holiday nail art

Holiday nail art you need to try this festive season!

The festive season is upon us! And there’s nothing we love more than holiday nail art looks to match the excitement in the air and non-stop festivities! We teamed up with one of our favourite nail technicians Keisha from Jeanette Thomas Training Academy, to create these amazing nail art looks, and they are so simple you’ll be rushing home to try them tonight! Think eye-catching statement nails that are all parts fun with an air of elegance. We’ve got four looks to suit everyone- white and gold moons, metallic messy tips, diagonal feature nail and dotty nails. We love them (and have found ourselves constantly experimenting with different colour combos), you’ll love them, and your holiday season cheer is going to automatically rise when wearing these looks (trust us!).

Gold Moons

Major statement nail alert! This holiday nail art is for those who want an eye-catching look to rock. White nails is a popular look, it’s fresh and fun and great for summer, and partnered with gold moons on the base of the nail…. sign us up!

step by step diy holiday nail art gold moons

Metallic Messy Tips

Introducing you to the cousin of classic french tips…metallic messy tips! This is for those who may not have a steady hand like a nail technician, because the messier, the better. This holiday nail art is a great one for those occasions you need to transition from day to night, very versatile.


step by step diy holiday nail art messy tips

Dotty Nails

A go-to holiday nail art (as well as everyday nail art!) look for us is the dotty nails! It’s super quick and simple to recreate, you could even just dot over the top of your current mani!

step by step holiday nail art dots manicure

Diagonal Feature Tips

Hola glamour nails! This holiday nail art look is completely lust worthy, you won’t be able to stop admiring your nails with this one! The contrast of rose glitter and black sheen is so eye catching everyone will be commenting on your amazing manicure and no one will know you achieved it in a few minutes at home.
step by step holiday nail art diagonal tip manicure

You can find Keisha on Instagram @jtnailstudio

Want to recreate these looks? Shop the colours below!


byron bay sunset surfer

The Ultimate Byron Bay Bucket List for the perfect Summer

In case you’ve got a week or so to spend in Byron over the summer, or maybe you live here and just want to make the most of your time off work, we put our heads together and compiled the Byron Bay Bucket List for 2016/17. The days are long and nights are warm. We’re embracing all there is about this beautiful part of the world, and you should too!




This one is a bit of a given… But what better time to overdose on a bit of Vitamin D. For us, the epitome of summer is early morning coffees sitting on the beach. The fresh sea breeze, a couple of people walking their dogs, and the vast expanse of ocean in front of you (before the crowds build up and the sun reaches its peak).

morning beach Byron Bay

Sunrises and Sunsets in Byron


This too, frequents our days all year around, but summer is the perfect time to lap up as much of magic hour at dawn and dusk as possible. Think early morning walks along the pass and up to the lighthouse, watching the sun rise over the most easterly point of Australia (before making that coffee and beach pit stop on your way home!), and balmy evenings watching the sunset with friends.

Sunrise Sunset Byron Bay

Falls Festival


No Byron Bay bucket list is complete without this! The iconic three-day festival that heads to Byron Bay over New Years every year. High up on the priority list for the summer! If you can score tickets, then you’re in for a festival not to be forgotten. From the early morning buzz at the campsite, to the late nights meandering home and all the music, dancing and energy in between, Falls is a tick on our list.

Byron Bay Falls Festival
Photo credit:

Brunswick Twilight Christmas market


Ok so it’s not exactly Byron, but Bruns hosts the Twilight Christmas Markets every year, this year falling on December 14. The markets, running from 3pm to 10pm host 150 stalls ranging from candles, artwork, clothing, jewellery, household goods etc. All perfect Christmas gifts! All the local café and restaurants stay open for the evening and live music fills the air, to make a perfect evening in Bruns!

Brunswick Twilight Christmas Market
Photo credit:

Minyon Falls


Dedicating an entire day to exploring Minyon Falls is a must-do for us over the summer. The long 13km round trip is quite the distance, but with plenty of water and food and good shoes, you won’t even notice it. The days are hot, but among the shelter in the rainforest it’s easy to feel completely removed from civilisation.

Minyon Falls Byron Bay Hinterland



We can just imagine the breathtaking view, watching the world below rise for the morning as you soar above in a hot air balloon. Byron Bay Ballooning is world renown, and with scenery like ours, we’re not surprised.

Byron Bay Ballooning
Photo credit:

Artisan Markets


Every Saturday over the summer, the artisan markets are held at Railway Park in Byron. Featuring a different musician/artist every week, they provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying an early evening bite to eat and beverage with friends. The artisan markets are our first stop for Christmas presents this year also, with an abundance of original, sustainable art and design products.

Byron Bay Market
Photo credit:

Evening Picnics


Sometimes it can be too hot during the day to venture away from the poolside, and these are the times evening picnics are perfect! Pack a picnic or order your favourite takeaway and head down to Main Beach for a beautiful evening spent watching the waves rolling in. Over the summer the grassy area is filled with people doing the same as you, and performers, fire twirlers and other entertainers will often frequent the area.

Picnic Beach Byron Bay
Photo credit:

What about you? Let us know what you get up to over the summer while in Byron!

diy vegan face mask ingredients

DIY vegan face masks you need to try this weekend!

Hunting for the best DIY vegan face masks? Want that day spa luxury feeling at home? We have your answer! A 3-step DIY facial treatment that you can make using simple ingredients from your pantry. We are all about simple beauty and going as natural as possible, and there isn’t anything more natural than this!


Coconut scrub

diy vegan face masks coconut scrubdiy vegan face masks coconut scrubdiy vegan face masks coconut scrub

Coconut oil + brown sugar

It wouldn’t be proper to start a DIY vegan face masks session without a coconut scrub! This will make your skin clean as a whistle and free of any residual makeup or dirt. It’s as simple as mixing coconut oil and brown sugar! Coconut oil solves everything, and mixed with brown sugar as a natural exfoliant, will clear your skin of any hidden nasties!

Fruit Cleanser

diy vegan face masks strawberry avocado bananadiy vegan face masks strawberry avocado bananadiy vegan face masks strawberry avocado banana2 strawberries, ¼ avocado, ½ banana, squeeze of lemon juice

Mash together with a fork or whiz together in a blender, adding in lemon juice until you get a sticky consistency.

Of all the DIY vegan face masks, this is the one that is equally good for your skin as it is nutritious for you body! Why is it so good? Strawberries are naturally acidic and help remove any excess sebum causing acne or blemishes, and partnered with the lemon juice, also brightens the skin. Banana is high in potassium and moisture to hydrate the skin. Avocados contain poly and monounsaturated which keeps your skin moisturised and fights against inflammation. Winning combination! Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and before gently washing off with a damp cloth.

Cacao Brightener

diy vegan face masks coffee scrubdiy vegan face masks coffee scrubdiy vegan face masks coffee scrubCacao Powder + Ground coffee beans + Ground oats + touch of coconut milk (or any other plant-based milk)

Mix all the ingredients together, slowly adding the coconut milk until you get a thick paste consistency. Spread over your face and leave for 10-15 minutes (it will start to harden slightly) before washing off with a damp cloth.

Cacao is an ancient ingredient, packed with Vitamin C, magnesium and Omega 6 fatty acids. When used on the skin it promotes blood flow and cellular repair- equalling a youthful radiant glow! Coffee is also known to brighten the skin, so partnered with cacao, it’s the perfect match.

So why not treat yourself this weekend to a pampering session you barely have to lift a finger for! Prepare your masks, settle down with a book or a glass of red, and make an evening of it!

Just in case you were wondering… the polish in these images are Empress as base with a Transcend diagonal tip.

Here are some of our best selling vegan nail polishes!

Lightning Top Coat

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Nail Polish Remover – Water Based with Soy

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Base Coat

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Barefoot Dancer

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Nail Polish Remover Wipes – Water Based with Soy

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crystal castle blessing buddha

Crystal Castle, the spiritual getaway just outside of Byron

the blessing buddha at crystal castle byron bay

the lotus mosaic base for the blessing buddha crystal castle byron bay

huge crystals overlooking byron hinterland crystal castle

inside of huge crystal guardians crystal castle byron bay

view over byron bay hinterland at crystal castle

the world peace stupa at crystal castle byron bay

woman touching brass prayer barrels at crystal castle byron bay

prayer flags blowing in wind at crystal castle byron bay

woman standing next to wishing tree at crystal castle byron bay


Crystal Castle is a Byron Bay treasure, hidden up in the hinterland. The botanical gardens filled with extraordinary crystals and beautiful plant life and are must for visitors in the area, looking to connect with the spirituality of the area, or just enjoy a peaceful day among nature. We recommend you allow at least 3-4 hours to fully appreciate all Crystal Castle has to offer, and have compiled a list of must-dos while visiting.

5 things you must do when visiting Crystal Castle Byron Bay

  1. Buddha Walk

The half kilometre Buddha Walk is a beautiful way to start your visit to Crystal Castle. The picturesque path overlooking the Byron Hinterland is dotted with statues carved with volcanic rock from Gunung Merapi. Make sure to take your time at each statue, in particular the Blessing Buddha and Lotus Mosaic- the 4 metre high, 14 tonne centre piece of the Buddha Walk.

  1. Daily experience

Every day at Crystal Castle there is a free experience offered to visitors. Shambala Gardens Tour, Music of the Plants and Crystal Experience are all run on various days throughout the week, as well as The Crystal Castle Peace Experience held at The World Peace Stupa. Taking part in the experiences is the best way to learn and immerse yourself in all Crystal Castle has to offer.

  1. Morning coffee at The Lotus Café

We love our coffee! What better place to enjoy local organic coffee and nutritious food, than in a location overlooking the Byron Hinterland. The Lotus Cafe at Crystal Castle is adjacent to the Bussha Walk and Crystal Guardians, one of the most beautiful coffee spots in the area!

  1. The Crystal Guardians

The Crystal Guardians were brought from Columbia to their new home at Crystal Castle in 2016, where visitors are invited to stand between the huge crystals and feel their energy. The huge 5.5m crystals are a unique combination of smoky quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, calcite and agate, and make a powerful impression on everyone who visits them.

  1. The Wishing Tree

A beautifully thoughtful and interactive element of Crystal Castle. Just before The World Peace Stupa, you will come across the Wishing Tree. Write down your wish on the card provided, find a part of the tree that resonates with you, and attach your wish for the world to it. The Wishing Tree is a touching way to feel connected to those surrounding you, the community and the earth, as you make your wish as visitors before you (from all over the world) have done so.

There are many beautiful escapes to experience in Byron Bay, and we are sure you’ll be able to understand how the rich, cultural environment inspires our many nail polish colours.


benzophenone -1 free metallic nail polish and tulips

Benzophenone -1. Why we don’t use it. Among other things…

Long gone are the days of bottled car paint for ladies to match their nails to the duco… (and long gone are the days of Benzophenone -1)


There is a lot of fuss made over ‘5 free’ and ‘7 free’ nail polishes, and for good reason, its healthy and its safe. We do find it can be difficult to filter through all the information out there. So we’ve done it for you. Including Benzophenone -1 (what is it?)

It is difficult to be 100% chemical free and 100% organic when developing nail polish, in fact, no matter how hard we try, it doesn’t exist! We do believe in being as healthy and safe as possible, and cutting out any unnecessary harmful toxins where possible.

Our nail polish is free from Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin, Synthetic Camphor, Xylene and Benzophenone -1. This may look like a long list of indistinguishable chemicals, but there are many reasons why forgoing these ingredients in our polishes is of huge benefit.
Sienna byron bay Melody Pink Nail Polish

Brief overview


If it’s a brief overview you’re wanting, here it is: all the previously mentioned chemicals are poisonous. Some are carcinogenic and linked to causing cancer, others have been attributed to causing birth defects, and others can cause various other symptoms including dizziness and respiratory problems. While using nail polishes containing these chemicals in small doses and in well ventilated areas may not pose a major health risk, it can be a big concern for those working in nail salons, or those that expose themselves to it continuously over the years. We believe, the safest option is to cut them out completely. The absence of these harmful chemicals doesn’t impact on the quality of the polish, reinforcing the reasons why they’re unnecessary.

To allow you a more in depth understanding of why we place so much importance on being ‘nasty free’, it is important to look into the ingredients that are used in our products and what ingredients are not used.


The chemicals we never use, never have used and why we don’t use them


Benzophenone -1: This one is the source of much controversy. Many 7-free, 10-free and ‘non-toxic’ nail polishes still use Benzophenone-1 in their formulas, as there are many studies that show it is harmless to humans. It is a UV blocker, used in sunscreens as well as cosmetics to stop discolouration of products.  Benzophenone-1 has been linked to breast cancer9, ovarian cancer10, prostate cancer11, and has been found in human placental tissue12. We have never used Benzophenone-1 and never will, even though it may be deemed harmless, we believe the research speaks for itself, and is far better to avoid than to take the risk.

Formaldehyde: a known human carcinogenic. The long-term effects of formaldehyde exposure have been evaluated in epidemiological studies, and have been found to link with leukemia, brain and other cancers.1 The Australian Government in the 2012 Poison Standard2, listed formaldehyde as a Schedule 6 poison, meaning a substance with a moderate potential for causing harm, the extent of which can be reduced with distinctive packaging with strong warnings for safety. However, Appendix C of the Poison Standard notes formaldehyde concentrations of 5% or more in nail hardener and of 0.05% or more in any other cosmetic preparations should be prohibited because of their known dangerous properties. We think it’s best just to avoid any dangers entirely and stick to a formaldehyde free preparation.

Dibutyl Phthlate: otherwise known as DBP. Typically used as a plasticiser in nail polishes, DBP poses major health risks, particularly for pregnant women and unborn children. In a 2012 report by the FDA, Guidance to the Industry Limiting the Use of Certain Phalates, it is stated “the Agency has determined that there is evidence that exposure to DBP and DEHP from pharmaceuticals presents a potential risk of developmental and reproductive toxicity”3. The European Commission has identified DBP as a reproductive toxicant and the European Union prohibits the use of DBP in all cosmetics. Therefore it’s rather clear why we stay away from DBP.

Toluene: commonly used solvent that creates a smooth finish across the nail and keeps the pigment from separating in the bottle. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)4 states Toluene can cause headaches, dizziness, cracked skin, irritated eyes, nose and throat. It also states over time, exposure to high concentrations, day after day, may lead to female reproductive system damage and pregnancy loss. If swallowed, toluene can cause liver and kidney damage.

Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin: a polymer used in nail enamels to form a tough, shiny and durable film on the nails. Although considered much safer than formaldehyde, there is strong evidence of tosylamide/formaldehyde resin being a human toxicant or allergen5. There are cases of nail polish dermatitis of allergen origin, attributed to tosylamide/formaldehyde resin6.

Synthetic Camphor: functions as a fragrance, denaturant and plasticizer in nail products. Synthetic Camphor poisoning in humans can occur from swallowing, breathing or dermal contact with preparations containing camphor. It can result in nervous system and kidney effects, or other symptoms including colic, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, delirium, convulsions and seizures7.

Xylene: a solvent used to keep nail polishes smooth and liquid consistency. Xylene has carcinogenic properties, with exposure leading to cancer potential. It is an endocrine disrupter, can have reproductive effects, birth and developmental effects and is toxic to specific organs such as the liver, lungs, heart and gut8.

We’ve forgone all these nasty chemicals in the aim of the providing a nail polish that is as healthy and non-toxic as possible. Although in small doses, some of the chemicals may be seemingly harmless, when there are equally as suitable, non-toxic ingredients available to use, we wouldn’t go any other way.


The ingredients we do use


butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetyl tributyl citrate, phthalic anhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycols copolymer, isopropyl alcohol adipic acid/fumaric acid/phthalic acid/tricyclodecane dimethanol copolymer, stearalkonium hectorite, silica and citric acid. All non-toxic, none of which are linked to having long-term health effects. A safe option for you, your family, and your health.




1 National Cancer Institute- Formaldehyde and cancer risk

2 Australian Government Department of Health and Aging Therapeutic Goods Administration- Poison Standard 2012

3 Food and Drug Administration- Guidance for Industry, Limiting Use of Certain Phthalates as Excipients in CDER-Regulated Products

4 Occupational Safety and Health Administration- Toluene Safety in the Workplace

5 EWG Cosmetic Database, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin

6 Cosmetics Info- Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin

7 Toxnet- Camphor

8 ToxNO- Toxin Profiles, Xylene

9 NCBI- Benzophenone -1 and nonylphenol stimulated MCF-7 breast cancer growth by regulating cell cycle and metastasis-related genes via an estrogen receptor α-dependent pathway.

10 NCBI- Benzophenone -1 stimulated the growth of BG-1 ovarian cancer cells by cell cycle regulation via an estrogen receptor alpha-mediated signaling pathway in cellular and xenograft mouse models.

11 NCBI- Growth and migration of LNCaP prostate cancer cells are promoted by triclosan and benzophenone -1 via an androgen receptor signaling pathway

12 NCBI- Determination of parabens and benzophenone -type UV filters in human placenta. First description of the existence of benzyl paraben and benzophenone-4

Afternoon cocktails at Treehouse (and why you need to go there too!)

Locals rave about Treehouse Belongil, the atmospheric restaurant tucked away behind the beach, and soon you will be raving about it too. Treehouse is our current go-to for girl’s dinners and cocktails. It caters to all of our (sometimes fussy) dietary requirements, has extraordinary staff who are genuine and oh-so helpful, and has the hum of Byron without the traffic jams and hordes of people surrounding it. Live music fills the air of the venue every Thursday-Sunday evening, and creates a hub for weekend revelry.

Celebrating our second birthday, the Sienna Team headed to Treehouse to celebrate the best way we know possible… Cocktails!

treehouse belongiltreehouse belongil

We sipped on The Bounty Hunter, Mexican Standoff and Treehouse Gin Garden and nibbled on share plates of warmed marinated olives and organic sourdough (we let our cocktails do the talking!).

Being a Friday afternoon, it was humming with activity and weekend anticipation!

treehouse belongiltreehouse belongilTreehouse Belongil

You know what the next step is…Plan your next evening out for Treehouse Belongil and make it stat! Take a look at their food and drinks menu, for some dinner and cocktails inspiration (it won’t disappoint, trust us!)

In case you were wondering, we were wearing Confetti, Marble, Sundance, Harmony and Grace!

marble nail polishconfetti nail polishsundance nail polishharmony nail polishgrace nail polish

national recycling week nail polish exchange program

Our Polishes are Recyclable!

national recycling week nail polish exchange program

We are changing the way people dispose of their nail polish, and doing it alongside Planet Ark for National Recycling Week.

We have teamed up with our local recycling centre to correctly and thoughtfully dispose of our old nail polish bottles, in a way that has little impact on our environment.

Sustainability is of huge importance for us, and there is no reason for nail polish to be any different. It is our aim to implement an ongoing cycle, where the creation and recycling of our polishes goes hand-in-hand, reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Recycling our bottles is too simple! The timber cap can be put straight into your compost bin. The plastic brush and glass bottle need to be washed with nail polish remover to ensure they are free of any excess residue. Place the brushes and bottles in separate milk containers or plastic water bottles, and then into your recycling bin. If you have any bottles you are unsure of, send them to us, and we can dispose of them correctly!


We are kicking things off with our recycling campaign in November and have a huge incentive for all of our customers! Return to us any of your old or unwanted bottles (old, new, empty, full, any brands, we don’t mind!) and on receiving them, we will email you a 30% off discount voucher, for your next purchase!

It’s too simple. All you have to do is package up 4 (or more) of your unwanted polishes, and send them to us in Byron Bay. Don’t even worry about cleaning! We can do all of that for you! On receipt of your package, we will email you a 30% off discount code for your purchase (minimum of 4 polishes in transaction). Then keep an eye out over the month as we document the collection and recycling process!

Don’t forget to include your email address in the package so we can contact you and thank you for your contribution to reduce the impact of waste on the environment!

Send all parcels to PO Box 387, Byron Bay 2481.

We can’t wait to play our part in making a difference! In between busily packaging up your unwanted colours, take a look at our eye-catching nail polish shades to get you inspired!

Ace of Swords Jewellery

Byron Bay Jewellery

Byron Bay jewellery. Sigh. What can we say? We have a lot of love for the creations coming out of beachside and hinterland studios. All the magic of Byron Bay; perfectly captured in a trinket you will treasure and take with you wherever you go.

Temple of the sun Jewellery Sienna Byron bay
It’s that Byron Bay magic

We don’t want to sound cliched, but there is something special in the air in Byron Bay. It’s hard to put your finger on it. It might be the intoxicating beauty of the natural landscape, the easy-breezy surf town vibes or the bohemian spirit but, when you’re here, you just have a feeling that this is the place to be. So it makes sense that the local designers and makers breathe that magic into their work.

What is it about Byron Bay style?

This little bohemian enclave is punching well above its weight when it comes to producing world-class designers, and this means Byron Bay has a strong culture of self-expression and a style that is wildly covetable. If you want to look festival ready for the school run, go ahead. If you forget your shoes when you arrive at a café, do not even worry. As long as you feel like who you need to be that day, you can wear whatever you like and no one will bat an eyelid.

 5 Byron Bay jewellery designers we love

As you probably already know, the local markets play a big part in Byron Bay life. It’s a place to meet friends, grab a chai and wander the aisles. Who knows what you’ll discover! It’s the launching pad for many makers and designers – including Sienna! We’ve had stalls side-by-side with a couple of the jewellery designers on this list and we are proud to watch them go from strength to strength. Given how many jewellers there are in town, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but here are five who really know how to bring the bling.

1. Celeste Twikler

Celeste creates opulent bohemian treasures that draw on the natural beauty of Byron Bay. She does so with an ethos that aims to “…inspire women by incorporating personal and meaningful words of encouragement in our designs. To be driven by sustainability, individuality, quality and timelessness, rather than follow trends. To promote a positive body image amongst our clients by showcasing our jewellery using diverse and naturally beautiful women”. It goes without saying that the jewellery is stunning.

Our beloved Stone makes a cameo in the campaign shot below.

Celeste Twinkler Jewellery Stone Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Celest Twinkler Jewellery and Sienna Byron Bay Stone Nail Polish
2. Temple of the Sun

Swoon, swoon, swoon. You will too when you see the jewellery Yonna Derofe of Temple of the Sun is designing. Sustainability is a big part of the Temple of the Sun story. All silver used is sourced sustainably and certified accordingly, and the Thailand-based studio where their pieces are finished is certified under a government initiative for their ethical production standards.

Photo: Serenity Nail Polish

Temple of the sun Jewellery Sienna Byron Bay
temple of the sun sienna byron bay nail polish
temple of the sun jewellery spirit nail polish sienna byron bay
3. Kokopilli

Kokopilli designer and silversmith, Jahnavi, works from her Byron Bay studio where she mindfully crafts “stunning Goddess jewels”. Her jewellery is created to embody a unique purpose and beauty in each piece, a talisman of beauty, love and freedom. She is launching a new website and new jewels this Spring and we cannot wait to see what treasures she has.

Photo: Aura Nail Polish

Kokopilli jewellery-sienna-byron-bay
4. Ace of Swords

You can find jewellery designer and maker Mel of Ace of Swords doing the rounds at the Byron Bay markets, but thankfully, for those who can’t visit in person, she also has an online presence. Mel loves making jewellery and you can tell; she pours everything into her stunning designs. You will want everything. And, like all the makers we have featured here, Ace of Swords also has a strong sustainable and ethical foundation.  Fine jewellery for the modern mystic? Yes, please!

Photo: Florence

Ace of Swords Jewellery Florence Nail Polish
Ace of Swords Jewellery
5. Pirates Dreaming

These jewels look as if they could have been unearthed from an archelogy dig site, in the best possible way. The rings and bling that comes out of the Pirates Dreaming studio in solid brass and sterling silver are simple, striking, and unique. Designer and maker Adelaide is “passionate about creating quality pieces that make a statement, each piece is made with love and quality of workmanship and is inspired by rebellious characters. The dreamers and the creative ones who work with their hands.” It’s also unisex. Check out more of their striking wares on Instagram. Go for the rings, stay for the style and poetry.

Photo: Stormy Nail Polish

Pirates Dreaming Jewellery
Pirates Dreaming Jewellery Stormy Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Pirates Dreaming Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish Stormy

We hope you feel inspired to check out some of the local design talents in our community or to hunt down some of the makers and designers close to home.

Undress Runways is changing fashion, and you need to pay attention!

undress runways sienna

undress runways sienna

undress runways sienna


The sustainability of the fashion industry is an issue that impacts on all of us. Our daily choices on what to wear, what to buy, and how mindfully we go about it, are all significant choices we as individuals can make. Undress Runways is changing the way we approach fashion. The fast-paced nature of the fashion industry in its current state, is un-maintainable, and Undress Runways is teaching us this.

We were recently involved in Undress Runways annual runway, showcasing ethical and sustainable fashion from Australian and international designers.

The Undress Runways mission is to make sustainable and ethical fashion default. They are paving the way for Australia to set new standards for the fashion industry.

The annual show case of day-wear, evening wear, swimwear and lingerie from designers around the world features garments made of organic fabrics, dyed with turmeric and red wine, all ethically, sustainably designed, sourced and created. All items are up-cycled, down-cycled and recycled to ensure a zero-waste and zero-footprint on the environment.


The impact of the mainstream fashion industry, similar to the beauty industry, is enormously destructive for both the environment and the well-being of those working in confined factory settings. Undress Runways is challenging this.

Sienna’s involvement was painting the nails of the stunning models for the runway show. Our brand ideals align very closely with that of Undress, making it a perfect partnership for the event. With a team of incredibly skilled nail technicians, we focused on neutral tones and pops of metallic, to emphasise the evening’s theme, The Future of Fashion.

undress runways siennaundress runways sienna

undress runways siennaundress runways sienna

undress runways siennaundress runways sienna

Being based in Byron Bay, we are among a community of Eco-minded businesses and individuals. We’re passionate about supporting the Eco-warrior in everyone!

At Sienna we are committed to ensuring our product has as close to zero impact on the environment as possible. We use local production, our sustainably sourced wooden caps are recyclable, as are our vintage glass bottles. The formula we use for our polish is as clean as possible, vegan and cruelty free.

We can’t thank enough, the nail technicians who helped on the day. Everything went incredibly smoothly with the help of their expertise.

undress runways sienna

undress runways sienna

undress runways sienna

undress runways sienna


Special thanks to Jeanette Thomas for organising nail technicians for the event, and all the girls who helped out, @jtnailstudio, @sugarnails, @coco_m_makeupnbrows, @lucybell83.

All backstage photography by Kalon Productions and Janne Rytkonen

You can shop the colours we used at Undress Runways below!


ambrosia nail polishstone nail polishblush nail polishcayenne nail polishmerlot nail polishempress nail polishtranscend nail polish

Spring Summer nail art that you’ll want to try tonight!


The days are warming up, we’re going out for more early morning breakfasts and evening cocktails, which calls for fun Spring Summer nail art to accompany it!

We are obsessed with our Spring Summer range at the moment, and have all been rocking cute nail art at Sienna HQ recently.

Dots, stripes, negative space, the revival of french tips and ‘grown-up’ glitter are all trends rocking the fashion scene at the moment.


In a nod to the revival of understated nail art (and because we love glitter), here’s our fresh update on the classic french tips, ‘confetti’ style, and a too-cute polka dot look.

Time to nail art it!

Confetti Glitter French Tips





Coat your nails in a base coat. This ensures longevity for your mani and gives a smoother application


Paint your nails with your first creme polish. We are using Royale as our main colour, and Mimosa as a feature colour on the ring finger (party-nail!)


Don’t forget the second coat!


With your lint free makeup pads and the glitter polish, apply a small amount in a rectangular shape, on the edge of the pad. Go ahead and press the pad directly onto the tips of your nails. We alternated the feature ring finger, by apply the glitter to the base of the nail instead of tip. The idea behind using the makeup pad is to soak up the majority of the liquid in the polish, giving you a denser glitter finish.


Clean up any excess glitter around the edge of the nails. Allow to air for a minute until touch dry, then do a final coat with the top coat.

Multi Coloured Spring Dots





Coat the nails in a base coat (this will be the base for the mani)


With your first colour, dip the tool into the polish, be careful not to load it up too much, and start dotting the thumb nail, in random spots (we like to do 3 or 4 dots per nail). Continue dotting the index, middle and pinky fingers, with different colours for each nail. You can then go back with your feature creme colour and place one of two dots on each of the 4 already painted nails.


Using the same technique as in the first tutorial, paint your glitter polish onto the makeup pad, then press onto the ring finger. Cover the entire nail, cleaning up any mess around the edges.

Allow to dry- this will take a little longer than usual because the dots will be thicker than the standard two coats- we recommend 5 minutes. When touch dry, carefully coat with top coat.

Try this stunning nail art tonight and show us your pics! You can shop the colours we used by clicking the images below!