Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

5 simple, fresh nail art designs that anybody can do at home – (Part two)

It’s time to get our DIY nail bar on again. We had such a great response to our collaboration with Seika from Line Spa and Polish, we’re back with another round of fresh nail art, exclusively for you. This is nail art for everybody. (If you missed our first instalment, click through for all the inspiration and instruction here.) If you have mastered the designs from Part One, you are going to love these designs. This is nail art for everybody. Get your brushes ready, people!


Before we begin

It’s best to have everything you need close to hand before you start, just as if you would if you were giving yourself a regular mani. The best of our DIY non-toxic manicure tips are on our blog if you need a refresher. For all these designs we recommend starting with a protective base coat to give you a smooth surface to paint on and finishing with a top coat to seal the deal and keep all your fabulous nail art locked in. One final tip: We know this sounds obvious, but make sure each layer dries before you apply the next.

Hot tips for the at-home nail art superstar

For some of these designs, you may need to improvise to create delicate shapes or lines. You don’t need fancy tools for this nail art. Look around your house, especially in your makeup and stationery drawers to use what you have to hand. Toothpicks are a perfectly acceptable drawing tool for nail art on the fly. A sewing pin in an eraser on the end of a pencil is the perfect dotting tool, as are bobby pins, and paintbrushes are always welcome to create different brush strokes and effects. Embrace your inner MacGyver and use what you have to hand.


1. Vertical wiggly french

Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Bonsoir Utopia
Bonsoir Utopia Nail Art Line Spa and Polish Sienna Byron Bay

Colours: Bonsoir and Utopia

Blue and green should always be seen… especially if they look this chic.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your thumb and ring fingernail with the pastel mint green crème, Utopia (currently on sale!)
  • Paint your other fingernails with Bonsoir (deep navy crème with cerulean shimmer).
  • Create the outline of the wave with Utopia on your middle fingernail and fill it in.
  • Next, repeat this process using Bonsoir on your ring fingernail.

Could this be the ultimate look for cool girl nail art? We think so.

2. Apple french

Apple French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Apple French Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Apple French Nail Art Line Spa and polish Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

Colours: Freedom, Florence, Merlot, Gaia

Some of our best loved colours come together to create this sweet but sophisticated French apple look.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Create the outline of the apple heart on your thumb and ring nails with Freedom (bright vermilion red crème), and then fill it in.
  • Use a toothpick (or drawing tool of your choice) to create the apple stem with Florence (magenta plum crème).
  • Paint your pinky fingernail in Merlot (deep red wine merlot crème)
  • Give your remaining two fingernails two coats of Gaia (Fallow Brown Satin).

That’s it! All the (apple) heart eyes for this design.

3. Apricots

Apricot Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Sienna Byron Bay Nail Art Apricot Line Spa and Polish
Apricot Nail Art

Colours: Yogi, Olivia

We’re sticking to the fruity theme with this fun apricot design that combines fresh orange with the ‘it’ colour of the Northern Hemisphere fall, olive.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your middle and ring fingernail and your thumbnail with Olivia (deep olive crème).
  • To create the apricots, start with your pinky. Drop three tiny beads of Yogi (mandarin orange crème) on to the pinky nail to create the apricot shape.
  • Use Olivia to create the stem of the apricots.
  • Repeat this process on your pointer fingernails.

It’s really that easy. This might look like a complicated design, but it’s completely nail art-novice approved.

Hot tip: when painting dots with your brush make sure to have a tiny amount of polish on the brush as it will pool on the nail. It’s easier to add more than take it off!

4. Leopard

Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish
Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay Line Spa and Polish
Colours: CourageMimosaOlivia, Embrace

Introducing the autumnal-hued counterpoint to the Pastel Leopard design that debuted in Part One.

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Paint your pointer and pinky nails with two coats of Courage (warm terracotta crème).
  • Next, use Olivia (deep olive crème) to paint three-four larger dots and several more smaller dots using A bobby pin or toothpick work both work well here.
  • To finish, paint your remaining fingernails with two coats of Embrace (grapefruit granita crystal).

Because leopard-print is a neutral.

Hot tip: make sure the dots are dry before painting the top coat or it may ‘drag’ the colour. The dots are thicker than the coats of polish so they take a touch longer.

5. Brush strokes with dots

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Art Nail Polish
Sienna Byron Bay and Line Spa and Polish Nail Art
Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish Nail Art
Colours: Dream, WategosUnite, LusciousFlorence

We have reached the apex mountain of our at-home nail art designs. This design uses all the techniques we have been practicing to create the so-hot-right-now painterly brush strokes look. It’s slightly more complex than the previous designs but is still more than doable at home. Play around with this design, each nail can be as unique as you like. The gif above is a good partner to our instructions below, so let that guide you as well. We’re ready!

  • Apply base coat to every nail.
  • Start with a smear-like stripe of Wategos (clear blue water crème) on every fingernail.
  • Use the same technique to apply Dream (periwinkle crème) on the opposite side of your nail.
  • Next up is Unite (crushed hematite crystal). You only need a minimal amount of polish on the brush for this part. Swipe a painterly-like stripe down your fingernail, starting at the top of your nail and reducing the amount of polish to almost nothing by the time you get to the base.
  • Create a spatter effect by placing some tiny drops of Florence (magenta plum crème) at the base of the nail.
  • Finish up the design with some teeny tiny drops of Luscious.

It’s delicate, it’s painterly, it’s pretty damn beautiful. Well done, you!

Hot Tip: Make sure to use just a tiny amount of polish when you paint the brush stroke accents.


Line Spa & Polish and sustainable beauty

Line Spa and Polish is a beauty biz after our own sustainable, eco-loving hearts. They are a 100% vegan, sustainable nail service and stock only the highest quality products that adhere to their philosophy: ‘wellness and environment should not be compromised for beauty’. We are, of course, thrilled they use Sienna! Alongside a no cruelty, no toxins approach to the products Line Spa and Polish use, the salon has been 90% plastic-free since they opened, and are constantly innovating to further minimise their impact.  Did we mention that their founder, Seiko, is a next-level nail tech?

Let us know if you try any of these designs! We’d love to hear how you go.

Keep up with all things sustainable nail care @siennabyronbay and @linespanadpolish on Instagram
Conscience Gift Set Care Gift Set Sienna Byron Bay

The Conscience Gift Set is back

Conscience and Care gift bag Cotton Sienna Byron Bay

Our much-loved Conscience Gift Set is back! It is full of all the Sienna nail care essentials you know and love and, for the first time, we are pleased to welcome a new addition to the Gift Set Family: The lovely Care bag. As ever, each of these are the perfect size for travel or your handbag. Give the gift of ethical, eco-friendly, clean beauty.

Sienna X Freeset Global

We are very proud to support the vital work of Freeset Global, who has once again created our 100% Organic Cotton drawstring bag. Freeset Global upskill and employ women who would otherwise be vulnerable to sex trafficking in Kolkata (India).

Freeset Global Sienna Byron Bay Conscience Gift Bag
What’s in the bag?
Conscience Gift Set Sienna Byron Bay 2019
The Conscience Gift Set contains:
– 3 x your choice of Nail Polish colours.

 If you’re giving this as a gift, (aren’t you lovely!), we recommend a Base Coat, Top Coat and either Ambrosia, Stone or Honour. These best-selling colours suit most people.  

– Nourishing Water Based Nail Polish Remover Wipes with Soy and Vitamin E.

– Nourishing Cuticle Oil in our classic vintage style bottle with gold dropper. Choose either Freesia with its divine scent or naturally unscented.

– NEW Everlasting Mini Glass Nail File. These never, ever go blunt. You’ll have this baby for life!

– 100% Organic Cotton Bag

Nail Care Gift Set Sienna Byron Bay Freeset Global
NEW – The Care Gift Set contains:

Give the gift of self-care. Our eco-friendly, ethical Care Gift Set has some of our favourite Sienna essentials.

– Lightning Top Coat.
– Base Coat.
– NEW Everlasting Mini Glass Nail File.
– 100% Organic Cotton Bag.

Our products are Vegan and Cruelty Free Accredited, handmade with love and produced with the community and the planet in mind. Sienna Byron Bay is a company that focuses on ethics and sustainability in ALL of its products.

You can read more about Freeset Global’s impact and ethics on their website.

Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay

5 simple, fresh nail art designs that you can do at home – (part one)

Nail art is something everybody can do at home. And it doesn’t have to be super complicated to be effective. We love the dreamy designs by Seika of Line Spa & Polish in Vancouver and are so excited to share our collaboration with you. She has created some simple but swoon-worthy nail art designs exclusively for us using some of our most loved colours. Read on for all the Line Spa & Polish x Sienna nail art inspiration!


Before we begin

It’s best to have everything you need close to hand before you start, just as if you would if you were giving yourself a straight-up mani. You can read all about our DIY manicure tips here. As ever, for all these designs we recommend starting with a protective base coat to give you a smooth surface to paint on and finishing with a top coat to seal the deal and keep all your fabulous nail art locked in. Also, who loves a high-gloss finish? Everyone, that’s who. One final tip: We know this sounds obvious, but the key to all these designs is to make sure each layer dries before you apply the next. Alright! Let’s do this thing!

1. Blue line ombre

blue line ombre Sienna nail polish
Blue line Ombre Sienna Byron Bay
Blue Line Ombre Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Colours: Dream, Breeze, Wategos

Are you dreaming of blues? Us too. This sweet nail art design is as straightforward as it looks.

  • Start with Wategos (clear blue water crème) and paint a line down the centre of each nail, as per the picture.
  • Paint over the top two thirds in Dream (periwinkle crème).
  • Finally, apply Breeze (mid-tone aqua crème). on the top third.

Your nails look so fresh! You clever thing, you.

2. Minimalist dots

minimalist dots Nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Minimalist dots Nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Nail art step by step Sienna Byron Bay

Colours: Calm, Winter, Bonsoir, Merlot

Did somebody say ‘transeasonal’? This design is deceptively straightforward. We won’t tell anyone how easy it is if you don’t.

  • Apply a base of Calm (warm clay crème) to every nail.
  • Paint a line of Winter (bright white crème) on the left side of your thumb and ring fingernail, as per the picture.
  • Use the brush (or a bobby pin!) to drop a small dot of Bonsoir and Merlot (deep navy crème with a cerulean shimmer and deep red wine merlot crème) on the same two nails.

Hot tip: make sure the dots are dry before painting the top coat or it may ‘drag’ the colour. The dots are thicker than the coats of polish so they take a touch longer.

Yes, it’s really that easy. This is such a flexible look. Mix it up and choose your favourite contrasting colour for the two dots.

3. Pastel Leopard

Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Pastel leopard nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Colours: Lily, Mimosa, Fleur, Wategos

Leopards have been known to purr when they are happy. You will too when you see how your nails look. This is such a fun, warm weather look.

  • Paint your middle finger with Mimosa (pale yellow crème).
  • On the other four nails, use the brush (or bobby pin) to pain three-four dots in Lily (lavender crème).
  • Next, use the same technique to create one-two dots of Wategos (clear water blue crème).
  • Finish up with two dots of Fleur (blushing bride pink crème).

Hot tip: when painting dots with your brush make sure to have a tiny amount of polish on the brush as it will pool on the nail. It’s easier to add more than take it off!

4. Brush strokes

Brush Strokes nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Brush strokes nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Brush Stroke Nail art Sienna Byron Bay step by step
Colours: Florence, Liberty, Calm

Painterly strokes are having such a moment in nail art at the moment and the technique is totally achievable at home. Get your paintbrushes at the ready! (No, really).

  • Apply a base coat
  • Paint a coat of Calm (warm clay crème) on your thumb and ring finger.
  • Apply small brushstrokes of Florence (magenta plum crème) for a painterly effect on the other three fingers. You can use a paintbrush here, if you prefer.
  • Apply another small brushstroke of Calm.
  • Finally, add a smear of Liberty (Woodrose grey crystal) for the finishing touch.

Voila! You have achieved nail art glory.

Tip: Make sure to use just a tiny amount of polish when you paint the brush stroke accents.

5. Balloon French

French manicure Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Ballon French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Balloon French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay step by step
Colours: Hope, Artisan, Courage

This design brings together our sheer white crème, Hope, with two of our favourites from our collection of Autumn/Winter hues: Artisan (deep mustard crème) and Courage (warm terracotta crème).

  • Paint a curved line on every nail to create the balloon shape and fill in with Hope.
  • Use your nail brush to create a curved line over the top quarter of the nail on your middle and ring fingers in Courage. Then fill it in.
  • On the other side of the nail, repeat the process with Artisan, overlapping the part of the nail painted with Courage.

If you’re not confident drawing freehand, try using French tip stickers to help guide your brush. We have even heard of people using round stationery stickers to get the curve just right. Either way, the whole look is just so chic. We love it.


Line Spa & Polish and sustainable beauty

Line Spa & Polish is a beauty biz after our own sustainable, eco-loving hearts. They are a 100% vegan, sustainable nail service and stock only the highest quality products that adhere to their philosophy: ‘wellness and environment should not be compromised for beauty’. We are, of course, thrilled they use Sienna! Alongside a no cruelty, no toxins approach to the products Line Spa & Polish use, the salon has been 90% plastic-free since they opened, and are constantly innovating to further minimise their impact.  Did we mention that their founder, Seika, is a next-level nail tech?

Let us know if you try any of these designs! We’re busting to hear how you go. If you enjoyed learning about how to create nail art at home, keep your eye out for Part Two of our collaboration with Line Spa and Polish with more designs coming soon.

Keep up with all things sustainable nail care @siennabyronbay and @linespanadpolish on Instagram
Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

Introducing our new Spring nail polish collection: Poetry

Poetry collection Sienna Byron Bay Poem

Hello Spring! And hello to Poetry, our gorgeous new collection of non-toxic nail polish. Our Spring release of colours pays homage to all the glorious colours of the natural world during this season of exuberant blooms and ethereal beauty. We are also big poetry fans (who isn’t?) and have been endlessly inspired recently by emerging young poets all over the socials. Poetry – our Spring collection – is truly biophilia and bibliotherapy in action. Allow us to introduce Wish, Whisper, Serenity, Melody and Reverie; a beautiful collection of classic pastels, featured here alongside some classic quotes and poetry. We hope you love these colours as much as we do.



Reverie Pink Nail Polish Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay

Reverie – bridal rose pink crème

Sometimes it feels like spring will never arrive, then after months of waiting… Whoosh! It arrives with an explosion of vitality. Flowers are blooming and the smell of sweet roses and blossom fills the air. Introducing Reverie, the dreamiest of bridal rose pink in a crème finish.


Melody Light Pink Nail Polish Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay

Melody – rosewater crème

For the ethereal beauty lovers; the sweetest of everyday pinks. Embrace the gentle flower power of soft blooms, the blossoms lining city streets and heaving jasmine vines on the back fence. Meet Melody, our rosewater crème.


Serenity Light Nude Pink Nail Polish Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay

Serenity – light champagne pink crème

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!”. The days are longer, warmer, and people are out and about after a winter spent hibernating. Yes, Spring fever is a thing and we are here for it. Serenity is Sienna’s very own ode to the joys of the season. A pastel pink champagne polish in a crème finish to give you all the Spring fling feels.


Whisper Purple Lilac Nail Polish Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay

Whisper – light lilac pastel crème

A whisper of lilac celebrates the skies of springtime gloaming, that magical period between day and night.  Whisper is the most subtle light lilac pastel crème. It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything kind colour. Can we describe it as the neutral of our purples? We think so.


Wish Grey Nail Polish Poetry Collection Sienna Byron Bay

Wish – light marble grey crème

A grounding pale grey rounds out our Spring Collection. Wish keeps it calm among the heady floral pinks and lilac, and is *the* cool-girl colour of the season. This light marble grey will give your neutral nails a sweet refresh for Spring.


Here is a colour chart for a comparison of the new nail colours alongside some of our current range, to help you choose some new beauties.

Sienna Byron Bay Pink Nail Polish Comparison
Sienna Byron Bay Light Pinks Nail Polish Comparison
Sienna Byron Bay Nude Neutral Nail Polish Comparison
Sienna Byron Bay Purple Lilac Nail Polish Comparison
Sienna Byron Bay Blue Grey Nail Polish Comparison
Amanda Organic Bunny

Q & A with clean beauty guru, Amanda Jo from Organic Bunny

We are so lucky to work with Amanda, who you may know as the one and only Organic Bunny. Amanda is an endless source of knowledge about all things green and clean beauty, and is the living embodiment of her mission: to prove an organic lifestyle can still be glamourous! 

Amanda Organic Bunny

Like every natural beauty lover, we have always admired Amanda and her team at Organic Bunny. Not only does she have the knack for sourcing the most stunning products, but she also holds the highest standards when it comes to clean beauty. When Amanda first reached out to enquire about stocking Sienna, we were ecstatic. For the polish to be recognised by someone so admired in the international clean beauty world was a real milestone for us.


So you can imagine how thrilled we are to be releasing Cottontail, our collaboration with Organic Bunny. The gorgeous nude she has created will have you swooning. In the meantime, we had a chat with Amanda to learn about what motivates her to keep spreading the word about clean beauty and her top polish picks for the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Cotton Tail Beige Nail polish Organic Bunny Sienna Byron Bay

What sparked the idea to create Organic Bunny and is there a story behind the name?

Organic Bunny started off on a total passion-based whim. I loved all things organic, but also loved all things cute and feminine. So the word ‘Bunny’ for me sort of portrayed that side of things, a mix of both worlds. My nickname in high school was also ‘Bunny’ so I guess that helped as well. 😉


What is it about the clean beauty industry that keeps you motivated and excited to work in it?

I think showing girls that cleaner beauty is still so much fun! Showing them, hey, you CAN use safer products and still feel girly and glamorous is what keeps me going! I also love hearing about how much my posts help others. In a world full of misleading marketing and confusing labels, I love being able to offer easy to digest information for those wanting to reduce their toxic load.


We have been working together for two years now, what made you choose Sienna for your online store?

So many brands promise to provide a non-toxic nail polish to their customers but when you read their labels, they are still full of ingredients with links to cancer, like Benzophenone-1. I remember emailing Sienna long ago about this ingredient and you replied that you were committed to creating a line without this ingredient. That level of commitment to making a cleaner option is what won me over but then, in addition, the actual product performs amazingly and comes in the cutest packaging ever. Triple threat!


What’s the story behind the colour you have created for Sienna, Cottontail?

Cottontail was inspired by my wedding nail colour… It is truly my dream nude shade and is my very own clean version. Now ladies worldwide have the perfect nude for any and all occasions! From wedding day to every day, Cottontail is THE perfect nude.


What’s your number one tip for people starting their journey of clean living?

To have fun with it! I read about people being stressed out and scared but don’t let fear be what guides you. Not everyone can afford to do everything at once and that’s ok. The goal is to reduce your exposure to toxins so when you can, reduce! Swap out items when you can, starting with items that cover the largest areas of skin like your body lotions, body washes, shampoos, face care, foundations etc! The rest you can swap when you are able to. Instead of letting it overwhelm you, just think, with each item you swap out, the less toxins you are applying and that is a win alone!


It’s approaching winter in the US. Which nail colours are your favourite for the new season?

Cottontail and Florence, it’s so dreamy to have both on deck for Winter! Cottontail is perfect for when you want something a little more subtle but chic, and Florence is perfect for when you want that polished and GLAM Winter rich nail!


Add to cart


Add to cart

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today, Amanda. Keep up with all things clean beauty by following The Organic Bunny blog here.


For our US customers, you can see the Cottontail and the rest of the Sienna range stocked by Organic Bunny here.

Manicure tips Fleur Sienna nail polish

10 tips to maximise the life of your manicure

Who loves a fresh-looking manicure? *raises hand* Everyone! If you followed our recent guide to a non-toxic manicure at home, your nails should be looking pretty good right about now. And while nail polish isn’t supposed to last forever – and that’s a good thing – there are some tips and tricks to keep your nails healthy and your manicure looking good for longer.

Read on for our tips to avoiding any mani-misadventures.


1. Shape your nails in one direction


We know you’ve heard it before, but it’s always good to have a reminder. When you are shaping your nails, file in one direction and avoid sawing back and forth. Another good tip is to hold the file flat against the nail tip. If you angle the file, you can thin the nail tip.

2. Hydrate your nails and cuticles


You wouldn’t dream of skipping out the door without moisturiser on your face, but we often forget that our nails and cuticles need hydration too. Dry, dehydrated nails are more likely to peel and split, and that gorgeous polish you spent Saturday afternoon applying may not make it to #ManiMonday unscathed. Grab a hand cream and some cuticle oil and apply frequently to keep your hands looking and feeling their best. This is especially important if you are in a cold climate.

Manicure tips Sienna Byron Bay Cuticle oil

3. Say goodbye to personal care products with a high concentration of alcohol


Hand sanitizer may kill germs, but it can also kill your manicure. The high- percentage of alcohol in hand sanitizer eats away at the topcoat and causes the polish to become dull and fade. Hairspray and perfume will have the same effect as hand sanitiser, and are not your friends when it comes to maximising the life of your manicure.


4. Wear gloves


No one likes chores but they are a necessary evil for most of us. Sigh. But did you know that chores are also responsible for shortening the life of your manicure too? Water gets into the nail bed causing the nail polish to become unstuck and lift. It’s a lovely thing, water. But it’s just not conducive to a long- lasting manicure. Protect your mani and your hands by wearing gloves if you are washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms or loading and unloading dishwashers.

Manicure tips cleaning gloves

5. Roll the bottle


It’s so tempting to shake a bottle of nail polish before a manicure. But resist! When you shake a bottle of polish you can create air bubbles and if they pop they will make a hole in your manicure. Roll the bottle between your hands instead. It’s still satisfying, we promise.

Manicure tips Base coat and Top Coat Sienna Byron Bay

6. Base Coat

Base coats keep your nails strong and create a smooth surface for applying polish which, as we all know now, prolongs the life of your manicure. Base coat is designed to stick to your nail bed and differs from a top coat, which is designed to stick to lacquer.


7. Top up your top coat

Some people swear by topping up their top coat every second day to keep the shine high and the colour intact. Yes, it’s still a teeny-tiny bit maintenance, but if it’s going to keep your manicure looking beautiful longer.

8. Seal the deal with a side swipe


Finish your top coat with a horizontal swipe at the tip of your nail to seal the top coat and protect your gorgeous manicure.


9. Drying time


While nail polish can be touch dry in a few minutes, it takes a bit longer for it to cure completely. We recommend painting them just before you go to bed or a Netflix marathon. That way they will have a good chance to dry and harden completely while your hands aren’t busy.

Manicure tips relaxing couch

10. BYO Polish to the nail salon


A hot tip for the nail bar aficionados: if you have a polish you love and you know works for you, take it with you to the nail bar. A professional application of your favourite product will you give you a mani that lasts for ages. A great nail tech will also clean up your nails and keep them looking chic.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 tips and they help with your manicure.

Spirit nail polish Sienna Hand photo

Easy steps to a non-toxic manicure at home

In this crazy, busy world, a perfect manicure can make you feel like a total BOSS. We can’t always have our nails done professionally but thankfully, this is something we can do at home. Put your phone away, hit play on some soothing spa music, and follow our steps to give yourself a nurturing manicure at home.


What you need


Get everything together before you start.

You need:

Sienna Manicure products nail care

1. Remove old polish


If you have any residual polish left on your nails from an old manicure, now is the time to wipe it off using a non-acetone remover or wipes. Tempting as it is to just brush over the top of your old polish with the new colour, give your nails the chance to shine by starting with a clean base. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly, focussing closely on the nails.

2. Shape your nails


Use a nail file to shape your nails. Sawing your nails back and forth will destroy the nail matrix which, frankly, sounds terrible. This means your nails will split, resulting in peeling and breakage. File outside to in and stick with it. Healthy nails are beautiful nails.

Sienna Glass nail file

3. Apply a base coat


A great base coat will protect your nails while creating a smooth surface to apply your polish. It will also prolong the life of your manicure. Clever base coat!

HOT TIP: Base coat holds your nail together too so if you have soft nails, it’s perfect to make them strong. It’s also the product to use if you like a nude nail, it goes on clear and gives them a high shine!

Base Coat Hand Shot

4. Apply your nail polish like a pro


We are heading towards the business end of your manicure now as we apply the nail polish colour. We are aiming for two coats here. The best way to achieve the perfect coat is to get a decent size bead of polish on your brush and then as you pull it out of the bottle, wipe it away from one side only. Now, land the brush with a drop of polish in the centre of your nail. Gently do three strokes; one in the centre from the base to the tip, one on the left and one on the right and voila! You have achieved nail polish glory.

HOT TIP: Make your first coat thin and load up your second coat for full coverage. If you need to do a third coat that’s totally fine!


Pro tip

You don’t need to push the polish right down to meet the cuticle. Leave a teeny tiny gap to make sure you don’t ‘flood’ the cuticle area with polish which is a short cut to a gloopy finish. No one likes a gloopy finish, and your eye will not be able to tell the difference anyway.

Spirit nail polish Sienna Hand photo

5. Finish with a top coat


Seal the deal with a clear top coat. Repeat the three strokes technique, but finish with a sideways swipe of top coat at the tip of the nail to seal the top coat and protect your gorgeous manicure. As well as giving shine for days, top coat stops your polish from chipping early.


6. Cuticle oil is like kindness


You know what they say: “Cuticle oil is like kindness. Sprinkle it around everywhere”. We’re not sure if they really say that… but they should. Cuticle oil will give your nails instant salon-look realness and major hydration. If you do accidentally knock your nails before your polish has hardened, (we’ve all been there), the oil provides a little slip so they’re less likely to nick.

Take a moment


Now is a good time to just sit still. You can’t do much while you wait for your nail polish to dry anyway, so take the time and luxuriate for a few blissful minutes. Listen to some music or a podcast, or simply do nothing. Life moves pretty fast and taking a moment to do your nails can double as precious quiet time. So go on. You deserve it.

Sienna nail polish spirit
Spirit nail polish

If you would like to see more of our DIY manicures, check out the Nail Care tab on our Instagram stories.

Coolamon Scenic Drive lookout

A day in Federal – Byron Bay Hinterland

Head for the hills


When we first moved to Byron Bay many moons ago, all we wanted to do was explore. So we jumped in our cars to head for the hills. It might sound like a cliché, but our reality looked like the stuff of our daydreams; waterfalls, swimming holes, quaint little villages with the yummiest wholefood and hunting for treasure in artisan stores were all on the agenda. And not much has changed. A trip to the hills is always a good idea, and we’d love to show you one of our favourite spots: Federal. So, whether you are a local or are reading this from the other side of the world, come and take our tour of this creative hub and natural wonderland.


You’re about to be on ‘hills time’


You can’t deny that Byron Bay is almost magnetic in its beauty, but there is plenty to see just beyond the coast. Federal is an easy 23 km from Byron along the Coolamon Scenic Drive – and ‘scenic’ it is. Your first stop should be the lookout as you first turn on to Coolamon Scenic Drive. There are stunning 360-degree views of the coast, Wollumbin (Mount Warning) and lush rolling hills. Take a deep breath and relax. You’re about to be on ‘hills time’.

Coolamon Scenic Drive lookout
Minyon falls road forest

On the road to Federal

Drive through the winding hinterland roads with banks of wildflowers, corridors of trees, breathtaking views of the ocean and Byron Bay lighthouse and before long you will find yourself in Federal. It’s safe to say that this is not your typical country town. Artists looking for space to create, join families, hippies, baby boomer sea changers and everyone else you could imagine who have come for a more ‘country soul’ type lifestyle.

Doma Café for lunch


Stop in for lunch at Doma (3/6 Albert Street, Federal). Doma was opened by Japanese chefs Takayuki Kuramoto and Takashi Yaguchi in 2012 and is often described as a Japanese/Australian fusion. Everything here is good. You simply cannot make a mistake so pick a spot in the garden and enjoy. Don’t take our word for it though. This humble little café has even been very positively reviewed in the New York Times.

📍 Doma café – Federal
Colour – Florence nail polish

Doma cafe Federal Byron Bay hinterland

Time for a caffeine hit


Moonshine Roasters is a small, family-owned and operated roastery and espresso bar. They’ve been roasting in the hills for close to a decade and supply loads of the cafes in Byron Bay. Is it time for a coffee? Or a chai? Pop into their House of Shine (447 Federal Drive, Federal) to refuel before you get involved in some retail therapy.

📍 Moonshine Roasters – Federal
Colour – Peace nail polish

Moonshine cafe Federal Byron Bay Hinterland

Retail therapy, hills style


With its rustic tin walls and sky-high bush poles, The Hills Emporium (441 Federal Drive, Federal) would be worth a visit, even if it didn’t house the most covetable collections of artisan-made fashion and interiors. Owners Kaidee and Bulan make and source items that resonate with their ethical and sustainable ethos and all we can say is… “yes”.

📍 The Hills Emporium – Federal
Colour – Embrace nail polish

The Hills Emporium Federal Byron Bay Hinterland

Wild swimming under a spectacular waterfall


Is it time for a wander through the bush and perhaps a swim under a 104 metre tall waterfall? Yes, it is. Minyon Falls (Nightcap National Park) is a hop, skip and a jump from Federal but please take care on the roads; they can be slippery if there has been heavy rainfall. There is a lookout with the most glorious views from the top of the falls, as well as lots of micro walks in and around the national park. It’s possible (and wonderful) to swim at the base of the falls or in a pool further down. We all love a wild swim, but some things to remember are that rocks can be slippery and the winds can be wild if the falls are really pumping. The other thing to consider is sunscreen and bug spray – both can disastrously upset the balance of delicate ecosystems.

📍 Minyon Falls – Byron Bay Hinterland
Colour – Marble nail polish

Minyon Falls Byron Bay Hinterland

Federal, we love you

So that’s Federal. Not bad for a village with a population of 700. We hope you have a great day out!

Sienna nail polish bottle orange yellow colours

Sienna FAQs – Part 1

Sienna is different to your typical nail polish, so we thought it might be a good idea to get into the nitty-gritty of how we do things. Whether you are new to Sienna or have been with us since the early days, allow us to present ‘Sienna FAQs – Part 1’.


Why doesn’t Sienna use the X-free labelling system?


Nail polish has something of a dubious reputation when it comes to the ingredients list. A lot of conventional nail polish still contains some pretty dodgy stuff. Formaldehyde, anyone? Us neither.

When non-toxic nail polish arrived to support our health, planet and our manis, the X-free branding of nail polish was developed to show people the number of chemicals a polish is free from. But over time, this has turned into something of a marketing arms race. With no cosmetic governing body, the X-free labelling got out of hand very quickly, with some companies even including gluten in their ‘free from’ list. Please trust us when we say gluten has never been found in nail polish.

We decided to step back from the brouhaha and let our formula do all the talking. We are confident our polish is the cleanest AND will give you a durable manicure. But don’t just take our word for it. We are certified by Made Safe who have analysed every single ingredient and deemed us the best. Please check our website for a full list of ingredients.

It is worth mentioning that Sienna polish has never contained Benzophenone-1, a known endocrine disrupter. Some of the polishes labelled X-free still include it in their formulas, so when in doubt, check the ingredients list.

Sienna nail polish bottle orange yellow colours

Why doesn’t Sienna use glitter?


When washed down the drain, glitter breaks into smaller pieces and becomes a subset of marine plastic litter known as microplastics. Microplastics, which measure less than five millimetres in length, are found throughout the world’s oceans, ‘coating’ the water as a type of insulation and ingested by marine animals from plankton through to whales. It has been documented that when collected in their stomachs, glitter can cause seabirds to die of starvation. No thank you.

We still love a high impact shine though, (who doesn’t?) so we use a shimmer pigment made from crushed crystal. It’s a natural material which we source only from reputable manufacturers. The beauty of substituting crushed crystal for glitter is that we remove the plastic element and eliminate any potential for our nail polishes to contribute to the microplastics plague. As an added bonus, it adds durability to your manicure.

Honour Nail polish Bottle Sienna

How long will a bottle of Sienna last?


Sienna will last as long as a conventional bottle of nail polish, which is around three years. As a point of difference, Sienna is bottled as it is produced to keep the polish fresh and the shelf life long. Pro tip: Instead of shaking a bottle of polish before you paint your nails, try rolling it between the palm of your hands. Nail techs assure us this will prevent air bubbles.


How do I choose a colour to suit me?


How do you choose a colour when there are over 80 gorgeous shades of Sienna to choose from. Sigh. This is something of a champagne problem but we are here to help. Most people find they are attracted to a particular colour that sparks joy for them (Oh hi, Marie Kondo!) or that they continue to buy the same kind of colour again and again. If this is you, follow that instinct. And while there are so many trends when it comes to choosing a colour, here is some of the best-accepted wisdom if you need guidance.

  • Olive skin: Think tropical; orange, hot pink, coral and melon will look amazing. But so will browns, taupes and terracotta.
  • Fair skin: Your friends here are soft pinks and blue-toned berry colours.
  • Medium skin: Choose burgundies, plums and wine tones for the win. Orange and fuchsia will make your hands seem more tanned.
  • Dark skin: Reds, deep purple, blacks, bronze, green, almond and caramel based neutrals are all going to look terrific.

If all else fails, choose a nail polish in a similar shade to your best lipstick.

Different skin tone nail polish colour

Is nail polish safe for chemo patients?


Wearing nail polish through chemotherapy has a similar answer to wearing nail polish while pregnant. You need to be careful with everything you put in and on your body. Over the past five years, we have had different requests and heard different stories from people going through chemo. As (Sienna Founder), Danielle says:

“In all instances, you need to speak with your doctor first. There are many different therapies and everyone’s bodies and health are at such different stages that you need to get tailored information from your doctor. There are good news stories and it can make you feel good during these times so it’s worth asking the question. To anyone going through this, we hear you, we see you, we feel you.”


What is breathable nail polish?


Cast your mind back to your high school biology class. Do remember your teacher talking about permeability, where water and air can pass through a surface without breaking it? The process is called osmosis and is similar to pouring water on a cloth and soaking everything underneath it. It’s not a process you can see with a naked eye, as it happens on a microscopic scale. Our formulas have been scientifically tested to prove oxygen and water can pass through the nail polish, touching your nail bed. This allows your nail bed to ‘breathe’ (which must be good for you!) and for people of Muslim faith, it allows water to pass through and cleanse the nail bed for wudu.

blue nail polish rainbow

If you do have a question, please, by all means, send us an email and it will be our pleasure to answer it!

reduce plastic environment plant

Our favourite swaps to reduce plastic

We all know that single-use plastic is a massive issue, and yet plastic is seemingly everywhere. If you want a takeaway coffee there is plastic lining the cup and if you shop in a supermarket, nearly everything seems to be wrapped in plastic. With Plastic Free July underway, we are investigating the problem with plastic and some simple swaps to make at home, work and while you’re on the go. Acting collectively, even small changes will make a big difference. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Let’s do it!


Plastic is everywhere…
and virtually indestructible


How did we even get to here, to this point where plastic is a ubiquitous part of all our lives? In 1907 Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite, the first fully synthetic plastic, meaning it contained no molecules found in nature. It was initially seen as a major breakthrough and plastics were lauded for being both versatile, cheap and, unbelievably, glamourous. Fast forward to 2019 and there are now literally hundreds and thousands of different kinds of polymers (or plastics), most of which are used so widely because they are virtually indestructible. Of course, this is also their biggest disadvantage. Plastic might sit in landfill or pollute our planet for thousands of years without decomposing.

reduce plastic pollution

The problem of plastic

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” – Annie Leonard

Plastic pollution is everywhere and affects everything from marine life to our health. There are garbage patches of plastic waste at five locations worldwide. Most of you will have heard of the most infamous of these, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch said to be three times the size of France. And while the average plastic bag will only be in use for about 12 minutes, they take from 500-years to forever to break down. Eeek! Toothbrushes can take 400 years to fully break down, and let’s not even start on coffee cups. It wasn’t until the influential War on Waste screened on the ABC last year that many people realised that take away cups were not recyclable. Sales of reusable coffee cups have since soared and in our neighbourhood at least, it is not unusual to see people picking up their takeaway coffees in everything from jam jars to thrift shop mugs.


Allow us to suggest some of
our favourite swaps

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Plastic Free July has so far inspired 120 million participants in 177 countries to refuse plastics for a month – and beyond. If only it was Plastic Free July every month. Check out our favourite swaps and get involved.

reduce plastic reusable coffee cup

BYO coffee cup to your local.

You don’t need an Instagram worthy vessel for this. A jam jar works just as well, as does a mug from home if you’re planning to mooch with your coffee somewhere close by. If you need an incentive, some cafes offer a discount for people who bring their own cups.

reduce plastic straws

Say no to straws.

Straws really do suck. Straws No More is working hard to lobby restaurants and hotels to make the swap to paper straws but, if you can, bring your own. We do understand however that some people with disability cannot drink a beverage without the assistance of a plastic straw, and should not have to navigate additional obstacles when eating out. There is clearly work to be done here.

reduce plastic bag

Say no to plastic bags at the supermarket and for produce.

Keep reusable bags in your car or handbag to load your groceries and using paper or reusable produce bags. These can be made out of old pillowcases or tea towels if you’re feeling crafty.

reduce plastic farmers market vegetables

Support your local farmers and local brands.

There is a perception that this is more a more expensive way to shop but food that is fresh and in season should be just as affordable, if not cheaper.

reduce plastic, bulk store

Buy in bulk.

Bulk food stores are springing up everywhere. Pasta, flour, nuts and grains can be stored in old jars or yoghurt tubs. Just like Nana does!

second hand clothes reduce plastic

Avoid fast fashion.

It is calculated that 6000kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes in Australia. To this we say vintage, thrift shops or, if your budget allows, support a slow fashion label you love. Organising a clothes swap with your friends is also good fun, and you can eat yummy food together at the same time as getting your mitts on coveted items you’ve always admired on a friend. Everyone’s a winner.

reduce plastic buy bar soap

Change your toiletries.

Choose bar soap, reusable razors rather than disposal and try reusable toothbrushes – prices are coming down as they become more popular.

reduce plastic recycle sienna nail polish bottle

Recycle your Sienna bottles.

We run an in-house recycling program for our bottles. Follow the link on our Sustainability and Ethics page to find out more.


We are all doing our best

“Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward.”
– Yvon Chouinard

But some real talk. Making a change is not easy. As our friends and environmental leaders Eco Warrior Princess say, adopting a sustainable lifestyle is fraught with challenges and it takes determination to always stay grounded and make the eco-choice, even when it’s not convenient. Everyone’s situation is different and going green doesn’t mean the same for everyone. For some, going vegan is an obvious choice, for others ditching plastic or going for zero waste is the way forward. Whether you are a veteran of green living or are taking your first steps, we are all doing our best and every little bit helps. There will be no eco-shaming here.

reduce plastic environment plant

Some barriers to going green and how to overcome them

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Breaking old habits is an obvious but underrated challenge. One suggestion is to focus on building new habits such as making sure you have your reusable bags packed when you go to the shops (and then remembering to take them in with you!) or packing your BYO coffee cup each day. In time, it will become second nature. Celebrate your wins and don’t berate yourself in the early days. It can take 66 days to form a new habit.

Cost and accessibility are also barriers to green living. The gorgeous images we see on social media would have us think that cutting back on waste needs to be pretty. It doesn’t. By all means, be inspired by your favourite online accounts but tread your own path. Most people find they can repurpose things they already have to hand to pack groceries and lunches, while options like bar soap are demonstrably cheaper.


Over to you

As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know how your tips and tricks to reducing your own plastic use. When people work together, there’s nothing we can’t do.