The Magic of Byron Bay Jewellery and why you can’t leave without it!

There’s a definite magic in Byron, so when it comes time to return to day-to-day life, it’s only fair to take a piece of the magic with you! The environment, culture and atmosphere of Byron is addictive, and there are many local jewellery designers who perfectly capture this in their work.

It’s a combination of bohemian, luxe lifestyles and day-dreamy peacefulness with a beachside vibe, that defines Byron Bay jewellery and style. The epitome of Byron style is to embrace floaty maxi dresses, colourful head scarves, stacks of shell and sea-glass bracelets, chunky crystal rings and bamboo sunnies, for days spent exploring hidden laneways and farmer’s markets. However, most notably is the Byron aesthetic of individuality, about you. The locals are advocates for self-expression and personality, and expressing it in whatever way resonates most. Through music, art, celebration and style, you can bring the Byron magic back to any aspect of your life.

byron bay jewellery

The Byron Bay jewellery designers we love


Celeste Twikler

Celeste Twikler designs & gathers exotic treasures from distant regions, giving you access to a lifestyle of bohemian opulence. Celeste’s work evokes a multitude of different emotions in us. Her jewellery is reminiscent of crisp mornings waking up to birdsong and crashing waves, salty hair from days at the beach and sharing wine with friends at dusk surrounded in a haze of incense. We can’t get enough of her personalised bracelets and fundamental rings. Neutral tones are our go-to when paired with the intricate cowry and imprinted jewellery, especially when layering for a stacked look. Stone, Barefoot Dancer and Cherish are our top paired with Celeste’s designs. Stone is featured in the campaign shoot below.

stone nail polish swatchbarefoot dancer nail polish swatchcherish nail polish swatch

jewellery byron bay

jewellery byron bay

Temple of the Sun

Local designer Yonna Derofe was raised in the ancient town of Istanbul, and throughout childhood was immersed in the beauty of the locale and the folklore of local merchants, pilgrams, artists and crusaders. These memories, combined with the experience of living in Byron Bay, shape her Temple of the Sun designs – elegant, timeless and filled with meaningful symbolism. If you gravitate towards matte metals and finer designs, you’ll love her collection filled with hammered silver axe-head pendants, Aegean disks, tribal symbols, moons, and leaf shapes. The pops of colour in her 2016 Aurora collection, are fabulous paired with our stunning Gypsy, as are the metallic accents in Grace and Gaia

gypsy nail polish swatchgrace nail polish swatchgaia nail polish swatch

jewellery byron bay

jewellery byron bay


Kokopilli designer Jahnavi works from her Byron Bay studio to create stunning crystal pieces. Her jewelery is created to embody a unique purpose and beauty in each individual piece, a talisman of beauty, love and freedom. When styling with these breathtaking crystal statements, we let them speak for themselves, and highlight with metallic silver and gold. Transcend, Empress and Aura are all stunning metallic shades that work beautifully. Pictured below are Aura and Empress.

transcend nail polish swatchaura nail polish swatchempress nail polish swatch

Jewellery Byron Bay

jewellery byron bay

The trick to perfecting your Byron Bay jewellery stash, is layering and wearability. Go with pieces that work well together, and with all your outfits. Stacked rings and bracelets for making a statement in the evening, that can be removed to a simple one or two, when you’re soaking up the sun on the beach. We love our local jewellery designers and we know you will love them too.

Keep a piece of Byron close to your heart, dangling from your ears, or stacked on your fingers accompanied by your favourite nail polish.


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