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Byron Farmers Market

Byron Farmers Market


Greens Byron Farmers Market

Garlic Byron Farmers Market

Chillies Byron Farmers Market

Herbs Byron Farmers Market

Flowers Byron Farmers Market

Cherry Tomatoes Byron Farmers Market

Curry Pack Byron Farmers Market

Carrots Byron Farmers Market

Roses Byron Farmers Market

Chillies Byron Farmers Market

Native Flowers Byron Farmers Market

Coffee Byron Farmers Market

Flowers Byron Farmers Market

The Byron Farmers Market is held every Thursday morning, in the Butler Street Reserve.

Stalls at the Byron Farmers Market include local produce vendors, breads, spreads, olives, coffee and so much more.

This past Thursday we met early morning for our weekly market shop-up. The majority of the produce available is organic, and rich in colour and flavour. It’s also perfect time to stock-up on produce that is usually hard to find in regular supermarkets. The food stalls serving breakfast are definitely worth you time for a healthy and nutritious start to the day.

Vine ripened tomatoes, super-hot scorpion chillies, native flowers and locally grown and roasted coffee, were on our agenda this week.

The Byron Farmers Market is also an opportunity to discover local up-and-coming musicians. Two tents at either end of the markets host different musicians every week offering even more atmosphere to the already humming event.

The flowers are another market draw-card! Stunning natives, roses and huge sunflowers this week (we love sunflower season).

After completing a few laps and filling up our baskets till overflowing, naturally coffee came next. It’s undeniable, we all have a coffee addiction! The market is a great opportunity to satisfy this addiction while supporting local coffee growers at the same time!

In true Team Sienna style, our  Byron Farmers Market morning ended with an impromptu manicure session…with the Rafiki holographic silver glitter of course. It’s so easy to get inspired for new nail polish colours while immersed in all the colours of the markets.

If you’re planning on going along to the market next week make sure to get there early. It starts at 7am and we recommend getting there shortly after. It makes parking a lot easier and the stalls will be fully stocked ready for you to choose the best! Hang around for an hour or so and listen to the live music and mingle with the locals- the perfect way to start your weekend a few days early.

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