to feel powerless and wonder what we can do as individuals, but we’re not alone. If we all take steps together we can be the change. We want to share our progress and the things we learn on our sustainability journey so others in businesses can see it’s possible to do the right thing and be a success. We say this not to ‘toot our own horn’, but because we want environmental stewardship to be the new business as usual. People like you show there is a real demand for products and companies who prioritise the environment. The time is now, the future is here.

Save the environment

We, the people

We believe in investing in the people who are bringing the change in our communities. Sienna is privileged to have a platform and a fantastic, caring community (that’s you lovely lot!), so we can amplify the voices of other organisations who are doing great work. So far we have partnered with Future Dreamers, Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation and Rafiki Mwema to help raise funds and get the word out about their vital work. We have an exciting project in the works at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled. We can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, you can read more about our commitment to respecting all the people involved in bring Sienna to you thought fair wages, a clean supply chain and inclusive approach on our website.

With gratitude

We couldn’t do any of this with the support, feedback and inspiration from all the people who have bought polish, sent us emails with ideas or to have come to say hello at one of our pop-ups. So thank you for being part of the revolution.

Torakina Beach Brunswick Heads

Best Byron Bay beaches

If you’re coming to Byron Bay for a holiday, you need our guide to the best Byron Bay beaches. And here’s a Spoiler Alert: they’re all amazing. Whether you want a side of people-watching with your beach frolic, or you’re dreaming of a secluded lost paradise-type situation, we’ve got you covered. Let’s hit the beach.

Oh hello, you gorgeous thing, you”. Wategos is a truly stunning spot. It doesn’t matter how many times you wind the corner that heads down to the beach, the site of Wategos is breathtaking every single time. The parking, however, would drive a saint to swear. Let’s just say it’s quite limited. So yes, you may have to do a few laps to get a park but you will eventually be successful. And it’s so worth it. There is plenty of shade, great BBQ facilities and even a coffee van (dreams do come true!) and it’s just so damn beautiful you can easily spend all day there. If you’re feeling sporty, it’s just a short hike to Australia’s Most Easterly Point. Yep, Wategos is pretty much perfect.

Wategos beach Byron Bay
Photo: byronbay.com.au

Ahh, the serenity! This is the beach to visit if you’re after all the private beach feels. Little Wategos feels secluded and a million miles away from town, but it’s actually just a small hike along from Wategos, proper and is as equally blissful.  To get there, park at Wategos and start heading up the track that leads to the Lighthouse. When you come to a fork in the track, take the path on your left and head down to Little Wategos. It’s important to note that it is best to visit when the tide is low. High tide swallows most of the beach so be sure to check the tide times before you go. You can look in our local paper for this info or just ask a surfer – they’re everywhere and more than happy to talk tides.

Little Wategos Beach Byron Bay
Photo: byronbay.com.au

You’ve no doubt seen the photos. The Pass is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches and when you visit you can see why. It’s glorious. On a beach day, you will find local and visiting families set up for the long haul under pandanus palms, and surfers of all skill levels revelling in the crystal clear waters and (mostly) gentle waves. Bring your camera and take the quintessential Byron Bay photo from the lookout. The sunset is usually pretty special too. Come in the morning, stay for the day.

The Pass Byron Bay
Photo: Nigel Raynard

They don’t call it Main Beach for nothing. What can we say, it’s a very social beach. Main Beach at the top end of Jonson Street is the closest beach to town and many of the international backpackers find themselves at Main Beach to lounge, play volleyball, catch up with new friends and, of course, swim. It’s also where workers from town are most likely to have a cheeky swim during their lunch breaks. There’s often a busker on the lawn, great views of the lighthouse and you can even grab a fresh coconut from the cutest little food stall, Coco Rasta, who camps out at Main Beach most days during summer. What more could you possibly want?

Main Beach Byron Bay
Photo: wavesbyronbay.com.au
Torakina Beach (Brunswick Heads)

And relax. Torakina Beach is a hot contender for Team Sienna favourite. It’s right at the sweet spot where the ocean meets the river and like the rest of Brunswick Heads, it’s so very peaceful. It’s also very sheltered making it an ideal spot for young families. If you’re in Brunswick Heads and need a spot to cool off after lunch and some shopping, this is the haven you are seeking. Head over the bridge on foot and you will find Torakina on the other side of the carpark. We love Torakina so much, we named one of our colours after it.

Torakina Beach Brunswick Heads
Photo: elementsofbyron.com.au

Dreaming of blues? Us too. You will find our collection of beach-worthy blues here.

Eco-friendly Beauty Sienna Byron Bay

What to look for in a sustainable eco beauty product

How to give your beauty routine a sustainable makeover

There’s no need to shaft the planet in the name of beauty. It’s possible to use great quality beauty brands that give great results without compromising your values. But it’s not always easy to know what to look for, even if you’re an experienced beauty enthusiast. From packaging to ingredients, from ethics to manufacturing processes, allow us to present our guide to all things ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable beauty.

The rise (and rise) of clean, sustainable beauty

Millennials and Gen Zs are generally more conscious of their impact on the world than previous generations, (go you good things!), and expect businesses to do better in terms of their sustainability and ethical practices for people and planet. The result? Eco-beauty is having more than a moment.

Eco-friendly Beauty Sienna Byron Bay
photo: Organic Bunny
Know your terms

Sustainable, ethical, non-toxic, clean beauty, cruelty free, vegan, green beauty, clean beauty… the list of green credentials brands can claim is long, and it would be remiss of us if we didn’t start our guide off with a few quick definitions.

Green beauty/Clean beauty

There’s no clear definition here – which is confusing – but UK Vogue reports that most clean beauty advocates are concerned with aggressive ingredients and synthetic chemicals.


Non-toxic and clean beauty are often used interchangeably. A non-toxic product is one made without a long list of ingredients that have been linked to harmful health effects.

Cruelty free (cf)

Put simply, cruelty free (or cf as you will often see it, particularly on products from the UK) means that a product and its ingredients were not tested on animals, nor are they sold in countries where animal testing is mandatory. Leaping Bunny has an informative FAQ section if you want to explore this further.


A vegan beauty product contains no animal ingredients. Confusingly though, it is possible for a vegan product to have been tested on animals, and a cruelty free product not be vegan.

Natural and Organic

Natural products contain ingredients from plants and nature and are minimally processed. Organic products are made with non-GMO ingredients that are free of chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or antibiotics. In Australia, a product must be certified for before a brand can claim it’s organic.


In the context of beauty and personal care products, ‘ethical’ usually refers to the treatment of people. An ethical brand will pay their workers properly, make sure they have proper breaks and are of the proper age (ie: no child labour), and will also apply the same standards to their supply chain. Some people also expect ethical brands to contribute more broadly to the communities where they work. Education, charity initiatives and partnerships with local organisations are a few examples of what this can look like in action. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Green Beauty Sienna Byron Bay
photo: Organic Bunny
What to look for in clean, sustainable beauty

Transparency is everything and knowledge is power. We deserve to know what’s in our products so we can be empowered to make decisions that reflect our values. As beauty guru Sali Hughes says in her recent feature on sustainable beauty brands: “not all brands are doing everything, some are better than others, and still others could be doing more… but we don’t have time to wait for perfect”. So when you’re researching your next beauty purchase, look at what’s important to you – be it the treatment of animals or a non-toxic formula that prioritises health and efficacy – and spend your hard-earned accordingly.

How to dodge greenwashing

Most of the terms on this list of definitions aren’t regulated by governments, which is actually pretty shocking. This gives less-ethical companies carte blanche to use terms like “natural”, pure” and “organic” to lull consumers into thinking they are making positive, health and environmentally-orientated choices. It’s not okay. Most brands with strong environmental, health and ethical credentials will list ingredients on their website and, in many cases, be certified to show they are walking their talk. Certifications to look for are B Corporation, Leaping Bunny, Made Safe, Choose Cruelty Free Australia, Vegan Action and PETA.

accreditation logos
Vegan and Cruelty Free beauty explainer

If animal welfare is a deal-breaker for you, look for a brand that is both cruelty- free and vegan. The New York Times has this super-informative article which explores the reasons why the future of the beauty industry is vegan and not animal-tested. Hello, green science!

photo: Organic Bunny
Beauty Packaging 101

There are a few different roads to go down here and research shows consumers want to travel them. A 2018 study found 72% of people surveyed in the UK are interested in buying beauty products packaging made from PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics. We can be the change! Innovations like creating packaging from sugar cane waste are starting to gain traction, while other brands offer a refilling service so you can reuse the same packaging on repeat. Easy-to-recycle glass is making a comeback as well and some companies (like Sienna!) offer an in-house recycling program. And we can’t go without mentioning Terracycle, an innovative organisation who partner with companies to create zero-waste solutions for beauty and personal care packaging. Check out their work in action via the Flora and Fauna recycling program.

People, planet and beauty

Thanks to people like you who care about how their actions impact our world, things are changing for the better. We’d love to hear from you about what’s important to you when you’re considering how a brand and how their values align with your own. Get in touch!

Byron Bay market Sienna byron bay

The ultimate Byron Bay market guide

Summer is here and in Byron Bay, that means we are in peak market season. If you want to know what’s on where, you’re going to need our Byron Bay Market Guide. Read on for all the market culture you’re ever going to need or scroll through for a handy market timetable.

Byron Bay Market Ceramic Sienna Nail Polish
Sienna x Byron Bay markets

As you probably already know, the local markets play a big part in Byron Bay life. It’s a place to meet friends, grab a chai and wander the aisles. Who knows what you’ll discover! It’s the launching pad for many makers and designers – including Sienna. We launched with 13 colours in 2014, and here we are today. Market life was such a beautiful time in our early days, it’s hard work, yes, but it was also so wonderful chatting to our customers, making friends and getting inspired by all the artisans who pour so much love into what they do. A big shout out to everyone who came by our stall to say ‘hi’ and encouraged us to keep going. It meant a lot to this little eco-beauty start-up.

Farmer’s market life

Who loves fresh food? Everyone! We take food pretty seriously here and healthy eating is a way of life for most people. It’s not uncommon to see people carting jars of green smoothie around town to sip on the run, or kids dipping veggie sticks into tahini dip while their mums grab a coffee. (Yes, we know, we know). So it makes sense that there is a strong farmer’s market culture. At the moment, you can catch the iconic Magic Bus to the recently relocated Byron Farmer’s Market. The bus stop is outside the Visitor’s Centre. Come for the farm-fresh veggies, stay for a coffee and a chat. Remember to BYO bags and baskets for the win.

Instagram: @byronfarmers

Byron Bay Farmer's market Sienna Nail Polish
Farmer's Market Sienna Byron Bay

Farmers market dates and times

Bangalow Farmers Market, Saturdays 8-11 am
New Brighton Farmers Market, Tuesdays 8-11 am
Byron Bay Farmers Market, Thursdays 8-11 am
Mullumbimby Farmers Market, Fridays 8-11 am

Byron Bay markets

The Byron Bay community markets are just good fun. For a start, there are always great tunes from local musicians and delicious food to be had. But beyond that, the markets are an expression of Byron Bay culture in all its vibrant glory. And while the town itself might have changed a bit, the atmosphere at the market is the same as it has always been. In this crazy world of fast fashion and mass production, the Byron markets are a special opportunity to meet makers and support small business. Grab a unique gift from one of the many talented artisans showcasing their wares or find a fantastic frock from the next generation of fashion success stories. Sit in the shade of a She-Oak, sip on a cane juice and enjoy the vibes.

Instagram: @byron-markets

Byron Bay markets dates and times

Byron Community market – 1st Sunday of the month (and the 3rd Sunday of the month in January)
Byron Beachside market – 8th Jan 2020 + every school holidays
Byron Twilight market – Saturday nights 4 pm-9 pm, Nov – May 2020

Byron Bay market Sienna byron bay
Byron Bay Market Jewellery Sienna Nail Polish
Byron Bay Market Wood Chopping Board Sienna Nail Polish
Byron Bay Market Byron Bay Candles Sienna Nail Polish
Bangalow market

You can find the Bangalow market nestled under the shade of 11 huge camphor laurel trees, which give the market a certain ‘magical forest’ vibe. It’s really quite a beautiful setting, especially in summer where the shade is a welcome respite from the heat. Bangalow is a historic village about 15 minutes-drive from Byron Bay and there is plenty of parking onsite. It’s one of the area’s most popular markets – we’ll see you there!

Bangalow market dates and times

Every 4th Sunday of the month

Bangalow Market Sienna Byron Bay
Bangalow Market Soap Sienna Nail Polish
Bangalow Market Sienna Nail Polish
More markets we love
Yep, there’s more.

Byron Flea Market – behind the library on the 2nd Saturday of the month, 9am-2pm.
Byron Flea is actually a community program aimed at helping local youths gain skills and work experience in a market setting. Even the entertainment is performed by Byron Bay High music students.

The Channon – 2nd Sunday of the month
Beloved for its old-school Byron hippy vibes, the Channon market is out in the hills and feels a world away from bustling Byron. Wonderful.

Brunswick Heads Market – 1st Saturday of the month, 7 am-2 pm.
Combine a high-tide dip in the river with a visit to the market.

Lismore Car Boot Market – 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month
Sienna Founder, Danielle, is a big fan of this market. A veritable treasure trove of plants, homewares and more than one really decent vintage stall.

See the Visit Byron Bay website for more details.

All the dates

First Week of the Month

Brunswick Heads Markets – 1st Saturday of the month
Byron Bay Markets – 1st Sunday of the month (+ 3rd Sunday Dec & Jan)
Pottsville Markets – 1st Sunday of the month
Lismore Car Boot Market – 1st Sunday of the month

Second Week of the Month

Byron Flea Market – 2nd Saturday of the month
Kingscliff Markets – 2nd Saturday of the month
The Channon Markets – 2nd Sunday of the month

Third Week of the Month

Byron Bay Markets – 3rd Sunday December & January
Lismore Car Boot Market – 3rd Sunday of the month
Mullumbimby Markets – 3rd Saturday of the month
Alstonville Markets – 3rd Saturday of the month
Pottsville Markets – 3rd Sunday of the month
Uki Buttery Bazaar – 3rd Sunday of the month
Murwillumbah Markets – 3rd Saturday of the month

Fourth Week of the Month

Kingscliff Markets – 4th Saturday of the month
Nimbin Markets – 4th and 5th Sunday of the month
Bangalow Markets – 4th Sunday of the month
Kiss Summer Love Collection Sienna Byron Bay Pink Nail Polish

Summer Love – our new summer collection

“In summer, the song sings itself.” — William Carlos Williams

Summer is here and so is Summer Love. Meet our new vibrant new collection of non-toxic nail polish in all the tropical-hued shades you need for the warmer weather and beyond. This release is inspired by all the joys of the summer heady season: cool drinks, long days at the beach, endless sunshine and romantic balmy nights, relaxing poolside and the promise of flirty fun. Say hello to your new go-to colours, Sweetheart, Tango, Kiss, Heart and Sunflower, a gorgeous collection of brights inspired by the colours of Summer. Shakespeare knows, Danny Zuko knows, even Justin Timberlake knows; Summer is for love, and the livin’ is easy.

Heart Red Nail Polish Summer Love Collection
Heart Red Nail Polish Summer Love Collection Sienna Byron Bay
Heart Red Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Heart: Mid-tone apple red crème

“Make of our hands one hand. Make of our hearts one heart.” (West Side Story)

Say hello to the stunning raspberry red shade of dreams in a crème finish that is going to have you feeling like a total boss. If you love our classic shimmer Torakina, you are going to adore this crème version, Heart. It’s also Sienna Founder and Creative Director, Danielle’s, current desert island pick.

Kiss Summer Love Collection Sienna Byron Bay Pink Nail Polish
Pink Nail Polish Kiss Summer Love Sienna Byron Bay
Kiss Pink Nail Polish Sienna Byron bay

Kiss: bright raspberry pink crème

“How to stop time: kiss”

Embrace summertime vibes poolside or beachside and beat the heat with this vivacious pink. Get pretty in pink with Kiss, our brightest raspberry pink crème yet.

Sweetheart Pink Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay Summer Love Collection
Sweetheart Pink Hand Nails SIenna Byron Bay
Sweetheart Pink Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Sweetheart: pink peach crème

“I love you in all loveliness, sweetheart” — Winifred M Letts

Sweetheart is the sweetest pink peach crème. Inspired by the ethereal pink and peach of a Byron Bay summer sunset and the endless fruit smoothies we can’t get enough of. This is a fruity shade that is playful perfection on all skin tones.

Tango Orange Nail Polish Sienna Summer Love Collection
Tango Orange Hand Nails Sienna Byron Bay
Tango Orange Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Tango: Tangerine crème

“Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon.” — The Owl and the Pussycat

Tangerine dreams are made of this. Tango rounds out our collection of tutti-fruiti, Sumer inspired shades. Tango recalls the best of the iconic 70’s orange nail polishes and recreates it in a thoroughly modern way. This is the orange tone for everybody.

Sunflower Yellow Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay Summer Love collection
Sunflower Yellow Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Sunflower Yellow Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Sunflower: sunflower yellow crème

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.”  — Georgia O’Keeffe

Introducing Sunflower, our sunflower yellow crème that is a pop of sunshiny goodness for the holidays. Embrace this glorious golden glow to brighten up a minimalist look or go for all-out flower power vibes, the choice is yours. This is Summer in a bottle.

Please note: as with most yellow-toned polish, you will need three coats of Sunflower to achieve an opaque finish.

Here is a colour chart for a comparison of the new nail colours alongside some of our current range, to help you choose some new beauties.

Red Nail Polish Comparison Sienna Byron Bay
Bright Pink Nail Polish Comparison Sienna Byron Bay
Orange Comparison Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Pink Nail Polish Comparison SIenna Byron Bay
Yellow Nail Polish Comparison Sienna Byron Bay
We hope you love our new Summer colours and can’t wait to see how you style them.

Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

5 simple, fresh nail art designs that anybody can do at home – (Part two)

It’s time to get our DIY nail bar on again. We had such a great response to our collaboration with Seika from Line Spa and Polish, we’re back with another round of fresh nail art, exclusively for you. This is nail art for everybody. (If you missed our first instalment, click through for all the inspiration and instruction here.) If you have mastered the designs from Part One, you are going to love these designs. This is nail art for everybody. Get your brushes ready, people!

Before we begin

It’s best to have everything you need close to hand before you start, just as if you would if you were giving yourself a regular mani. The best of our DIY non-toxic manicure tips are on our blog if you need a refresher. For all these designs we recommend starting with a protective base coat to give you a smooth surface to paint on and finishing with a top coat to seal the deal and keep all your fabulous nail art locked in. One final tip: We know this sounds obvious, but make sure each layer dries before you apply the next.

Hot tips for the at-home nail art superstar

For some of these designs, you may need to improvise to create delicate shapes or lines. You don’t need fancy tools for this nail art. Look around your house, especially in your makeup and stationery drawers to use what you have to hand. Toothpicks are a perfectly acceptable drawing tool for nail art on the fly. A sewing pin in an eraser on the end of a pencil is the perfect dotting tool, as are bobby pins, and paintbrushes are always welcome to create different brush strokes and effects. Embrace your inner MacGyver and use what you have to hand.

1. Vertical wiggly french

Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Bonsoir Utopia
Bonsoir Utopia Nail Art Line Spa and Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Colours: Bonsoir and Utopia

Blue and green should always be seen… especially if they look this chic.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your thumb and ring fingernail with the pastel mint green crème, Utopia (currently on sale!)
  • Paint your other fingernails with Bonsoir (deep navy crème with cerulean shimmer).
  • Create the outline of the wave with Utopia on your middle fingernail and fill it in.
  • Next, repeat this process using Bonsoir on your ring fingernail.

Could this be the ultimate look for cool girl nail art? We think so.

2. Apple french

Apple French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Apple French Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Apple French Nail Art Line Spa and polish Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

Colours: Freedom, Florence, Merlot, Gaia

Some of our best loved colours come together to create this sweet but sophisticated French apple look.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Create the outline of the apple heart on your thumb and ring nails with Freedom (bright vermilion red crème), and then fill it in.
  • Use a toothpick (or drawing tool of your choice) to create the apple stem with Florence (magenta plum crème).
  • Paint your pinky fingernail in Merlot (deep red wine merlot crème)
  • Give your remaining two fingernails two coats of Gaia (Fallow Brown Satin).

That’s it! All the (apple) heart eyes for this design.

3. Apricots

Apricot Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Sienna Byron Bay Nail Art Apricot Line Spa and Polish
Apricot Nail Art

Colours: Yogi, Olivia

We’re sticking to the fruity theme with this fun apricot design that combines fresh orange with the ‘it’ colour of the Northern Hemisphere fall, olive.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your middle and ring fingernail and your thumbnail with Olivia (deep olive crème).
  • To create the apricots, start with your pinky. Drop three tiny beads of Yogi (mandarin orange crème) on to the pinky nail to create the apricot shape.
  • Use Olivia to create the stem of the apricots.
  • Repeat this process on your pointer fingernails.

It’s really that easy. This might look like a complicated design, but it’s completely nail art-novice approved.

Hot tip: when painting dots with your brush make sure to have a tiny amount of polish on the brush as it will pool on the nail. It’s easier to add more than take it off!

4. Leopard

Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Colours: CourageMimosaOlivia, Embrace

Introducing the autumnal-hued counterpoint to the Pastel Leopard design that debuted in Part One.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your pointer and pinky nails with two coats of Courage (warm terracotta crème).
  • Next, use Olivia (deep olive crème) to paint three-four larger dots and several more smaller dots using A bobby pin or toothpick work both work well here.
  • To finish, paint your remaining fingernails with two coats of Embrace (grapefruit granita crystal).

Because leopard-print is a neutral.

Hot tip: make sure the dots are dry before painting the top coat or it may ‘drag’ the colour. The dots are thicker than the coats of polish so they take a touch longer.

5. Brush strokes with dots

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Art Nail Polish
Sienna Byron Bay and Line Spa and Polish Nail Art
Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish Nail Art
Colours: Dream, WategosUnite, LusciousFlorence

We have reached the apex mountain of our at-home nail art designs. This design uses all the techniques we have been practicing to create the so-hot-right-now painterly brush strokes look. It’s slightly more complex than the previous designs but is still more than doable at home. Play around with this design, each nail can be as unique as you like. The gif above is a good partner to our instructions below, so let that guide you as well. We’re ready!

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Start with a smear-like stripe of Wategos (clear blue water crème) on every fingernail.
  • Use the same technique to apply Dream (periwinkle crème) on the opposite side of your nail.
  • Next up is Unite (crushed hematite crystal). You only need a minimal amount of polish on the brush for this part. Swipe a painterly-like stripe down your fingernail, starting at the top of your nail and reducing the amount of polish to almost nothing by the time you get to the base.
  • Create a spatter effect by placing some tiny drops of Florence (magenta plum crème) at the base of the nail.
  • Finish up the design with some teeny tiny drops of Luscious.

It’s delicate, it’s painterly, it’s pretty damn beautiful. Well done, you!

Hot Tip: Make sure to use just a tiny amount of polish when you paint the brush stroke accents.

Line Spa & Polish and sustainable beauty

Line Spa and Polish is a beauty biz after our own sustainable, eco-loving hearts. They are a 100% vegan, sustainable nail service and stock only the highest quality products that adhere to their philosophy: ‘wellness and environment should not be compromised for beauty’. We are, of course, thrilled they use Sienna! Alongside a no cruelty, no toxins approach to the products Line Spa and Polish use, the salon has been 90% plastic-free since they opened, and are constantly innovating to further minimise their impact.  Did we mention that their founder, Seiko, is a next-level nail tech?

Let us know if you try any of these designs! We’d love to hear how you go.

Keep up with all things sustainable nail care @siennabyronbay and @linespanadpolish on Instagram

Floral Mandala, perfect for resetting and refocusing your week

DIY floral mandala

2017 so far has been a crazy year! We can definitely feel it in the air down here, that this year is going to produce some amazing things. Before March pushes into April and time runs away with us anymore, we thought it was apt time to have a morning of reflection. What better way than to draw on the inspiration around us in nature, and create a floral mandala.

The process of creating the mandala is very therapeutic. A journey of reflection, where there are no rules or structure to follow, just intuition and feel. We foraged for flowers and greenery from our garden (didn’t have time to go to the flowers markets!), as well as some of our favourite stones and crystals, to create the floral mandala.

First of all, find your centrepiece, which could be a flower, crystal, candle, whatever you want to focus to be on, and build around gradually from there. For our centrepiece, we used a simple stone with the Om engraved into it. Om is the spiritual symbol found in ancient Buddhist and Hindi texts, and has meanings associated with soul, self within, ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit and cosmic principles.

Building the floral mandala from here is just a matter of selecting combinations of flowers and crystals, in a pattern to circle around the centrepiece. We went with smaller flowers, in colour combinations that worked beautifully, and slowly built each layer around there. Remember when making your floral mandala, it is about the process, rather than the end result. Focus on the feeling and follow your intuition. We made 5 rows around the center and at that point it felt complete.

Floral Mandala Sienna Byron Bay
Floral Mandala Sienna Byron Bay

If you’re in need of some refocusing (which we could all use sometimes!), just like meditation, creating floral mandalas is a mindful way of switching off from the world, to re-sync your mind and body. We hear from a number of the amazing Sienna lovers out there, that they spend the time painting their nails as a meditative process! Turn on some calming music, switch off from your phone and computer screen and actually enjoy the time it takes for your nails to dry as a stress reliever! We think Peace and Hope are the perfect calming nail polish colours! Let us know how you go!


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