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Breathable Nail Polish- The healthier alternative we’ve switched to

breathable nail polish

At Sienna, we are committed to ensuring our products are always market leading, socially conscious and of the highest quality. We also believe in developing products that are inclusive and available to everyone. In upholding these values, we have changed our formula to a breathable, water-permeable base. The concept of water-permeable, breathable nail lacquer is a new technology and one that is very important for the future of nail polish.

Traditionally, nail polish has been attributed to poor nail health, as covering the nail in a non-porous film inhibits its ability to breathe, and gradually leads to weakening of the nail bed. Breathable nail polish is exactly what it says it is, a lacquer that lets air to pass through the layers of polish, allowing the nail to breathe and remain strong.

The breathable nail polish formula is less prone to cracking and chipping, compared with non-breathable bases which tend to be far more rigid. In testing the formula on ourselves, we have found chip-free manicures hang around for longer! You have to keep in mind, the duration of your manicure staying chip-free is variable from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet, and nail strength!

As well as being breathable, Sienna Byron Bay nail lacquers continue to be completely non-toxic and Benzophenone-1 free. Although many other non-toxic nail polishes still continue use of Benzophenone-1, we believe that the links to various different ailments, is reason enough to exclude it from our formula. You can read more about why we choose to be Benzophenone-1 free.

The majority of our stock has now been switched over to the breathable nail polish base. The products that are, can be found in the breathable category on our website, and it is also mentioned on each individual product. There are still a few colours yet to be switched over, but this will happen very shortly.

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