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Byron Bay jewellery. Sigh. What can we say? We have a lot of love for the creations coming out of beachside and hinterland studios. All the magic of Byron Bay; perfectly captured in a trinket you will treasure and take with you wherever you go.

Temple of the sun Jewellery Sienna Byron bay
It’s that Byron Bay magic

We don’t want to sound cliched, but there is something special in the air in Byron Bay. It’s hard to put your finger on it. It might be the intoxicating beauty of the natural landscape, the easy-breezy surf town vibes or the bohemian spirit but, when you’re here, you just have a feeling that this is the place to be. So it makes sense that the local designers and makers breathe that magic into their work.

What is it about Byron Bay style?

This little bohemian enclave is punching well above its weight when it comes to producing world-class designers, and this means Byron Bay has a strong culture of self-expression and a style that is wildly covetable. If you want to look festival ready for the school run, go ahead. If you forget your shoes when you arrive at a café, do not even worry. As long as you feel like who you need to be that day, you can wear whatever you like and no one will bat an eyelid.

 5 Byron Bay jewellery designers we love

As you probably already know, the local markets play a big part in Byron Bay life. It’s a place to meet friends, grab a chai and wander the aisles. Who knows what you’ll discover! It’s the launching pad for many makers and designers – including Sienna! We’ve had stalls side-by-side with a couple of the jewellery designers on this list and we are proud to watch them go from strength to strength. Given how many jewellers there are in town, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but here are five who really know how to bring the bling.

1. Celeste Twikler

Celeste creates opulent bohemian treasures that draw on the natural beauty of Byron Bay. She does so with an ethos that aims to “…inspire women by incorporating personal and meaningful words of encouragement in our designs. To be driven by sustainability, individuality, quality and timelessness, rather than follow trends. To promote a positive body image amongst our clients by showcasing our jewellery using diverse and naturally beautiful women”. It goes without saying that the jewellery is stunning.

Our beloved Stone makes a cameo in the campaign shot below.

Celeste Twinkler Jewellery Stone Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Celest Twinkler Jewellery and Sienna Byron Bay Stone Nail Polish
2. Temple of the Sun

Swoon, swoon, swoon. You will too when you see the jewellery Yonna Derofe of Temple of the Sun is designing. Sustainability is a big part of the Temple of the Sun story. All silver used is sourced sustainably and certified accordingly, and the Thailand-based studio where their pieces are finished is certified under a government initiative for their ethical production standards.

Photo: Serenity Nail Polish

Temple of the sun Jewellery Sienna Byron Bay
temple of the sun sienna byron bay nail polish
temple of the sun jewellery spirit nail polish sienna byron bay
3. Kokopilli

Kokopilli designer and silversmith, Jahnavi, works from her Byron Bay studio where she mindfully crafts “stunning Goddess jewels”. Her jewellery is created to embody a unique purpose and beauty in each piece, a talisman of beauty, love and freedom. She is launching a new website and new jewels this Spring and we cannot wait to see what treasures she has.

Photo: Aura Nail Polish

Kokopilli jewellery-sienna-byron-bay
4. Ace of Swords

You can find jewellery designer and maker Mel of Ace of Swords doing the rounds at the Byron Bay markets, but thankfully, for those who can’t visit in person, she also has an online presence. Mel loves making jewellery and you can tell; she pours everything into her stunning designs. You will want everything. And, like all the makers we have featured here, Ace of Swords also has a strong sustainable and ethical foundation.  Fine jewellery for the modern mystic? Yes, please!

Photo: Florence

Ace of Swords Jewellery Florence Nail Polish
Ace of Swords Jewellery
5. Pirates Dreaming

These jewels look as if they could have been unearthed from an archelogy dig site, in the best possible way. The rings and bling that comes out of the Pirates Dreaming studio in solid brass and sterling silver are simple, striking, and unique. Designer and maker Adelaide is “passionate about creating quality pieces that make a statement, each piece is made with love and quality of workmanship and is inspired by rebellious characters. The dreamers and the creative ones who work with their hands.” It’s also unisex. Check out more of their striking wares on Instagram. Go for the rings, stay for the style and poetry.

Photo: Stormy Nail Polish

Pirates Dreaming Jewellery
Pirates Dreaming Jewellery Stormy Nail Polish Sienna Byron Bay
Pirates Dreaming Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish Stormy

We hope you feel inspired to check out some of the local design talents in our community or to hunt down some of the makers and designers close to home.

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