Zero-Waste Bloggers who love spreading the plastic free message!

It can be overwhelming, we understand. Going from mindless plastic use, to consciously avoiding anything with plastic and living a zero-waste lifestyle is a huge step. We are only taking baby steps ourselves! But there are people out there who have paved the way, and want to share everything they know with all of us! It is so much easier to go down any new journey with guidance, and particularly having lived the majority of our lives not thinking twice about plastic consumption and sometimes we need some help knowing where to start.

eco-friendly choices

There are some amazing bloggers online who really are carving out their mark on the zero-waste movement and making the world a better place because of it. There are a couple of stand outs for us, who we have definitely turned to for ideas, recipes and tricks to making the adjustment to a plastic free life.

Eco Warrior Princess.

Jen does exactly what this name suggests- an absolute eco warrior when it comes to all things minimalist and eco-friendly. Her blog is Pandora’s Box full of useful information and articles spanning across all topics eco, vegan, zero-waste and earth friendly. Her post on 22 Steps Closer to Zero Waste is a fantastic place to start.

Plastic Free Mermaid.

Kate has been living plastic free for 10 years, and is a true warrior for the cause. Her online blog I Quit Plastics is full of information and ideas aimed to help you make the switch. She has a number of downloadable guides available also, with a free one called 5 Things To Bring- helping you make the first conscious step.

Trash is for Tossers

Lauren is a New Yorker living a zero waste life. She composts, she recycles, however she does not contribute to landfill in any way. It was during her Environment Studies major at university that she realised the difference she could make- and Trash is for Tossers was born. Easy to navigate and very well-written, Trash is for Tosser is a fantastic resource- we recommend start in the ‘Easy Changes’ section!

Paris To Go

Ariana is an American who resides in Paris. Her aesthetic is beautifully Parisian and full of insight into living a zero-waste life in a huge bustling city.

TIPS FOR A PLASTIC FREE JULY (and future) Plastic is very handy stuff, that is no lie but it’s got to the point that it is far overused for our convenience too often. The fact that every bit of plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth and will be for at least another 1000-10,000 years is devastating. Let’s have a little more respect for our Mother Earth and show her that we are changing our ways. ⭐Keep baskets and reusable bags in your car/ handbag always. ⭐Raise your awareness of plastic packaging when buying things, now this just will open your eyes and you will quickly realise that just about everything comes with plastic attached 🙁 but have hope and seek alternative options where possible or buy the product and email their customer service and ask if they could look into eco packaging. “Awareness is the first step to making any lasting change” ⭐If the store staff automatically put your items in a bag and you don’t need one, ask them not to worry about it ⭐keep a cutlery set in your bag (including a metal, bamboo or glass straw) wrap them up in a fabric napkin. You won’t always remember to use it and someones you cant change what others do (like if your drink comes with a plastic straw, just remember next time to order it without the straw and make effort to at least recycle it) ⭐Ignore what anyone else thinks. BE THE CHANGE. ⭐Do your best but don’t beat yourself when you can’t go completely plastic free, it’s actually very hard. Take one step at a time. ⭐Invest in a good glass or BPA free plastic bottle that you can use time and time over ⭐Research what plastic chemicals do to your body and the negative impact it has on your hormones ⭐Do a weekly shop in the bulk food stores and your local farmer’s markets, take your own bags and baskets ⭐Type in plastic pollution in google images and lock those images into your mind. ⭐Recycled plastic is good for some packaging and products, considering that all the plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth it only seems smart to at-lest reuse it. ⭐Get creative and make your own meals at home with produce that comes straight from the ground and trees 🌈Happy plastic free July (and eternity hopeful

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If you’re more inclined to scrolling Instagram rather than reading a blog, there are some amazing influencers sharing the zero-waste message.

Our favourites? @lonijane, @stevieyaaay, @mamaeatsplants

Want to learn more about Plastic Free July and what we are doing to be the most eco-friendly nail polish brand available? Read all about our commitment to being an eco-friendly company.


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How to live plastic free with five easy swaps!

It’s Plastic Free July and we are upping the ante on everything to do with living in a plastic free world. It may seem daunting when looking in your cupboards, being faced with an onslaught of plastic containers and packaging. But trust us on this one- once you make some small, thoughtful changes, ditching the plastic is actually very simple and definitely achievable!

reduce plastic bag

Here are five simple swaps we have made, without any extra effort required!


Ditch the plastic bags in supermarkets. Yes, Coles and Woolworths have said goodbye to single use plastic, but they replaced them with plastic bags. Doesn’t make ANY sense. Don’t waste your money on these, they’re not helping the environment at all. Take along a gorgeous, handy basket when grocery shopping; grab your hessian bags, your old plastic bags, anything else that can hold things. Even take multiple handbags if you have to! There is absolutely no need to revert to plastic. Your fruit and veggies go straight into the basket from the shelf, saying goodbye to plastic all together.

We’ve swapped out single use food storage for bulk foods by using glass jars and containers. Not only is it better on the planet- its more cost effective and in many cases a higher quality product. Think shops like Flannerys (who also stocks Sienna, great minds think alike!) or your local health food store when stocking up on your staples. They have large ‘bins’ of bulk foods (think lentils, flour, grains, spices) and you can buy what you need. This also saves you money and gives you fresh ingredients every time you cook.

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles! Yes, that chilled Mount Franklin bottle is convenient- but carrying a reusable stainless steel bottle with you is just as easy and way cheaper. Keep a water bottle in your gym bag or on your work desk, in your car or in your handbag and refill it at the tap. It’s going to both save you $$$ (up to $6 for 500mL!) and save the plastic wastage at the end.

Along the same vein as the plastic water bottles, single use straws have a hugely negative impact on the environment, yet they are so avoidable. Simply choosing to forgo the straw cuts down your individual wastage by an incredible amount. If drinking your favourite beverage through a straw is your way of life, reusable straws are conveniently available at the majority of health food stores. As seen on FB: “I’d like a straw please. Said 7 billion people.” Your changes will make a difference.

Choose a plastic Free Manicure of course! We have done everything we possibly can, to bring you plastic free alternatives for perfecting your manicure. Our water-based nail polish remover comes in a glass container, our water-based nail polish remover wipes come in a reusable glass container (biggest win!) and our glass nail files allow you to ditch the disposable nail files forever. The wooden lid on all of our bottles is sourced form local pest timber to ensure we are cutting our plastic usage in half (no other brands do this) and we’re helping the environment as much as we can.

Keep in mind- it is the small changes that add up to make the biggest difference. If 7 billion people drop using straws we have made a massive dent in plastic consumption. It all starts with you!

There you have it! Five simple changes that will make a minimal dint into your regular routine, but will do a world of difference for the Mother Earth! Feeling ready to take the next step on your plastic free journey? Trash is for Tossers is a fantastic resource full of ideas to make life simple what switching to plastic free. Their blog is full of ideas that are just as easily implementable in January as they are in July!

Eco friendly and earth conscious; our commitment to the planet.

As an eco friendly and earth conscious brand, we always ensure to take all lengths when it comes to minimising our carbon footprint and being as plastic-free as we can in our daily practice.

Firstly, we’ve always been the  cleanest conventional formula on the market. We’ve never used Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Synthetic Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene, Tosylamide or Benzophenone-1 (it’s still highly common to see Benzophenone-1 in ‘clean’ nail polish).

Our plastic-free journey began in the dreaming stages of Sienna- with the wooden cap. A plastic cap was never appealing to Danielle, because… it’s plastic.

“It took a lot of work to design the perfect wooden cap to top our beautiful European glass bottles, but it was well worth it. This element of our bottle not only dramatically reduces the plastic use in the product, it also looks gorgeous and contributes to the rejuvenation of the natural environment.”

The timber is selected by our founder Danielle and is a pest timber farmed for the sustainability of Australia’s native flora and fauna.

sienna byron bay nail polish bottles

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a plastic free brush for nail polish, though we are constantly making enquiries about how to make one. We strongly recommend and ask that you recycle your bottles and brushes in the correct way, when finished with your colour. We’ve covered exactly how you can recycle our Sienna bottles here.

As we have learned more throughout the Sienna journey, we continue to improve where we can. That is why we have upgraded our soy nail polish remover bottles to a recyclable glass and chose a recyclable (and reusable!) jar for our remover wipes when launching them onto the market in late 2017. “A great thing about the remover wipes jar is you can top it up when you finish, meaning it’s a once in a lifetime purchase! Just fill it with generic cotton rounds and top it up with our nail polish remover. Voila!”

We recently added Glass Nail files to our range to combat the throw away, single use nail files that are common in the market place. If you’re a professional salon you can put them through the autoclave so they’re hygienic. For the at home user you will never have to buy another file again. One customer remarked that her mother bought her one 30 years ago and it’s still going strong.

And finally, GLITTER. That terrible micro plastic affecting our oceans and animals. We recently made the decision to completely drop glitter from our range, it just doesn’t fit with our ethos and we’d feel so conflicted every time we went into production with this. We only ever produced 2 glitter colours anyway, our confetti was sold for around 2 years and Heartfelt Homes is a limited run charity collaboration. We won’t be doing glitter again and we’re are the ONLY company in the entire world that is doing this. We really hope this will become a new standard for nail polish companies worldwide. Fingers crossed.

This is how our products are eco friendly. We stick to small, local production to minimise waste and keep our carbon footprint low. Every step of the planning, design, production and delivery stages, is done so to keep our customers and our planet as the priority. There have been a number of decisions along our journey including cutting out glitter, choosing recyclable and more expensive materials, that have been made to ensure we remain true to our values as people but also as a brand and small business.


Thank you for supporting our sustainable journey.

honour nail polish

Why we’ve ditched the glitter for our Trailblazer Collection

honour nail polish

In the dreaming and planning stages of our most recent Trailblazer collection, we envisioned a collection of nude glitters that were neutral enough for day-to-day life, but with that high-shine impact to carry you through into the night! But one aspect of this vision didn’t sit well- glitter. We have always known that as a brand striving to be as eco-friendly and compliant with planet-saving practices as possible, including glitter in our colours wasn’t a positive move for Mother Earth.

When washed down the drain, glitter breaks into smaller pieces and becomes a subset of marine plastic litter known as microplastic. Microplastics, which measure less than five millimetres in length, are found throughout the world’s oceans, ‘coating’ the water as a type of insultation and ingested by marine animals from plankton through to whales. It has been documented that when collected in their stomachs, glitter can cause seabirds to die of starvation.


There are an estimated 51 trillion microplastic fragments in the world’s oceans- more than we can even fathom existing.


The physical impact of microplastics on the environment and wildlife is well documented- but the impacts on human health is yet to be determined. For you lovers of seafood- microplastics ingested by fish can then end up inside of humans when consuming seafood.

So how have we gotten rid of the glitter from our products but maintained the high-shine finish? A shimmer pigment called mica- a natural material derived from crushed crystal, sourced from only reputable manufacturers. The beauty of substituting out glitter for the crushed crystal, is that we remove the plastic element, removed any potential for our nail polishes to contribute to the microplastics war, but upped the shimmer factor AND adds durability to your manicure!

We are so proud of our Trailblazer collection. It has been a long time coming, but we needed to make it perfect, and we think we have done just that! Say goodbye to glitter, and hello to high impact shimmery nudes that are hard to resist!

The Trailblazer Collection- our 5 eco-friendly nude glitters

“For years I have been dreaming of this trailblazer collection teamed up with this shoot. It was one of the first collections I EVER wanted to do! And here it is; my proudest moment yet. I’ve done this for all of you, for all of us. Let me know what you think!” xx Danielle

5 environmentally-friendly, nude shimmers for 5 different skin tones, all through the rainbow that is us, that is life.


The Trailblazer Collection is for Every Body, Every Mind and Every Soul. For too long there has been a lack of representation in all media so I wanted to work with women that have bodies just like me, my friends, my family and all of you. It’s so important for us to see ourselves.

As you’ve seen we have recently dropped the use of Glitter in our range because of the harmful effects it has on the oceans and our environment, so we wanted to show you it could be done another way. There’s no glitter in this range, though its hard to believe, its actually a crystal! A crushed up crystal rock to give that glittery shine.

We are all so proud of this shoot- created at Studio Tropico in Byron Bay by one of our favourite photographers with our favourite models from all over the world. And with the colours of the world. Nude enough to compliment your skin tone but with enough chunky flecks of gorgeous shimmer to shine when hit by the light.

We want to speak to you- to all of you.

Byron Bay wedding season and our favourite local vendors!

Wedding season is upon us! And as we are sure you are well informed; having a Byron Bay wedding has got to be one of the dreamiest locations around the country. The bohemian atmosphere and inspiration oozes out of the local Byron Bay wedding vendors, and we couldn’t help but share some of our favourites!

wedding byron bay


ByronViewFarm & Elements Take a visit to both of these locations- we think they speak for themselves when it comes to perfect wedding location!


We can’t go past the breathtaking new collection by Spell Bride


If you haven’t seen the spectacular spreads created by The Poor Girls Pantry then you need to drop everything, stop your wedding planning, and feast on the exquisite platters created by the talented duo. And then treat your wedding guests to feast on it also!


All the deconstructed, fresh flower, bohemian beauty you could ever dream of in a cake, from Rebellyous Cake Co!

And what about the rest? For all things hair and makeup, photography, music, lighting, transport, accommodation etc, the Byron Bay Wedding Fair is full of talented individuals and businesses built solely with the aim to make your day as fairytale as you can dream up. With the event coming up on June 30, it is the perfect opportunity to meet up with vendors and take a tour of all the amazing venues. Creating your perfect day is so simple when pulling together from the Byron Bay wedding locals who are true masters of their craft.

breakfast byron bay

The Sienna HQ list of best Byron Bay Breakfast

Heading to the Bay for the weekend? Looking for a local’s list of the best breakfast this (not so) sleepy little coastal town has to offer? We’ve asked around our Sienna HQ girls and listed together out go-to spots in town for the best coffees and amazing breakfasts that are sure to keep you nourished when you hit the waves!

byron bay breakfast folk cafe


Location:  1/399 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay

 Our menu pick: We venture to Folk so often it’s almost comical… but the turmeric latte never disappoints! Folk source the majority of their produce from their own garden, so the menu is always changing. You can’t look past a staple avocado on toast while you’re visiting though!

byron bay breakfast combi cafe


Location: 5b/21/25 Fletcher St, Byron Bay

Our Menu Pick: Combi always have amazing fresh juices ready for you to grab and go, and their vegan toasted sandwich is pack so full, you’ll be running on veggie power all day!

byron bay breakfast topshop cafe

The Topshop

Location: 65 Carlyle St, Byron Bay

Our menu pick: A little bit out of town, but the perfect Byron Bay breakfast location for a pit stop after your early morning surf. If you’re an Acai addict- The Top Shop is your go-to.

byron bay breakfast bayleaf cafe


Location:  2A Marvell St, Byron Bay

Our menu pick: If you’re visiting on a Saturday or Sunday, chances are you will have to wait a few minutes for a table, and for good reason… Bayleaf is just THAT good. We were delighted by their Matcha Rice Porridge on a recent visit- the perfect winter warmer.


The list of amazing Byron Bay Breakfast locations is never-ending these days… no matter where you choose to stop for the morning, you are more than likely to land on a winner.

Where did our name come from? Sienna, a natural earth pigment

We are often asked where the name Sienna comes from, with many customers often presuming Danielle’s name is actually Sienna! In fact, none of our team are called Sienna, neither are any of our family members.


We chose Sienna for its meaning and vast history, as the first natural pigment used in early artwork.

sienna colour explained

Sienna is a natural iron oxide, or ‘earth colour’. Similar to ochres and umbers, these palettes of yellows, oranges, reds and browns have been used by artists for more that 40,000 years and are still visible in cave paintings, a testament to the stability of these minerals.

Sienna was first recorded as a colour name in 1760, although it was known and used in its natural form by the ancient Romans. The sienna pigment in its natural state is a yellow-brown, and when heated becomes a reddish brown called burnt sienna.

During the Renaissance, sienna in its raw and burnt states, was used by artists such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt as a brown in their palettes. It was traditionally mined in the town of Siena in southern Tuscany until sources were nearly exhausted, and in modern days the majority of sienna production is located on the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily.

When naming Sienna, we were drawn to the raw and organic history of the natural pigment. Sienna is everything we wanted from a name- it is undeniably beautiful, but has a vast history and associations with rich, pigmented colours- just like our polishes. When naming our polishes, we obviously had to pick the perfect brown to give our namesake. Sienna, is the perfect warm earthy tone to keep your manicure at its autumn best.

Ethical beauty brands making a difference this Fashion Revolution Week

It’s Fashion Revolution week this week, and the amount of traction we have seen from some of our favourite fashion brands has been very exciting. As each year goes by, we can see a huge push from customers reaching out to big brands and demanding answers- and the calls aren’t going unheard. Even the smallest change to the way fashion is produced and consumed can have a major impact both ethically and environmentally. Beauty brands are also raising their hands and stepping up with their ethical ethos- and there are some particular favourites of ours leading the change.

ethical beauty edible beauty productsEdible Beauty

Why we love them:

We’ve raved about them before as an ethical beauty brand and we will continue to rave about them! The ethos behind Edible Beauty is second to none, worded simply around the promise, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, we won’t put it in our products. The Edible Beauty products are gorgeous, and simple to use, containing and abundance of Australian wildcrafted plants. All the ingredients are consciously selected based on proven therapeutic actions with restorative nutrients to help nourish your skin.

Their ethical commitment:

All Edible Beauty Products are vegan and cruelty free. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and sourced from Switzerland. Edible Beauty uses wildcrafted ingredients in their products- this means the plant has been grown in nature without any human intervention, with no commercial farming methods.

ethical beauty luke beautifoodsLuk Beautifood

Why we love them:

 Following the ethos that eating healthy food and feeling good on the inside shows on the outside ethical beauty brand Luk Beautifood have applied their expertise to create beauty products from active foods without synthetic or toxic ingredients. Their makeup is made from ingredients packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation that causes your skin to form lines, loose its firmness, breakout or discolour.

Their Ethical Commitment:

The Luk Beautifood holistic approach to beauty is a breath of fresh air compared to the world of synthetic, potentially toxic makeup products that saturate our market. Not only do they preach the ethical living through their amazing products, their blog is a hub of information on ethical practice and living.

ethical beauty aesop storesAesop

Why we love them:

If you’ve ever stepped into an Aesop store, you will know exactly why! They are an ethical beauty and body brand like no other, the entire philosophy and ethos of Aesop is something we should all aspire towards and look for when purchasing. Their products are formulated to the highest quality, using only plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Their Ethical Commitment:

Aesop locations are selected and built to weave themselves into their surroundings, and harmonize with their environment. This thoughtfulness is further developed into their products. It is only in response to client needs and after extensive research, that a new product is launched onto the market, rather than overloading constantly with products and further contributing to consumerism.

Why you should switch to green beauty products

sienna nail polish

In the early days of green beauty it was difficult to find (predominantly in high end health-food stores) and didn’t go the distance of mainstream beauty brands. But oh, how things have changed!

These days, the green beauty market is saturated with amazing brands diversifying their reach and offering a huge array of products for every beauty need. However, there is still a stigma attached to green beauty products and their comparisons with mainstream brands. We completely understand- you’re looking for products that go the distance and provide you with a high-quality finish, which is what you get from your faithful regular brands. But hear us out- there are huge benefits in choosing green beauty products, and are many brands out there delivering the highest quality products without sacrificing on anything!

The biggest alarm bell for us, is the number of potentially harmful chemicals found in regular beauty products. The skin is our biggest organ- which begs the question, why is there not more concern surrounding the number of chemicals we are lathering onto it, through our beauty products? Women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day through their various beauty products. But how can this be avoided? Through a little bit of research and making the simple switch to green beauty products. Other than the obvious benefit of saying goodbye to the harsh chemicals, the majority of green brands are also vegan and cruelty free certified and in many cases eco-friendly and ethical minded.

One of our favourites for natural skin care is Edible Beauty. Their product range epitomises purity, luxury and quality; making the promise if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, we won’t put it in our products. For dewy, radiant, all-over glow, Luma Beauty is a beautiful choice. Their highlighter stick, illuminating primer and bronzing primer, all gorgeous products for a natural day-to-day look. When it comes to full glam green makeup, Eco Minerals is at the top of our list. Their mineral foundation goes on beautifully and is build-able for a tailored finish.

There’s one thing to remember before making the switch to green beauty products. Not all ‘natural’ and ‘green’ products are created equally. There is no governing body determining whether a product can be labelled as natural or not, so make sure to read ingredients labels carefully, or look out for their certifications before making your decision.

Are there green beauty brands you love, that we haven’t mentioned! Let us know!