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Rafiki Mwema x Sienna

We have created a nail polish for Rafiki Mwema, a charity providing therapeutic care for young girls and boys who are victims of violence and sexual abuse. 100% of the profits made from the sale of the Rafiki holographic silver glitter polish will go to Rafiki Mwema, to help provide these children with the upbringing they deserve. Here is their story.



Rafiki Mwema = ‘Loyal friend’

18-month old girls raped and shunned by their community is a harsh reality that Rafiki Mwema boss Sarah faces on a near daily basis. Rafiki Mwema means Loyal Friend in Swahili, and loyal friend is what the people and staff are to their children. We sat down with Sarah to hear her story and the story of the 61 Kenyan children who call Rafiki Mwema home.

Rafiki began through a need for a therapeutic safe house for young girls who had fallen victim to rape and abuse. They needed a place to live, receive therapy and support as they go through the court, medical and healing process. Pre Rafiki, founder Anne Marie witnessed these girls going into a ‘Remand Centre’, similar to a prison, where they could be raped again, or held for up to 9 months awaiting their court date.

“Anne Marie saw the need for a therapeutic safe house for the girls to come to. Her dream was to give these girls somewhere to go and to educate their family and community that it is not their fault. Often the families disown the child because they’ve been raped. We watch the families with the children, we teach them it’s not their fault and how to look after their daughter after she’s been through that trauma.”

young Kenyan girls at Rafiki Mwema with Anne Marie

Anne Marie with the young Rafiki Mwema girls

Where it all began

When Anne Marie started Rafiki Mwema, she put all of her efforts into creating the safe haven for children in need of therapeutic care. She soon ran out of money and with little knowledge of fundraising, was faced with potentially closing Rafiki Mwema. At that point they had 25 girls who would have to be dispersed back to their communities, orphanages or back to the Remand Centre. Anne Marie contacted Sarah asking for help.

“I had my own business, my own family and (after an horrific car accident) a body full of aches and pains, I didn’t have time for the charity. But my other option was these girls…”

“I thought, that can’t happen. They don’t have anywhere to go. They are so damaged they can’t go anywhere except stay with us.”

Sarah created a logo and Facebook page and then asked the community for sponsors for all the girls. Within 3 months all the girls were sponsored, and Sarah had created the Rafiki Mwema charity.

Today, Rafiki Mwema comprises of 2 houses for girls and 2 houses for boys.

Young Rafiki Mwema boy

Rafiki Mwema offers a safe haven for children who have suffered trauma in their short lives.

Boys are welcomes into the Rafiki family

The boys at Rafiki Mwema are from different situations to the girls. They come from the streets. They’re boys who have either run away from home or have been kicked out of their homes. The youngest is 6, the oldest 18. It began as a nourishment program for the boys on the street. Anne Marie would provide breakfast and dinner for the boys.

One day when she went to check on them, the police and street men were raping and abusing them. The horrific scene made her act quickly.

SARAH: “Anne Marie called me and said Sarah, I’ve just rented a house and I’ve put 10 boys in there.” At that point they were struggling to keep the girls home running, but through local community help, the boys program has now grown to the King’s Castle, and Princes’ Palace. Unlike the girls, the boys are unable to return home. They stay with Rafiki until they are 18, and are supported through schooling and therapy.

“One boy said he was dropped off to boarding school when he was 5 and no one came to pick him up when it was school holiday time. He walked into town, and now he’s 15. No one picked him up, so he doesn’t know if his family died, or if they forgot about him. He doesn’t know anything.”

young Kenyan boys perform dance at Rafiki Mwema Queen's Castle opening

The boys and girls live separately, but all come together as part of the Rafiki family

Growth of Rafiki

“One weekend I got another call from Anne Marie saying we had two sisters in hospital. They were 4 and 6 and had been raped brutally by their uncle. Their mother had gone to work in Saudi Arabia, which is very normal to go and work to send money back. They had been left with the aunty and uncle, but the aunty had gone, leaving the girls with the uncle. The uncle had been raping them, mentally abusing them and physically abusing them. They were in hospital to have reconstructive surgery. But we didn’t have room for them at the house. We literally didn’t have any room for one bed for them to share a bed.”

This ignited the push for a second girl’s house. Sarah went back to the Facebook community, and created a Go Fund Me account asking for $20,000 to rent a new house and cover costs for 3 month’s rent, staff fees and furnishing. Over that weekend, more than the full amount was raised, and the second home started.

Since that weekend, further fundraising by the Australian community, has led to the second house next door to Rafiki Mwema, Queen’s Castle, opening. The Queen’s Castle houses the teenage girls, and the Rafiki house for the younger girls. A small hut, called Malkia Mtoto (meaning Small Queen in Swahili) has also be built next to the Rafiki house, and acts as a transitional house for highly traumatised young girls when they first come into Rafiki Mwema care.

Sarah Rosborg and Anne Marie at Rafiki Mwema Queens Castle opening

The opening of the second Rafiki Mwema house, Queen’s Castle, was due to the tireless work from Australia by Sarah

Therapeutic Care

All the therapeutic staff are locals, who speak in Swahili and offer the children routine and a strong foundation for their time at Rafiki. They are all trained in DDP therapy, and are screened before coming in contact with any children. It’s a very caring therapy; connecting with the children’s emotions, acknowledging how they feel and how hard it must be. Each child is assigned a key-worker, who acts as a parental type figure, and stays with the child throughout their time at Rafiki. The key-worker attends court proceedings and medical appointments, as well as providing the therapeutic care crucial to the child’s recovery.

“When I left [in November] one boy was swearing at us don’t come back. Anne Marie said that’s because he’s the saddest out of all of them. He doesn’t know how to cry because if he cries he probably will never stop. They don’t cry in Kenya. For the kids, if their parents die, you would expect them not to cry. It’s a cultural thing.”

Group of young Kenyan girls play with staff at Rafiki Mwema

The children form a strong bond with the staff who are their key-workers and provide therapeutic care while at Rafiki Mwema

Going Home Process

“Our main aim is to always have the kids go back to their families, if the abuse didn’t happen in their family, and if their family can look after them and accept what has happened to them. The only way we can figure that out, is they are with us for therapy, court systems, medical and whatever else they need. When we think they are doing well mentally, that’s when we start the step-down program.”

The step-down process takes three months. During that time, children are taken back into their community with the Outreach staff. There is a team of 10 Outreach staff who take the children on home visits, watch the family and talk with them. The family also come to the therapeutic home, where they do therapy together and are taught how to deal with the child’s trauma.

So far, Rafiki has had 63 girls return home.

When they first return home, they are checked on twice a week, two weeks later they are checked on once a week, and one month later it’s once a month, with phone calls every week. They girls are checked on until they are 18.

“We make sure we go there and talk to the child in front of the family and talk to the child away from the family, privately. We’ve been in situations where the child hasn’t been ok, but has been too petrified to tell us.”

Three girls have had to return to Rafiki since going home.

“One girl went home and we didn’t know she was being abused because it was too far in the village and we couldn’t get in there. We couldn’t get access to it because we didn’t have a 4WD, so I raised money for a 4WD. When we finally found her, she was being tied up outside her house and raped by all the village men. Her mother tied her up. There are a lot of girls who will never leave us because they’ve got nowhere to go or because they are too traumatised”

She was being tied up outside her house and raped by all the village men. Her mother tied her up.

Young Kenyan girls play at Rafiki Mwema house

Young girls of the Rafiki Mwema house

Advances for the children’s court system

In the court systems in Nakuru the abuser/perpetrator can question the victim. The children have to go through the ordeal of facing their abuser, often vomiting or soiling themselves in fear, before having to testify against the very person staring at them.

Sarah and Anne Marie had the idea to start what they call the safe link; the Rafiki safe link.

The safe link means the perpetrator is in the court room, and the child is out the back in a safe room with their keyworker. A video and screen is set up so the child can see the courtroom and vice versa, however they never comes face to face with their abuser. They can testify while in the safe room also. Having this implemented was a huge advance in the court system the children faced.

“We got it passed. We raised the money. When I was there in November we had the official opening. It’s a simple thought but it just hadn’t happened. We would never let a perpetrator question a child here, but there…”

Rafiki Link in Nakuru Children's Court

The Rafiki Link, video link system installed in Nakuru Children’s court. All Rafiki images courtesy of Aaron, UAVisuals


The future for Rafiki

At the moment, it’s costing around $15000 a month to run Rafiki Mwema, and they are not yet making that amount. Sarah is pushed to her limit on what she can do with Rafiki, but has big plans for the future.

“What we would love to do is have foster pods set up on our land for kids who are with us but can’t go home anywhere and are too traumatised and little. We have an amazing therapeutic home, but a foster home is always going to be better… What we would love is to have little huts set up on our land. We want to buy the land next door to set up therapeutic foster huts for these children so they can live there forever with their foster mum and grow up that way.”

If I just watched all this shit and did nothing, I wouldn’t be alive

Hearing about these children’s stories is heartbreaking, and the work of Rafiki Mwema both inspirational but also vital for these children’s future. Sarah’s devotion to Rafiki, she describes as an obsession, and it is clear to see the monumental impact she is having on the Nakuru community.

“If I just watched all this shit and did nothing, I wouldn’t be alive. This is only one thing. I can’t do everything but I can do this, so I focus on this and I see the change happening. People have said to me “but you’ve got one girl coming in, that’s not really making much difference”. But I think it is a difference. I’ve got 60 kids with all their friends, all their family, all these people watching, and you don’t know how big it will go. Even if it was just one person, isn’t that enough?”

rafiki mwema x sienna byron bay

The Sienna x Rafiki Mwema manicure session

Rafiki Mwema

Sarah from Rafiki Mwema with Danielle

Rafiki Mwema’s beautiful website can be found here:
Rafiki Mwema turn up the volume!!!

2017 IS HERE! Happy New Year!

We would like to say a HUGE Happy New Year to all our dear customers, friends and family. 2016 was a whirlwind and we can not thank you enough for your continued support in spreading the eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free message, with every little bottle of wooden capped nail polish.

We are incredibly excited for what 2017 beholds, and can’t wait to bring you along for the ride with us! 2017 for us, is focussed on pursuing what really matters. We want to support the people in the community making a difference for the world and empowering those around them. We want to reach a broader audience of people and teach them the importance of supporting local, supporting the environment and supporting the future.

Eco-friendly, Vegan and Cruelty-Free is much more than just a label. It’s a commitment to ensuring that our contribution to the earth is a positive one. Ensuring that everything we do is mindful and thoughtful.

2017 for us is also about fun and enjoyment! We are blessed to live in such a beautiful pocket of the world and we need to appreciate it more! More lighthouse walks, more early morning beach swims, more evenings spent with friends outside or reading books on the balcony. Every day in 2017 brings the opportunity to go outside and enjoy nature, and nurture the soul.

There is so much lined up for Sienna in 2017 and we can’t wait to tell you more about it! Make sure you stay connected with us this year by signing up to our email database for regular updates, or keep in touch via Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

Love and light

Sienna xx

new years eve fire

Last Minute New Years Eve Guide to take note of!

If you’re reading this is December 31 and things are about to turn up a notch! Its New Years Eve, plans have been made, outfits have been decided on, and it’s time to ring in 2017 with your closest friends and family. Don’t be caught out however! It’s a crazy time of year and sometimes things can be forgotten, so we have prepared the ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide, for you to use as your checklist.

new years eve fire

  • Have a plan. Yes, being spontaneous sometime can be a lot of fun, but you don’t want to be caught out at 11:55 umming and ahhing over where the perfect countdown spot is! Decide early in the day with friends, and head there with plenty of time to find a perch and celebrate!
  • There is nothing worse than waking up after an amazing night celebrating with friends and family, to be greeted to half smeared makeup all over your face! Have you makeup wipes/remover placed somewhere that is so obvious when you get home, there is no way you’ll forget! Let’s wake up to 2017 with fresh faces and fresh spirits!
  • We aren’t condoning excessive drinking, but sometimes the champagne flows a little bit too freely and we caught carried away! New Years Eve threatens to be one of those times! Do your January 1 2017 a favour and have a water bottle and Gatorade (or alternative drink full of electrolytes) ready for you on your arrival home! Before you crash into bed, drink a fair amount and it will significantly help with your hydration! Tried and tested strategy, and it works!
  • Transport on New Years Eve is always difficult. So be prepared to wait it out in a taxi line for a little while before you get home. Alternatively, scope out the public transport options before the night comes to an end, so you have a plan for getting home in place! Another (preferred) option… wait it out! There will always be a huge taxi rush straight after midnight, but if you can wait it out an hour or two in the company of friends, you’ll find the rush dies down and transport is much more readily available!
  • A last minute New Years Eve guide wouldn’t be complete without some motherly advice now, would it? So please, if you follow only one thing in this guide, let this be it! Eat dinner! Yes we know, you’re most likely too busy getting last minute preparations complete, but please! Take the time to sit down and have a proper meal before (or with) your first glass of champas! It will keep away those mega late night cravings and may save you a trip to the kebab shop (although falafel kebabs with oodles of hummus are NEVER a bad thing!).
  • Rock a chrome nail! You’ll have everyone gushing over your mani with a gorgeous chrome shade as the perfect statement addition to your New Years’ outfit.

There it is, our ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide. Above everything else, have FANTASTIC New Years Eve. Take the time to reflect on the year that was, and once the clock strikes 12, take a moment to think about the year ahead. It’s an exciting time of the year and we love sharing it with all of you! Tag us in any of your photos with #siennabyronbay!

New Years Eve Party Nails to make a statement this year!

The festive season is the best time of year to whip out the extravagant (or seemingly) nail art. Dressing up, celebrating with friends, popping the champagne, it all correlates to making a statement on your nails! New Years Eve party nails can not be overlooked!

We’ve picked out three of our must-do nail looks for this New Years, and we are so obsessed with them it, it will be hard to pick come December 31!


new years eve party nails pink gold
Pink/Gold Reverse French. Gold nail polish is so popular and this one is so simple you’ll be questioning why you don’t rock it all year round! Start with your base (as per usual we hope!), followed by 2 thin coats of Sundance, really making sure you get it right down to the cuticle! Let these first few coats completely dry, then with out go-to fuschia Luscious, place the brush one third of your nail up from the base, and apply to the nail from there. We are creating a reversed French tip here, to try to be as precise with the line of Luscious as possible. Apply two coats and allow to touch-dry before applying the top. As this look is 1-2 coats more than usual, you’ll have to be a little bit more patient with drying.


new years eve party nail fireworks
Glitter Fireworks nails. This one is similar to the starburst nails, but another level of dramatic! Start with the base coat, followed by two coats of Bonsoir, our shimmery midnight blue. Once dry, using a fine brush (or dotting tool if you have them) and Winter (go-to white!), dot the firework shape onto the nail. Start with smaller dots in the centre and graduate out to bigger dots around the edge. Once this is touch dry, carefully go over the nail with a coat of confetti, to really pump up the drama! Seal a look with our top coat. This is another look to be patient with and allow to dry before layering!

Love these looks? We hope you are inspired for your New Years Eve party nails! Share your photos with us using the hashtag #siennabyronbay, or head to our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Cruelty Free Christmas recipes to drive your taste buds crazy!

We are strong believers that Christmas is a time to come together with family and celebrate the year that was, enjoy the company of loved ones and get stuck into a feast. A cruelty free Christmas feast that is. It is incredibly simple to swap traditional recipes for more wholesome, earth-friendly and vegan recipes- and we have your go-to guide here. For a cruelty free Christmas feast that will have all the non-believers convinced, read on!


cruelty free christmas vegan basil stuffed mushrooms

Vegan Basil Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms. Yes, you read that correct, only the most delicious combination of foods we could have imagined. This recipe comes from Hummusapien, and involves stuffing button mushrooms with a walnut, basil, spinach, garlic, lemon juice, salt and hummus concoction. And we are totally on board. Head to her blog for the full recipe!

cruelty free christmas cranberry thyme cheese ball

This is the dish you bring for all the ‘I would go vegan but can’t give up cheese’ people: Cranberry and Thyme Vegan Cheeseball. This one is a classic, chuck in the food processor and you’re done type recipe (our favourite), and as far as consuming large amounts of cheese goes, it’s a lot more nutritionally friendly! Cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, thyme, cranberries and you’re pretty much done! Head to it doesn’t taste like chicken for the full recipe.


cruelty free christmas butternut roast

When it comes to searching for perfect cruelty free Christmas mains, there is one thing we steer away from. Complication. Too many ingredients, too much mucking around, not enough eating. But this recipe is none of that. It simple, makes use of all the cooking time so you’re not sitting around twiddling your thumbs, and is every part a perfectly Christmassy meal. So what are we raving about? Butternut Roast! Simply, a butternut pumpkin, with all its insides scooped out and replaced with a delicious lentil stuffed. This one gets a huge cruelty free Christmas yes from us! Check out the recipe here.


This next one is another roast, also with lentils, but it’s Christmas right? And you can never have too many lentils! This loaf recipe comes from Wallflower Kitchen and has an amazing balsamic onion gravy to accompany it. It’s as simple as cooking all the ingredients in a pan, mashing them and roasting in the oven to form a crust. The gravy magic happens while the loaf cooks…multi-tasking!


cruelty free christmas raw cake

The round we know you’ve been sticking around for! This Raw Vegan Cake is the definition of cruelty free Christmas! The triple layer raw dessert is just as visually appealing as it is delicious. Don’t stress if you’re unsure where to find lingonberries, we didn’t know either, raspberries work just as well! This super simple recipe is from The Queen of Delicious and we are ravenous just looking at it!

cruelty free christmas chocolate pudding pie

Chocoholics unite! This one is for you! Vegan Chocolate Pudding Pie. With a silky texture thanks to the silken tofu (and also added protein!), and depth of flavour coming from the coffee grinds, if you make one recipe, this is it! A bit of food processing and a bit of refrigerating and this one is done. Thanks Emilie Eats, you’ve definitely added to our cruelty free Christmas coma.

So there you have it! Cruelty Free Christmas is as simple as that. Tag us in any of your photos if you try these recipes!

Boho Friendmas Party Styling for your Summer Soiree

It’s the festive season, and what better time than to host a boho friendmas party for you closest friends! For those people who have trawled Pinterest for boho inspiration but don’t know where to start, we are going to break it down to three key elements for you, to make the event as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Boho Friendmas Party Set- up

boho friendmas party style cushions

The key to arranging the perfect set-up is ease and comfort. This isn’t a cocktail party, it’s more like a picnic! We’re all about luxe lounging and relaxing at our boho friendmas! Gather up some bright, patterned cushions and throws (from your closet/bed/friend’s house/nearest op shop) and voila! Have a little coffee table in the centre ready for drinks & nibbles, and lay your cushions and throws around it. Do the colours clash? Are the patterns mismatched? Perfect! We recently picked up some gorgeous throws from a local op shop and patterned cushions from a Facebook selling group. Hunt around and the perfect items will start popping up everywhere!

Table setting

boho friendmas christmas styling table settings

If you’re playing up the Christmas tradition with a sit-down meal, this is where you can have a lot of fun with the styling! Gather a collection of candles, vases, fresh flowers and other gorgeous trinkets. Head to your local op shop for this too if you’re lacking, it’s amazing the vintage goodies you can find in the kitchen/cutlery section when you’re looking closely for it! Start with your bigger/taller objects in the middle of the table and move outwards with the smaller items towards the edge. If you’re setting up a buffet style table with all your dishes, your table setting can be positioned on the far side of the table, with dishes placed in front.


Finishing Touches

boho friendmas party styling decorations


This is where you can play up the ooh la la factor! Simply little finishing touches to make it a boho friendmas party to be remembered! All these ideas we have pulled from Pinterest and think they make a stunning statement. Cocktails pre-prepared in jars look amazing when lying in an ice bucket, and make everyone’s life so easy! Have a drink dispenser near your food table so guests can easily top up their mason jar for round two (and three, four, five etc). When the sun starts going down and the lights come on, these fairy lights in mason jars need to come out too! Place them on tables, around your luxe cushion area and even strung from overhanging trees. We have also be known to add some beautiful nail polishes into our decorating to add an extra bit of luxe! The pops of colour plus wooden caps make a beautiful addition.

Head to our Pinterest board for further inspiration and links to these beautiful boho friendmas styling ideas!

eco christmas wrapping paper ideas

Eco Christmas Inspiration for the festive season!

It’s easy to get caught up in the fuss of Christmas, and to let things slip by the way-side when concerning reducing your environmental impact. This doesn’t have to be case though. We love all things luxe and beautiful, but we also like to consider the importance of making it as eco-friendly as possible. This is what we will be doing this holiday season, to ensure we are still celebrating the good things in life, and doing it in a meaningful way. We put together a couple of ways you can reduce your impact on the environment this year and have a beautifully luxe eco Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Forget fake! Its not worth the impact it makes on the environment! There are so many alternatives that can be even more beautiful than artificial trees (probably because, they’re real!). Head out into your backyard, or down to a local park and scout around. There will be old branches lying on the ground (you may have to really scout around so be safe!), which are perfect for your new eco friendly Christmas tree. The rustic look is beautiful for Christmas décor and this tree is no different! Hang it from a hook on your wall, plant it in a pot or lean it up against a corner. Then get decorating! We love the look of a photo tree against the wall as well, a beautiful way to celebrate all the fun you’ve had during the year, and perfect if you’re short on space too!

eco christmas trees


Decorations are always the fun part! With the eco Christmas styling, getting a little bit creative will make beautiful results! Fresh flowers are a must, for your ‘tree’, for your table and around the house. Yes they will dry out eventually, but that’s a good excuse to head back to the markets and fresh bunches! Old jars filled with water look stunning with flowers and leaves floating on top, or a soy tealight candle.



You can’t deny it, the metres and metres of Christmas wrapping we buy each year, only to be thrown out Christmas night, is incredibly wasteful. But there are so many fantastic alternatives! Your eco Christmas isn’t complete without thoughtful use of recycled materials to wrap all those presents! Newspaper, and recycled brown paper are  fantastic way of going green. Or even reuse shoe boxes or gift boxes so they get a few uses! We love the Australiana look when decorating our pressies, so head out into your garden or the local park and pick a few dried gum leaves off the ground, or some fallen flowers. A beautiful way to add an eco touch and help the environment at the same time!

eco christmas wrapping paper ideas


You heard this one preached over and over again, it’s the thought that matters. So instead of heading to your local shopping centre and buying whatever jumps out at you, give your eco Christmas a little bit more thought, for a lot in return. There are so many eco brands out there with perfect gift ideas (we’re thinking Earth Bottles, iBark phone cases and Cork Leaf yoga mats)… or even some eco-friendly nail polish! There is also a lot to be praised for homemade gifts. Body scrubs, moisturisers, face masks, candles, you name it, it’s possible to be made at home with significantly less impact on the environment compared with mass produced products!

For more eco Christmas inspiration, head to our Pinterest board, we’re we’ve pinned even more of our favourite looks!

australian sustainable fashion annukka

Australian Sustainable Fashion labels we love!

With the ever-evolving nature of the fashion industry, we believe it is important to support local Australian sustainable fashion brands who focus on eco-friendly and ethical sourcing and production methods. As our industry makes the move towards eco-friendly and sustainably made nail polish, so does the fashion industry. The impact fast-fashion has on our environment is devastating, and choosing Australian sustainable fashion over international, mass-produced and unaccountable brands is imperative. We have compiled a list of our favourite Australian sustainable fashion labels, to share the love for you too!

australian sustainable fashion annukka


Annukka focusses on creating certified organic cotton garments, free from toxic dyes and treatments. The Byron based brand believe in the wellness benefits of an organic, chemical free lifestyle, and incorporate this into their beautiful eco threads.

australian sustainable fashion liar the label


Another Byron based label, Liar is an ethical swimwear and athleisure wear brand. All Liar garments are manufactured in Australia, with their swim and active collections made from the best recycled polyester. 10% of profits from their ‘Exoskeleton’ collection is donated to marine conservation.

australian sustainable fashion sista of jac

Sista of Jac

Sister of Jac create sustainable and ethical high-end modern and innovative womenswear. They focus on the desire to create carbon neutral and ethical garments, with immaculate bespoke tailoring and high quality fabrications.

australian sustainable fashion celeste tesoriero

Celeste Tesoriero

Celeste Tesoriero are anti-fast fashion. The garments are sustainable, ethical and conscious. Celeste’s design style is inspired by Japanese silhouettes, artistic prints and natural fabrications.

australian sustainable fashion pure pod

Pure Pod

Pure Pod celebrates 10 years of creating ethical sustainable fashion in 2017. Pure Pod garments are created with premium sustainable textiles, and strive to have transparent and traceable manufacturing and sourcing practices. As well as their seasonal collections, the brand includes ethical accessories and bamboo layering basics.

australian sustainable fashion vege threads

Vege Threads

Vege Threads tread lightly, keep things simple and their garments made local. Their basics are knitted, dyed and made within Melbourne, with limited runs to minimise waste of unwanted stock. Vege Threads styles are timeless, with shapes that carry through each season.


nail polish lover gift ideas christmas pack

Nail Polish Lover Gift Ideas for this Christmas!

So you’ve been given the task of buying a gift for someone who is nail polish obsessed… their nails are always painted a different shade and it seems like there is never a chip or dry cuticle in sight. What to buy? We’re going to make it easy for you! Here is our nail polish lover gift ideas for this Christmas! You can thank us later…

nail polish lover gift ideas christmas pack

1. Any nail buff knows nail care is hugely important when it comes to achieving, and more importantly maintaining, the perfect manicure. Nails need to be clean of any residue before applying any polish, should be filed into the desired shape and gently buffed to remove any ridges in the nail. Don’t forget the cuticles either! They should be hydrated, and taken care of, just as much as your nails! If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds all too hard, we have the solution for you. Our Christmas Gift pack literally has everything you need to follow these simple nail steps. Plus you can choose your own polish colour to perfectly suit the person you are buying for. P.s. we won’t judge if you get it for yourself!

nail polish lover gift idea three pack

2. Base, Colour & Top Coat sets. It’s the best feeling opening a gift of new nail polish and eagerly painting it straight onto your nails. It’s not the best feeling however, when it chips and flakes off because you skipped out on the base and top coat. So when gifting a nail polish lover some new colours for their collection, the addition of a base coat and top coat will score you extra brownie points, and mani points too!

nail polish lover gift ideas

3.Salon Time! At-home manicures are amazing, but there’s something undefinable about that feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh mani. Treat your nail polish lover to a manicure from one of our nail salons! Mani Factorie and JT Nail Studio are our favourites!

Chrome Nail Polish & Festival Style, the perfect combination

Are you heading to a music festival this summer? Still deliberating over what dress, what shoes, what accessories and what vibe you’re going to be rocking? Look no further! We have the much-researched, try-and-tested summer festival style guide to suit everyone.

Byron Bay is the spiritual home of music festivals and this year we are doing all things boho. Vintage inspired looks, layered lace with (faux) leather, eye-catching prints and unlimited amounts of sparkle- it’s the festival season, it’s about celebrating life and happiness and being outdoors in the sunshine. This year for the festival season we are channeling everything around our love for chrome nail polish. When we picture festival style, images of chrome nail polish and stack bohemian jewellery is all we see!

summer festival style outfit inspirationOutfit

Finding that perfect festival style outfit can be both an art form and a maths equation. You need to stick with what you’re going to be comfortable in, showcases your personality and feels true to you, and also has all the practical elements necessary to withstand transitioning from hot days in the sun into cool nights walking home to your campsite. We like to break it down: base layer, top layer, footwear.

Your base layer is the foundation of your outfit. Think a lace maxi skirt with a vintage band tee; denim cut-off shorts with an off-shoulder crop; or flowing bohemian dress. You top layer is to add that element of coverage for the sun and slight warmth for when it cools down. This could be a floor length kimono in a contrasting print; a denim shirt you can wrap around your waist or throw over your shoulders; or a vintage scarf wrapped around your head, tied to your bag or over your shoulders to protect from the sun or cold! Finally, footwear is really important to get right! It needs to be sturdy enough to last days of dancing and walking around, as well as protect your feet when you’re in the mosh pit! Canvas sneakers and lace up boots are perfect to go for.

We highly recommend packing a spare pair of socks and band-aids in your bag for the day, just in case of blisters or rubbing! You want to be prepared!

summer festival style accessories inspirationAccessories

Accessories take your outfit from day-to-day to festival style chic in a matter of seconds- head chains, body chains, layered necklaces and rings, statement earrings. They all have a place in your festival arsenal. Stick to a particular stone or metal colour throughout, for easy styling, or throw caution to the wind and mix it all up! We love turquoise mixed into our festival look, and when combined with antique silver, it makes a totally statement look. Layer on vintage rings and give your festival wristband a few more friends for a real arm party!

summer festival guide beauty glitter inspirationBeauty

Your summer festival style isn’t complete without the beauty element. Steer away from the layers of foundation and contour and focus on the more bejewelled side of the beauty game for your festival style. Thick, heavy makeup runs the risk of sweating off and not lasting the day. Keep your base simple, a tinted moisturiser with SPF to protect from the sun is perfect for long festival days. We like to play up our beauty game with everything sparkles! A touch on your eyelids, and on your cheekbones to really play on the highlight is amazing. Head down to your local craft store and pick up some diamantes, and with a little bit of false eyelash adhesive, stick them on your face around eyebrows, forehead and below the eyes. It’s a statement look that will have other revellers turning heads!

Of course your festival outfit isn’t complete without nails to finish the outfit… and a chrome nail polish to accompany the sparkle? Yes please!

Want some more inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest board,  it’s full of ideas to get you inspired!