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Boho Friendmas Party Styling for your Summer Soiree

It’s the festive season, and what better time than to host a boho friendmas party for you closest friends! For those people who have trawled Pinterest for boho inspiration but don’t know where to start, we are going to break it down to three key elements for you, to make the event as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

Boho Friendmas Party Set- up

boho friendmas party style cushions

The key to arranging the perfect set-up is ease and comfort. This isn’t a cocktail party, it’s more like a picnic! We’re all about luxe lounging and relaxing at our boho friendmas! Gather up some bright, patterned cushions and throws (from your closet/bed/friend’s house/nearest op shop) and voila! Have a little coffee table in the centre ready for drinks & nibbles, and lay your cushions and throws around it. Do the colours clash? Are the patterns mismatched? Perfect! We recently picked up some gorgeous throws from a local op shop and patterned cushions from a Facebook selling group. Hunt around and the perfect items will start popping up everywhere!

Table setting

boho friendmas christmas styling table settings

If you’re playing up the Christmas tradition with a sit-down meal, this is where you can have a lot of fun with the styling! Gather a collection of candles, vases, fresh flowers and other gorgeous trinkets. Head to your local op shop for this too if you’re lacking, it’s amazing the vintage goodies you can find in the kitchen/cutlery section when you’re looking closely for it! Start with your bigger/taller objects in the middle of the table and move outwards with the smaller items towards the edge. If you’re setting up a buffet style table with all your dishes, your table setting can be positioned on the far side of the table, with dishes placed in front.


Finishing Touches

boho friendmas party styling decorations


This is where you can play up the ooh la la factor! Simply little finishing touches to make it a boho friendmas party to be remembered! All these ideas we have pulled from Pinterest and think they make a stunning statement. Cocktails pre-prepared in jars look amazing when lying in an ice bucket, and make everyone’s life so easy! Have a drink dispenser near your food table so guests can easily top up their mason jar for round two (and three, four, five etc). When the sun starts going down and the lights come on, these fairy lights in mason jars need to come out too! Place them on tables, around your luxe cushion area and even strung from overhanging trees. We have also be known to add some beautiful nail polishes into our decorating to add an extra bit of luxe! The pops of colour plus wooden caps make a beautiful addition.

Head to our Pinterest board for further inspiration and links to these beautiful boho friendmas styling ideas!

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