chrome nail polish gaia transcend empress

Chrome Nails – Our healthier alternative

chrome nail polish gaia transcend empress

It’s no secret that chrome nails has been one of the hottest nail trends for the last year or so. Ever since Gigi Hadid debuted her $2000 mirror manicure to the Met Gala in 2016, the world of mirrored and chrome nail polish has exploded. But how do they achieve the look? The answer may not appeal to your if healthy nails is your top priority- Aluminium Powder. The chrome nail polish effect is created with two layers of gel polish, a tack free top coat, aluminium powder and is cured under UV light. In some cases manicurist and bloggers have been reaching for the pigment used in car paints to achieve the ultra-metallic effect.

Pure aluminium powder is cheap and easy to buy- but it is also toxic, and this is why we stay away from this burgeoning nail trend. Although the powder is FDA approve in some cases (it may be used in eyeshadows but not lipsticks), it is also a known toxin, which is a big no-no for us!

But how can you achieve a shiny look to rival even the most holographic taloned manicure? Step into our chrome corner! We created Gaia, Transcend and Empress with a fine pigment that gives a beautiful chrome finish. Gaia, our fallow brown gives off a slightly silver chrome finish. Transcend is our bright silver and makes a real statement against dark clothes or tanned skin. Empress is our green-gold chrome and looks beautiful on the majority of skin tones.

Don’t fall victim to fad-trends that put your health at risk at the same time! Achieving the chrome look is possible without having to put your health on the line. Our chrome nail lacquers are long wearing, dry fast and will give you that ultra-shine without any trade-offs!

chrome nails swatch

Wategos Byron Bay- The haven you must visit

wategos byron bay

When it comes to giving suggestion to our friends about what to do in their limited time visiting our sunny pocket of the world- Wategos Byron Bay is close to (if not at the top) of the list. We love it so much we named one of our polishes after it.

The sheltered little nook of a beach is partly rocky, partly sandy and all parts breathtakingly beautiful. The perfect spot for a family picnic, a beach day with friends, or a stop on your way up to the lighthouse. Wategos  is a local favourite, and one that people travel from afar just to visit. Early morning and dusk are our favourite times to be down there. Spend a moment watching the surfers on the rolling waves in the morning- and if you’re keen on hitting the waves, it’s definitely a Mal appropriate spot! As the sun starts to descend in the evening, the light bounces of the waves and behind the headland towards Byron, creating a perfect little spot to bring a warm drink and rug up as you watch the sunset.

We’ve written about it many times before, but winter at Wategos Byron Bay is something worth celebrating! The days are mild and the sun is warm but not biting. The streets are also a lot emptier and car parks are actually available, so you won’t spend all day stuck in a traffic jam like what can happen in summer.

And for the times we can’t visit the iconic beach? Wategos on our fingers and toes! Our clear water blue nail polish is the perfect way to get your mind wandering off towards the summer days fast approaching!

Let us know about your time at the beautiful Wategos! We love seeing your photos, especially when there is Sienna on your fingers and toes! Use #siennabyronbay and tag us, so we can marvel at all your beautiful adventures.

Byron Bay Vegan – Our picks for the best plant-based dining!

Byron Bay vegan heading image

vegan food in byron bay

Our friends and family make the comment all the time, Byron Bay vegan restaurants must be amazing! The truth is, yes the Byron Bay vegan community is amazing, but it’s not so readily available as you may think. Sourcing the best vegan food the Shire has to offer is a matter of trial and error- but we do have some definite favourites! So if you’re making the trip to our beautiful pocket of the world- take note below. In between painting our nails in a rainbow of colours, we’ve searched (and taste tested) for the best Byron Bay vegan eats, so you can come and dine in style!

The Beet

This one has VERY quickly sky-rocketed to the top of our list since opening in late 2016. Their entire menu is amazing and 100% vegan, so you don’t have to double-check or question the waiter about every meal! Open burrito covered in vegan goodness, veggie stack with the best sauce you’ve ever tasted, and fettuccine to rival any Italian joint; you’re bound to find something to satisfy any craving. That’s before you even consider the dessert menu. We highly recommend arriving with an empty stomach because you’re going to want all of it!



Elixiba is another newcomer in the ever-expanding list of amazing Byron restaurants. The plant-based chain of restaurants have a menu full of goodness and nutrients, plus an incredible list of cocktails made from in-house brewed liquors. What would we get if only allowed one pick? (Even though we fully support sharing multiple meals with a few friends)… The burgers! Jackfruit is the best thing to happen to plant-based eating and Elixiba’s burgers are full of the amazing vegetable! We can’t get enough!


Santos Organics

For day time dining, Santos is a favourite of ours. Their selection of vegan meals range from incredible salads, to lasagnes and vegetable stacks. We had a stuffed sweet potato, veggie pie and amazing salad on our most recent visit, and they didn’t disappoint! Grab takeaway food and take it down to the beach for a picnic with the best views, or enjoy in their rainforest garden out the back. You an also shop a huge range of organics while you’re there! Did we mention, Santos is 100% not-for-profit environmental charity using the power of food to support the natural environment. So while you’re making conscious food choices, you’re also supporting them give back to the earth.


Where’s your go-to vegan spot in Byron? Let us know and tag us in any of your pics!

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Best Coffee Byron Bay has to offer!

A trip to Byron Bay wouldn’t be complete, without sampling the best the sunny town has to offer in caffeinated beverages! We are all avid coffee drinkers at Sienna, and consider ourselves well-versed in where to visit for the best coffee in Byron Bay. It’s a hard job sometimes, but someone has to seek out the best coffee Byron Bay locals swear by! So bring your Keep Cups for a coffee and early morning beach stroll, or take a hour to relax with a cuppa and the local paper.

Our personal favourites: (as frequented by all of us at Sienna!)

  • Spoke- perfect spot to bring your little ones. Sit outside underneath the trees and enjoy your time out of the hustle and bustle of town.
  • Sparrow- need a super-fast, super-delicious caffeine hit? Sparrow is your best bet! Right next door to Aldi in the centre of town, the coffee here will get you going!
  • Folk- leaning towards the turmeric, beetroot or matcha latte alternatives to coffee? Go here… we’ve written about our love for Folk on multiple occasions already!
  • Three Blue Ducks- the list of best coffee Byron Bay has to offer wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this absolutely gem. Sit down for a coffee and brekky, or grab a take away and wander around the beautiful farm.
  • Jones & Co- not strictly a best coffee Byron Bay entrant, this go-to is in Brunswick Heads. Perfect little vista out front to sit down and relax, but conveniently located on the main strip so you can make it a pit-stop for takeaway if you need to get to the ocean stat!
  • Footbridge- Another Bruns favourite! Delicious coffee and ever better chai teas!
  • Homegrown- this one is the winner when you’re looking for a healthy lunch and coffee combination! Their salads are divine, so filling and healthy to boot.

Crowd Pleasers: if you’re looking for your ultimate Byron experience, these ones are die-hard favourites for all (be prepared for a little bit of a wait in some cases, they’re that popular)

  • Top Shop- Wategos swim, check. Top Shop breakfast, check. Ultimate Byron morning, done!
  • Roadhouse- on your way our to Suffolk, this one is a huge favourite of the locals
  • Bay Leaf- you may have to wait for a table, but it will be worth it!
  • Combi- two words: Vegan Toastie. Plus some of the best coffee Byron Bay has on offer!

All images by River Hazel at Footbridge Cafe

Splendour 2017 eco friendly camping

Splendour 2017: your eco-friendly guide

splendour 2017 eco friendlyWe try to live as eco-friendly as we possibly can by making conscious choices and cutting down on plastic and waste wherever possible. Come festival time this mentality doesn’t need to change either, even though it may seem like you’re in your own little world free from responsibility! It’s quite simple to make good choices that help the planet when traversing the Splendour 2017 festival site and campgrounds, and here are our top tips!

Splendour 2017 silver glitter glo tattsGlitter

The word on everybody’s lips! We know, covering your body in glitter is probably the number two priority (after painting your nails), but it is worth taking a second or two to consider what glitter before bathing in it.  Bio glitter is the way of the future- compostable, biodegradable and ocean safe means it is so much eco-friendlier than PET glitter alternatives. The standard glitter you can find on the shelves everywhere, unless is states otherwise, is PET plastic and nasty for the environment. The tiny particles can’t be broken down, and eventually find their way into waterways, harming the wildlife and environment. Glo Tatts have an amazing range of glow-in-the-dark Bio Glitter that you can shop online, or visit them at Splendour 2017!

Splendour 2017 earth bottles reusable drink bottleWater bottles- bring reusable not plastic

Plastic waterbottles are recyclable, yes, but we’ve got a better idea. Cut the plastic altogether. Bring a reusable water bottle (or two) and fill up at the water taps provided. That way you’ll never have to worry about running out of water, because you’ll always be able to fill up. Our friends at Earth Bottles have a range of reusable metal bottles in two different sizes, plus tea totty and coffee cup, to make sure you’re covered for all scenarios! Did we mention they come in different colours, so you can match your bottle with your mani!

Splendour 2017 eco friendly campingLow Carbon Footprint Camping

Want prime camping position with the shortest walk to all the action? Pledge to be an eco-warrior camper, and you will get just that. Camp Little Foot(print) is an area dedicated to the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy. All you have to do is purchase a Carbon Offset Ticket, and arrive with 3 or more passengers, and the best camping position is all yours!

For more truly simple but effective ways to have an eco-friendly Splendour 2017, that can then roll into your everyday life, check out but the Splendour website and the Be an Unfucker campaign. They break it down to make eco choices seem far more simple than you previous thought. Eco-friendly doesn’t mean living as a fully-fledged hippy, it just means being conscious in your decisions.

Go and have a truly magical time at Splendour! And don’t forget to tag us in any of your happy snaps!

Spotlight: Harvest Cafe Newrybar plus things to do in Newrybar town

Head out to the Harvest Cafe Newrybar and stay for a browse!

If you ask around in Byron Bay for local’s tips on what to see and do nearby, you’ll definitely hear the words Harvest Cafe Newrybar. We’d tell you the same thing. The Harvest Cafe Newrybar is not simply a cafe. This rustic and atmospheric venue also has a scrumptious deli and a bakery attached. The foodie haven, housed in three lovingly restored heritage buildings in the historic town of Newrybar in the Byron Bay Hinterland, is a ode to fresh local and often organic food.

Harvest Cafe Newrybar prides itself on simple wholesome food that looks and tastes five-star, all in a community atmosphere striving for sustainable outcomes. Harvest Cafe Newrybar employs a full time forager and food researcher, along with two permaculturalists who work hard to grow the food you eat. These staff members are supported by an outstanding bar and floor service team.

Harvest Cafe Newrybar

The Harvest Cafe Newrybar Menu

The menu is divine – truly divine. Take a peek. How does a charred leek, gnocchi, and beer mustard combination sound for lunch? We’re salivating over fresh wood-fired sourdough bread and sprinkled with smoked salt. Seriously, it’s the simple things, don’t you agree? The lunch dessert of Davidson plum and white chocolate parfait with pomelo is just too much. We can’t resist.

We’re planning our next visit for a weekend morning to try crispy french toast with maple syrup, macadamias, and fresh berries or if we’re going savory, the spiced roast zucchini, squash, tomato, eggplant combination.

Hungry yet? Local’s tip: Chocolate lovers need to indulge in the Chocolate Tart. Enough said.

The Harvest Cafe Newrybar food is so good you might want to try recreating it at home. Stop the tears of frustration by booking into a class onsite at the Harvest Bakery. Kate Walsh, author of the book Real Food Projects, is the teacher. A recent addition to the local area, Kate teaches food basics including how to pickle seasonal vegetables, fermenting and making jams.


Breakfast available at Harvest Deli from 8am weekdays. Breakfast Saturday & Sunday from 8am in the restaurant. Lunch 7 days from 12pm. Harvest Bar 7 nights 4pm – 6pm. Dinner 7 nights from 6pm.

Find Harvest Cafe Newrybar at 18-22 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar Village. Parking is always tight, so go early or be prepared to hunt for a car park in the local streets.

Newrybar – a hidden gem of a town

Harvest Cafe Newrybar Deli

Harvest Deli

Take a slice of Byron Bay Hinterland home with a foodie souvenir or two. The Harvest Deli is full to the brim of foodie favourites including the Harvest deli range of sauces & condiments, boutique cheeses, chocolates, and local organic house made butter. If you’re worried about getting hungry on your drive home, you’ll definitely need to pick up a loaf of organic wood-fired sourdough and perhaps a few spare pastry snails & pain au chocolat just in case.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm, and Sunday 9am to 4pm.

Newrybar Merchants Harvest Cafe Newrybar

Newrybar Merchants

A late 2015 addition to town, this creative collective of local artists and producers is a stylish stop for travellers who make the journey out of town. Rustic yet charming, this design space is already on the itinerary of the fashion-forward set and there’s plenty of reasons why. With designers and makers including Sibella Court, local gal Shannon Fricke, Driftlab, artist Diana Miller, and leathermaker Wolf & Maiden, you are spoilt for choice. (Oh, slow my beating heart.) But we can’t forget the flowers either! Even a holiday house needs a little flower love and Beautiflora steps up to help out.

Located at 19 Old Pacific Highway, (the site of the old Antique store) the Newrybar Merchants is located across the road from Harvest Café and is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Gaia Retreat Harvest Cafe Newrybar

Gaia Retreat and Spa

Just four minutes drive inland from Newrybar is the world famous Gaia Retreat and Spa. While it would be lovely to stay for a weekend or a week, it is possible to enjoy the serenity with a visit to their day spa. Massage treatments on offer include Kahuna, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Hot Rocks or Four Hands massage for double the relaxation. Enjoy a signature restore facial or relax with our favourite, the Wattle seed and Lemon Myrtle body polish. You’ll shine and shimmer for weeks! The Gaia Retreat Spa Menu is on the pricier side but the entire experience combining environment, elegant products, and after-treatment refreshments makes the cost worth the outlay. For a touch of Gaia, take a look at our earth goddess shimmer.

Contact Gaia Day Spa for bookings on (02) 6687 1216.

Toraja BnB Harvest Cafe Newrybar

Toraja Luxury B & B

For those wanting to extend their stay in the Newrybar region, we suggest booking a night or three at Toraja Luxury B & B. Tucked away in the hinterland mere minutes from Harvest Cafe Newrybar, this boutique accommodation offers a choice of three rooms, each with a queen size bed- the Ocean View Suite, Pool Side Suite and the Loft Room. (Suites have an ensuite bathroom). If a winter retreat is necessary, then taking time out at this divine property will soothe the soul. Laze in front of the stone fireplace on chilly nights while eating a delicious readymade dinner you picked up from Harvest Cafe Newrybar earlier. With views to the coast, you’ll feel like royalty hidden away from prying eyes.

To book, call 0418 192 093 or visit their website

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Rafiki Mwema- an update on our holographic silver collaboration

rafiki mwema

rafiki mwema

rafiki mwema

rafiki mwema

rafiki mwema

In January we introduced you to our first ever charity collaboration colour. Rafiki Mwema is a children’s safe house in Kenya, that provides therapeutic care, medical and legal support as well as a loving and caring place to call home. We were incredibly moved when hearing the stories of the children in the care of Rafiki Mwema, and how Sarah along with the Rafiki staff and supporters devote their lives to these children.

The colour we created, was a holographic silver glitter- as the colours reflected in the light depicted the colours in the Rafiki rainbow. The response to the colour was overwhelming and we are so incredibly happy to announce that we sold out completely, and have raised $3000 in cash and donations, to go directly back into supporting Rafiki Mwema. We met up with Sarah last week to let her know the exciting news (and to throw around rainbow petals… how amazing are they!).

Glitter nail polish is very popular so we had high hopes Rafiki would be a favourite amongst our customers. What we didn’t except, was the unbelievable generosity of so many of our customers both retail and wholesale. It is heart-warming to learn that you are so supportive of our charity endeavours and have values so aligned with our own. We are very grateful to have such a beautiful Sienna family!

Unfortunately, the story for the children in Kenya is never-ending. As one child leaves, another 3 arrive- traumatised, lost, and heartbroken. There will never be enough rooms, to house all the children in need, or enough money to support them for as long as they would like. To read about our time meeting Sarah, and to learn about the Rafiki Mwema story, you can read our blog here. If you would like to stay involved with Rafiki Mwema on a more ongoing basis, please head to their website to learn about avenues of support.

To read about more of our charity collaborations and brand ethics, please head here, and keep an eye out for our next charity collaboration launching very shortly!

Autumn Winter Campaign- early rise at Brunswick Heads

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay


Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay

Autumn Winter Campaign Sienna Byron Bay
With our new collection on the way, it was time for a Autumn Winter Campaign shoot to welcome in the cooler months. It was a very early start of all of us, but well and truly warranted as the photos captured were spectacular with the early morning backdrop. Grace our gorgeous model who has been living at home in Alice Springs since our last shoot, was back in the Shire for the Blues Fest weekend, so we took the opportunity to snap her while we could. River, as always, obliged above and beyond and made the trek down from Tambourine Mountain. Our hair and makeup mastermind was the fabulous Emily K, who didn’t even blink at the early start- she was the one who suggested 4am!

The inspiration behind our Autumn Winter campaign comes from our surroundings. Walking along the wall at Brunswick Heads beach was perfect example of this- with all the colours in our new range reflected in the natural elements. The grey-beige of the tree trunks washed up in the storms, terracotta and ochre flecks in the boulders, all captured in our new collection. Accompanied by the gorgeous textures and colours in the Rowie clothing used for the shoot, it was the perfect morning to bring new Sienna out into the world!

Our morning shoot was followed by our daily ritual, coffee, of course! At a favourite Bruns café Footbridge. The staff were every so obliging and poured the most delicious rosetta into our Sit Still Lauren mug for a few more snaps.

This shoot was very much a collaborative undertaking, and we are so blessed to be involved with such a supportive and engaging community of creative minds. You can shop the Autumn Winter Collection for yourself here

autumn winter campaign

Model: Grace @graceyeshe

Photographer: River @river.hazel

Hair and Makeup: Emily @emilykhair

Behind the scenes: Chloe & Danielle @siennabyronbay

Clothing: Rowie The Label @rowiethelabel

And perhaps the most important part…

Coffees: Footbridge Café @footbridgecafe

i made your nail polish danielle

Who Made My Polish- changing the face of beauty & cosmetics

Who Made My Polish

You would have noticed a lot of attention in the media this week surrounding Fashion Revolution Week, with many consumers, brands and organisations asking Who Made My Clothes? The game-changing initiative is holding major fashion brands accountable for how they source and manufacture their products. We believe all businesses should be held accountable in the same way, regardless of their products and that’s why we are asking Who Made My Nail Polish? Traceability is crucial in holding businesses accountable, and we believe establishing brand values that encompass these aspects. Not purely for the future of business, but for the future of the world.

Your Beauty Routine Should Feel Good

That’s why we are doing something about changing the current climate in the beauty/cosmetics industry, and asking Who Made My Nail Polish? The Sienna customer is forward thinking, socially aware and environmentally conscious, and rather than just believing what we tell you, it is important to you that we are completely open and transparent about it also.

As we have constantly reiterated along our Sienna journey, we started small and have allowed the business to grow organically, to maintain the integrity of the product and our relationships with suppliers, stockists and customers.

Who Made My PolishThink Local, Buy Local, Be Local

In the beginning, we started small… creating, mixing and pouring small batches in our founder’s living room. From there it grew gradually and slowly. We moved into the spare room, then into the double garage and from there the first Sienna employees were hired. We are now based in a beautiful little warehouse in the hinterland of Byron Bay with a team involved in the orders, sales and marketing of the business. As the business has expanded to the point where we are stocked in retailers across Australia, New Zealand and dotted around Europe, the demand has grown beyond the point where we can source, mix, batch and pour all the bottles ourselves. We create all our colours, which are then produced in bigger quantities by a local manufacturer.

Who Made My PolishTraceable Production Trail

A lot of love and passion goes into that little bottle of nail polish sitting in your bathroom cabinet, but you knew that already. We are committed to being entirely transparent with the processes and production trail leading to the final product. The glass and brushes sourced for our nail polish come from reputable businesses across Europe. Mica is the ingredient used in cosmetics to create the beautiful shimmer, and is mined from hard-to-reach areas. The mica used in our polishes is sourced from the only certified child-labour free factory in the world. Our bottles are also sourced from Europe, to ensure the quality of the glass.

Manufacturing a product entirely in Australia is expensive when compared with production in other countries. Yes, we could manufacture our nail polish off-shore to cut costs, however this was never a consideration. At the forefront of our business values is to create a product that is ethical, sustainable and worthy of the market; producing a product of lesser quality would go against these values. This is reflected in the price of our polish. When purchasing Sienna Byron Bay, it is not just a nail lacquer you invest in, but also a set of values and ethics you are aligning to and supporting.

Who Made My PolishAccreditation

Actions speak louder than words, and this is why we have made efforts to align ourselves with a number of reputable organisations, to give consumers the peace of mind they are purchasing a product that is true to its word.

Choose Cruelty Free Australia have a regular publication outlining cruelty free cosmetics brands, a valuable resource for consumers looking to make an ethical choice in their purchases. are the worldwide recognised Vegan accreditation organisation and are highly visible in the public with their V in a love heart vegan symbol. We are very proud to be aligned with such an incredible organisation.

Australian Made is a campaign run to inform consumers when it comes to purchasing Australian made and owned businesses.

We are also currently in the application process with PETA and Halal Australia. Once our applications have gone through we will be updating this page.

Who Made My PolishBuilding Towards A Better Future

This is only the beginning. Big brands need to be held accountable for their actions. Exploiting employees, children and mother earth is unacceptable. We are answering the question Who Made My Polish? Just like #whomademyclothes Other brands need to do the same.

Who made my polish? We made your polish.

Who Made My Polish

Who Made My Polish