Bluesfest Byron Bay, our favourite time of year!

Until next year Blues titleBluesfest Byron Bay tent

Bluesfest Byron Bay crowd

Bluesfest Byron Bay crowd

Bluesfest Byron Bay crowd

Bluesfest Byron Bay tent

Bluesfest Byron Bay dancers

Bluesfest Byron Bay jewellery tent

Bluesfest Byron Bay kimonos

Bluesfest Byron Bay Chai Tent

Bluesfest Byron Bay Gypsy Dancers

So long Bluesfest Byron Bay, another year over and a new chapter to add to the memories books. It was dry and dusty, which was a welcome change from the (what seemed like) endless weeks of rain that Byron experienced in the weeks beforehand. We were a little bit worried that Cyclone Debbie would impact on the festival site, but from what we saw, it didn’t have any adverse effects on the Bluesfest Byron Bay grounds, energy and vibes!

The atmosphere at Bluesfest was infectious! The young and old joined together celebrating their favourite musical acts. Stall holders spreading the joy of Byron Bay and cultures far and wide, with food, gifts, jewellery and clothing. All the stalls were drenched in colour had us inspired for what colours to explore in our next release of nail lacquers. We loved to see our favourite Byron Bay local brands at the festival, with busy stands full of admiring customers. The gorgeous Future Dreamers girls were busy spreading love at their giant photo booth.

Of course, the music absolutely blew us away. Artists from generations passed, mixed with current day sensations, making the festival a true tasting platter of music from around the world. As well as musicians, dancers and performers dotted the festival.

Watching the sun set spectacularly over the tents behind the mountains every evening was another highlight of the festival. As the sun dropped out the sky and the evenings got cooler, it was welcome relief from the unrelenting sun during the day!

Blues Fest Byron Bay is definitely one worth marking into your calendar each year, and making a holiday of it too! It’s an incredible time of year, as the days and evenings start to cool off after the summer months.

Best Byron Bay beaches you need to visit while you’re here

our favourite byron bay beachesmain beach byron bay

little wategoes byron bay

the pass byron bay

wategoes beach byron bay

wategoes beach byron bay

If you’re coming to Byron Bay on holiday we are certain you’ll be spending ample time at many of the amazing Byron Bay beaches. Knowing which Byron Bay beaches are worth your time, away from the masses and secluded enough for a blissful beach day can be a bit of a gamble! We’ve laid it all out for you with our top 5 favourite Byron Bay beaches for achieving exactly that.

  • Wategos. It goes without saying really, we’re sure you don’t need an explanation why! (The pictures speak for themselves!). One thing we do recommend for Wategos is to arrive early, because once the car parks are all gone, it’s really difficult to get there. Also, if you’re actively inclined, bring some supportive shoes do you can make the trek up to the Most Easterly Point of Australia, and further up to the lighthouse! It’s a beautiful way to finish your beach day, before heading home to relax on the couch with a glass of wine!


  • Little Wategos. This one is slightly more hidden and sheltered from the hustle and bustle of Byron. Again, park at Wategos (remembering to be early!), and take the same track that leads up to the lighthouse. Around halfway up, you will get to a split, with one path leading downwards, that’s the road leading to Little Wategos! Try to go when its low tide for maximum beach space (high tide swallows most of the beach up), and bring the whole kit and caboodle (picnic blanket, umbrella, food, drinks, good book etc), because once you get there, you’ll want to spend the entire day just basking in the serenity!


  • The Pass. Popular with surfers and families alike, The Pass is the place for your typical picturesque Byron beachside sojourn. Bring your surfboard, and your comfiest cozi and prepare for hours in the surf. Even if you’re not usually a water dweller, the crystal clear shallows and perfect rolling waves will keep you immersed for what seems like an eternity! Bring your camera for that perfect snap overlooking Clarkes and Main beach from up at the lookout!


  • Whites Beach. The not-so-secret spot that feels miles away from reality the moment you wander down the track leading to the shimmering waters. A little bit outside of Byron but trust us, you want to go there. Whites Beach is all crystal-clear ocean, creamy white sand and rockpools to perch on and explore, and a little bit of an effort to get to but oh so very worth it when you do!


  • Torakina Beach (Brunswick Heads). This is the Team Sienna favourite. We literally bump into each other at Torakina so frequently and so unplanned, it’s almost a joke! The perfect combination of beach meets river, the sheltered Torakina is right at the bar of the Brunswick River. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the perfect buoyancy for floating away the day. Torakina is also right next to the wall, one of our favourite locations for sunset gazing!

If the thought of beach days has got you craving those blue hues as much as us, be sure to check out our ocean pack and all the blues in our collection.

Blues Fest 2017- our daily favourite acts at the 5-day festival!

acts we cant wait to see at blues title

Our Blues Fest Schedule for 2017!

It’s going to be a busy 5 days! With so many acts on, we are going to be almost running from one stage to another.

We’ve taken some time to create a little bit of a schedule for ourselves, to make sure we don’t miss any of our favourite acts! Take a look at our picks.

Blues Fest Courtney Barnett


Courtney Barnett– need we explain why we are excited! To be honest…. Everyone on our list is going to be a “no explanation needed” act, because they are all so good. She’s witty, she rambles and her grunge-alternative-indie rock (if that is a thing), is too cool to miss.

Blues Fest The Lumineers


The Lumineers– it wasn’t until plugging The Lumineers into YouTube that we realised how often we inadvertently have them playing in the office (how good is YouTube’s autoplay function). Can not wait to see the American folk group live!

Blues Fest Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige– oh my god, no words necessary for this absolute QUEEN!

Blues Fest Corinne Bailey Rae


Corinne Bailey Rae– she won us over all those years ago with Put Your Records On and we are predicting it will be an amazing set from the British singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Blues Fest Remi


Remi– The Australian rapper with a powerful message. Remi is young, and has wisdom beyond his year that translates into powerful lyrics. His beats are also cult favourites and it will be a set not to be missed.

Blues Fest Busby Marou


Busby Marou– similar to Cat Empire, no matter how many times you see Busby Marou, they manage to capture the crowd and create an atmosphere that is undeniable. Finish your Blues long weekend by linking arms with the stranger next to you and swaying/swinging/dancing/swirling to Biding My Time, it will be good for your soul (and then hang around for Kasey Chambers and Neil Finn afterward).

Can’t wait to see all your amazing Blues Fest snaps! If you’re wearing your Sienna polish, be sure to snap a pic and tag us in it!


Blues Fest Guide- get the most from the iconic music festival

Blues fest guide

Our guide to making the most of Blues Fest 2017

In case it’s your first year attending (or your 10th… maybe you just want a refresher!), we have put together a little Blues Fest Guide to ensure you get the most out of the festival! There are so many things that we think to ourselves…damn got to do that next year, so why not share the knowledge around! Be prepared for tiredness, potential dehydration, and to be covered in dirt and/or mud at most times, and you’ll have yourself a weekend full of memories.

Get enough sleep

Probably the most important in our Blues Fest guide! It’s most likely you will have late nights the entire 5 days, so take your opportunity to milk the sleep-ins and afternoon naps as much as you can! You may be full of energy in the beginning and eager to make the most of the festival, but by day 4 and 5, you’re going to be wishing you had taken the extra few hours sleep! Be kind to your body, you don’t want to be absolutely ruined trying to get back to work once the festival concludes!

Take time for yourself

Whether you’re a yoga guru, meditation aficionado, or just keen to try your hand at it, Blues is the time to do this! Surrounded by so many like-minded souls, you’re bound to find a morning yoga crew or shady meditation spot!

blues fest crowd sunset

Keep out of the sun…

…where possible! It wouldn’t be a Blues Fest guide without some kinda of sun warning! Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the sun during those times you’re waiting for your favourite act to come on stage. Where you can, stick to the shade, and all the other times keep that big felt hat shading your face and sunnies on to avoid the glare. 5 days of squinting isn’t going to do your eyes any good!

Plan out your day so you don’t miss your favourites

Highlight who you’re desperate to see at the beginning of each day, so they don’t pass you by without realising! If there’s any gaps, take that time to stumble upon an artist you maybe hadn’t heard of. Some of the best Blues Fest memories are made in the spontaneous moments discovering new music!

Blues fest market stalls at night

Eat Breakfast

Sleeping in, braving the lines for the shower and getting organised for the day doesn’t leave ample time for relaxing with some brekky- but it is so important! Whether is cereal in your campsite, or you catch a shuttle into Byron for a proper meal, make sure to fuel your body in the mornings (trust us, sometimes you find the perfect vantage point and don’t want to leave it for dinner or lunch!)

Prepare for everything

This doesn’t mean pack your entire wardrobe into a huge suitcase (If you want to though, by all means go ahead!), but just be prepared for all types of weather. We recommend bringing a warm jacket for late nights (that walk back to the car/campsite can be awfully cold if unprepared), and warm bedding for overnight. The days are unpredictable: warm, cold, rainy, muggy, if you can think of it, it will probably happen! Be prepared. And if you’re questioning bringing gumboots and a raincoat… just pack them anyway.

Blues Fest aerial picture

Make the effort!

Your campsite is not only just a place to rest your head at night, it’s also your little sanctuary away from the masses. Take the time to plan before you arrive, so you can tailor your spot to be perfectly set out. Bring chairs, tables, and make yourself as comfortable as possible! You won’t have a huge amount of space to work with, so think a bit economical as well. Your car is perfect for storing clothes and valuables, plastic storage containers are perfect for storing anything that could be damaged if it rains while you’re in the festival (plus they stack easily), and don’t skimp on lighting! A few strings of fairy lights can go a long way!

Take this Blues Fest guide and do what you will! Above all else, immerse yourself in the undeniable joy and reverie of the festival. Don’t forget to stock up on some gorgeous festival ready nail polish shades for the 5-day event! There’s a reason why it has been such an institution in the Byron community for decades! You’ll make memories that last a lifetime (or at least until Blues Fest 2018).

Photo credits: Levis, Ozi Photography & Byron Campers

Breathable Nail Polish- The healthier alternative we’ve switched to

breathable nail polish

At Sienna, we are committed to ensuring our products are always market leading, socially conscious and of the highest quality. We also believe in developing products that are inclusive and available to everyone. In upholding these values, we have changed our formula to a breathable, water-permeable base. The concept of water-permeable, breathable nail lacquer is a new technology and one that is very important for the future of nail polish.

Traditionally, nail polish has been attributed to poor nail health, as covering the nail in a non-porous film inhibits its ability to breathe, and gradually leads to weakening of the nail bed. Breathable nail polish is exactly what it says it is, a lacquer that lets air to pass through the layers of polish, allowing the nail to breathe and remain strong.

The breathable nail polish formula is less prone to cracking and chipping, compared with non-breathable bases which tend to be far more rigid. In testing the formula on ourselves, we have found chip-free manicures hang around for longer! You have to keep in mind, the duration of your manicure staying chip-free is variable from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet, and nail strength!

As well as being breathable, Sienna Byron Bay nail lacquers continue to be completely non-toxic and Benzophenone-1 free. Although many other non-toxic nail polishes still continue use of Benzophenone-1, we believe that the links to various different ailments, is reason enough to exclude it from our formula. You can read more about why we choose to be Benzophenone-1 free.

The majority of our stock has now been switched over to the breathable nail polish base. The products that are, can be found in the breathable category on our website, and it is also mentioned on each individual product. There are still a few colours yet to be switched over, but this will happen very shortly.

Floral Mandala, perfect for resetting and refocusing your week

DIY Floral Mandala

floral mandala

floral mandala with crystals

2017 so far has been a crazy year! We can definitely feel it in the air down here, that this year is going to produce some amazing things. Before March pushes into April and time runs away with us anymore, we thought it was apt time to have a morning of reflection. What better way than to draw on the inspiration around us in nature, and create a floral mandala.

The process of creating the mandala is very therapeutic. A journey of reflection, where there are no rules or structure to follow, just intuition and feel. We foraged for flowers and greenery from our garden (didn’t have time to go to the flowers markets!), as well as some of our favourite stones and crystals, to create the floral mandala.

The process of creating the floral mandala took around 45 minutes.

Find your centre piece, which could be a flower, crystal, candle, whatever you want to focus to be on, and build around gradually from there.

For our centrepiece, we used a simple stone with the Om engraved into it. Om is the spiritual symbol found in ancient Buddhist and Hindi texts, and has meanings associated with soul, self within, ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit and cosmic principles. Whatever your interpretation of Om, it is important to remain respectful of the sacred symbol.

Building the floral mandala from here is just a matter of selecting combinations of flowers and crystals, in a pattern to circle around the centrepiece. We went with smaller flowers, in colour combinations that worked beautifully, and slowly built each layer around there.

Remember when making your floral mandala, it is about the process, rather than the end result. Focus on the feeling and follow your intuition. We made 5 rows around our centrepiece and at that point it felt complete.

If you’re in need of some refocusing (which we could all use sometimes!), just like meditation, creating floral mandalas is a mindful way of switching off from the world, to re-sync your mind and body. We hear from a number of the amazing Sienna lovers out there, that they spend the time painting their nails as a meditative process! Turn on some calming music, switch off from your phone and computer screen and actually enjoy the time it takes for your nails to dry as a stress reliever! We think Peace and Hope are the perfect calming nail polish colours! Let us know how you go!

mullum farmers market holding basket

Mullum Farmers Market

mullum farmers marketmullum farmers market watermelon stall

mullum farmers market holding basket

mullum farmers market lady at flower stall

mullum farmers market church farm general store

mululm farmers market

mullum farmers market holding coffee

mullum farmers market picking grapes

mullum farmers market breakfast

mullum farmers market red nails coffee

mullum farmers market basket

Friday mornings mean one thing, early morning coffee at the Mullum Farmers Market… as well as veggies, live music and amazing breakfast stalls. The markets, located at the shady and peaceful Mullumbimby Showgrounds, come alive every Friday morning, with a huge array of local produce, coffee and atmosphere to kick you weekend off (because weekends really start on a Friday, right!).

We got the Sienna girls together this Friday for a coffee catch up (under the shelter of a tent because we have had rainy weather all week!) at the Mullum Markets. We drank our cappuccinos and soy lattes and had an amazing texmex beans breakfast. Whether the markets are a weekly happening in your schedule or more of a one-in-while occurrence, we highly recommend them as an opportunity to meet up with your friends while also supporting local.

We all have very different tastes in nail colours (which is perhaps why we all work so well together!) and took the opportunity to snap what we were wearing!

Meg wore Juniper. She has olive skin that tans easily and Juniper is the perfect shade to pop against her tan. The subtlety and slightly darker look of juniper means it’s the perfect colours for this time of year, slowly transitioning into winter.

Eilish wore Mimosa. Eilish can literally wear any colour. The neutrals? Yep. The brights? Yep. Every possible shade of red? Yep. Are we jealous? Yep! Mimosa is our gorgeous pastel yellow, and look how it was the shining star against her leopard print dress!

Belinda wore Tempest- our best seller, classic red. Belinda has a cool skin tone and goes for colours that contrast (jewelled tones also look amazing on her). Kate Moss’s go-to colour is also a classic red…. so it’s a no brainer really!

Being surrounded by so many gorgeous nail polish shades on a daily basis, means we always have new favourite… keep an eye out for next time we are all together!

Sienna Poetry Collection Skin Tone Nail Polish

What colours suit your skin tone?

“How will I know what colours suit my skin tone?” is one of our most frequently asked questions at Sienna. And while there are absolutely no rules, there are some shades that will look more flattering than others, depending on your skin tone. This means the colours are well matched to your undertone or provide just the right amount of contrast to make your nails pop. With over 80 gorgeous shades of Sienna to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. So if your nail polish soul mate still eludes you, never fear. We are here to help you choose a polish that will give you both a high-performance manicure and look absolutely dreamy at the same time.

Sienna Poetry Collection Skin Tone Nail Polish

You do you


But as we are fond of saying around here “You do you”. Sometimes you find a nail polish and it’s love. So if you like a fuchsia-hued mani with your corporate workwear, go for it. If you are committed to a dark wine crème in high summer, we won’t stand in your way. In this crazy-busy, fast-paced world we live in, a slick of nail polish in a colour that lifts your spirits can spark a little moment of joy.


The Guide


While there are many (so many) trends and ways to choose a colour for your nails, here is the best of the accepted wisdom to choosing a flattering colour for your skin tone.


Deep/Dark skin

Vivid reds and pinks are your go-to classics, but mauve pink, fiery red-orange, deep purple, yellow, blacks, bronze, green, almond, mocha and caramel based neutrals are all going to look terrific. As will bold colours. And even yellow. The world is your nail bar, you lucky thing!

Photo: Luscious

Luscious Vivid Pink Nail Polish Dark Skin Sienna Byron Bay

Medium skin

If this is you, a wide range of colours are going to be flattering. Choose burgundies, plums and wine tones for a super-chic look. Fruity/coral type shades and pastels like bubblegum pink and lilac will also look gorgeous. Teal is the best of the blues for you.

Photo: Melody and Whisper

Melody and Whisper Pastel colours Medium Skin

Olive skin

If you are an olive-skinned beauty, be guided by tropical colours like orange, hot pink, coral and melon – they will all look amazing. But so will browns, taupes and terracotta if you are after a more subtle look.

Photo: Love

Love Pink Coral Olive Skin Tone

Light/Fair skin

For a classic colour choice, your friends are soft pinks and blue-toned berry colours. Having said that, classic red, and even a bright-vermillion crème look fantastic. Navy and charcoal are great if you are looking for a glam high-impact look with an edge.  A warm clay or a sheer pink are the best options for a neutral look.

Photo: Melody

Melody Light pink Nail polish Light Skin tone

If all else fails, look at your best, most flattering lipstick or, even your lips, and choose a shade that as close as possible to that.


As you can imagine, colour is a hot topic at Sienna HQ and we all have our favourite colours and go-tos. You can imagine how much we have loved putting this guide together for you. Please let us know if there’s any we have missed.

turmeric latte at woods bangalow

Bangalow, a spotlight on our favourite sleepy town.

Spotlight on Bangalow title

bangalow markets A&I hall

bangalow fashion markets

vintage clothes at bangalow markets

vintage clothes at banglow markets

people walking in bangalow

woods bangalow

woods bangalow

avocado on toast at woods bangalow

turmeric latte at woods bangalow

turmeric latte at woods bangalow

Oh how we love escaping to Bangalow! The sometimes sleepy, sometimes bustling town in the hinterland of Byron Bay, is the perfect weekend escape for a Saturday morning breakfast date, or Sunday morning stroll through the monthly markets. After spending our weekdays in the world of nail polish, we love exploring the Shire for new inspirations on the weekend.

We made our way to Bangalow this past Saturday, to take a look through a vintage fashion market. Her Wardrobe is a fashion market held in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Bangalow multiple times throughout the year. Vintage fashion lovers, girls trying to de-clutter their wardrobes and the like, all come together to sell vintage, pre-loved and quirky items. The Bangalow market, held in the beautiful A and I hall, was packed full of vintage denim, pre-loved designer clothes and bright prints for sale. You have to be quick at these events though! A pair of vintage cowboy boots we were eyeing off from afar were quickly snapped up, you can’t be slow when searching for hidden gems.

After the markets it was time for an obligatory Saturday wind-down. We couldn’t help but stop for breakfast at our Bangalow favourite Woods, sister café to our Byron go-to Folk. Of course, avocado on toast was the winner, with a turmeric latte on nut milk. Woods is hidden away behind a big wooden gate, and down a gravel path that opens out into a shady courtyard. Just like Folk, it is humming with energy, a favourite of locals and visitors alike.

The main street of Bangalow is well-worth taking your time and meandering down, taking a look in the Corner Store, Auguste and the recently opened Rowie store. The monthly markets are just off the main street, and host many local brands (including us!), food vendors and entertainment. As the days start to cool off and we head into autumn/winter, it’s the perfect way to bask in the sun while strolling through town.

Future Dreamers x Sienna

sienna x future dreamers


Future Dreamers is a Girls’ Club based in the heart of Byron Bay. Set up by three women who saw a need for a space for girls aged 12-25 to come to, hang out, learn and be inspired by the amazing women in the local Byron community. Sienna has collaborated with Future Dreamers to create an amazing duck-egg blue pearl nail lacquer, with all proceeds going directly back to Future Dreamers. We met with Cath Artmstrong, one of the founders, to talk everything girls, and why creating such a special space for them is so important.

Future Dreamers began as a collective of women who wanted to inspire the next generation in the local area. The Future Dreamers clubhouse is in the centre of Byron Bay, and is a hub for girls to come after school, during school holidays, and participate in workshops, creative sessions or just hang out. The safe and nurturing environment allows the girls to have input into what they like and what they want to learn about, and teaches them to express themselves as individuals and embrace their passions. Future Dreamers draw on local businesswomen, artists, musicians and creatives to hold sessions and speak with the girls. They provide them with guidance on practical life skills and career advice, as well as sessions on goal setting, inspiration and self-love.

future dreamers clubhouse

The Future Dreamers clubhouse

future dreamers polaroid wall

The Future Dreamers themselves on the Polaroid

Before Future Dreamers, there wasn’t a lot available to the local girls in the Byron Shire area. Future Dreamers provides a safe space for them to hang out, grow within themselves, and most importantly, just have fun. The pressure for young girls to grow up too fast in today’s society is constantly building, so Future Dreamers offers a step away from that, for them to develop into young women in their own way.

Launching into the community just over a year ago, Future Dreamers just began with the daughters of the founders, as well as their close friends and through word of mouth has grown from there. The growth of the program has been organic, and allowed the not-for-profit to build a strong foundation within the community.

To get them teaching and imparting their knowledge onto the next generation of girls is so awesome

future dreamers girls sitting in circle

The Future Dreamers begin their pamper day with meditation and mindfulness activities

future dreamers living room

Colourful yarn laid out for the craft activity

Future Dreamers hosts after-school and school holiday programs for girls, as well as movie nights and their Life Notes series. Girls travel from all around the local area from Mullumbimby to Ballina to attend Future Dreamers, as well as travelling from interstate during school holidays. The online side also allows girls from all over the world tap into the Girls Club and keep connected and inspired.

All the programs are offered free of cost to the girls. Most of the materials used are donated, and inspirational speakers offer their free time to Future Dreamers to provide an enriching experience for the girls. It is more than just a out-of-school activity, Future Dreamers set themselves apart from traditional sporting teams and extra-curricular activities, with their urban cool edge, salute to nature and by instilling positive lifestyle habits. The running costs of Future Dreamers, is in excess of $150,000 per year, and they rely solely on fundraising, donations and government grants for this.

future dreamers photo wall

A hub for girls to express themselves and follow their dreams

future dreamers bathroom mirror

Positive self-love mantras fill the Future Dreamers space

Beyond the Byron shire, Future Dreamers hopes to expand to not only across Australia, but internationally. Interest has already come from New Zealand and the UK. They also hope to get their girls into the community and giving back, volunteering their time, and eventually running some of the workshops at the Girl’s Club.

Be the person you needed when you were young

Hearing about Future Dreamers makes us wish we had something like this growing up! We have partnered with Future Dreamers to create a stunning duck egg blue pearl nail lacquer, with all proceeds going directly to the girls’ club house.

Check out the amazing colour in the images below, we were so spoiled with Cath’s amazing nails! You can purchase the polish here.

future dreamer sienna byron bay collaboration colour

The Sienna x Future Dreamers collaboration colour, duck-egg blue

future dreamers nails hands holding

The finished manicure on Cath’s divine nails!