Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay

5 simple, fresh nail art designs that you can do at home – (part one)

Nail art is something everybody can do at home. And it doesn’t have to be super complicated to be effective. We love the dreamy designs by Seika of Line Spa & Polish in Vancouver and are so excited to share our collaboration with you. She has created some simple but swoon-worthy nail art designs exclusively for us using some of our most loved colours. Read on for all the Line Spa & Polish x Sienna nail art inspiration!

Before we begin

It’s best to have everything you need close to hand before you start, just as if you would if you were giving yourself a straight-up mani. You can read all about our DIY manicure tips here. As ever, for all these designs we recommend starting with a protective base coat to give you a smooth surface to paint on and finishing with a top coat to seal the deal and keep all your fabulous nail art locked in. Also, who loves a high-gloss finish? Everyone, that’s who. One final tip: We know this sounds obvious, but the key to all these designs is to make sure each layer dries before you apply the next. Alright! Let’s do this thing!

1. Blue line ombre

blue line ombre Sienna nail polish
Blue line Ombre Sienna Byron Bay
Blue Line Ombre Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Colours: Dream, Breeze, Wategos

Are you dreaming of blues? Us too. This sweet nail art design is as straightforward as it looks.

  • Start with Wategos (clear blue water crème) and paint a line down the centre of each nail, as per the picture.
  • Paint over the top two thirds in Dream (periwinkle crème).
  • Finally, apply Breeze (mid-tone aqua crème). on the top third.

Your nails look so fresh! You clever thing, you.

2. Minimalist dots

minimalist dots Nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Minimalist dots Nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Nail art step by step Sienna Byron Bay

Colours: Calm, Winter, Bonsoir, Merlot

Did somebody say ‘transeasonal’? This design is deceptively straightforward. We won’t tell anyone how easy it is if you don’t.

  • Apply a base of Calm (warm clay crème) to every nail.
  • Paint a line of Winter (bright white crème) on the left side of your thumb and ring fingernail, as per the picture.
  • Use the brush (or a bobby pin!) to drop a small dot of Bonsoir and Merlot (deep navy crème with a cerulean shimmer and deep red wine merlot crème) on the same two nails.

Hot tip: make sure the dots are dry before painting the top coat or it may ‘drag’ the colour. The dots are thicker than the coats of polish so they take a touch longer.

Yes, it’s really that easy. This is such a flexible look. Mix it up and choose your favourite contrasting colour for the two dots.

3. Pastel Leopard

Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Pastel Leopard Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Pastel leopard nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Colours: Lily, Mimosa, Fleur, Wategos

Leopards have been known to purr when they are happy. You will too when you see how your nails look. This is such a fun, warm weather look.

  • Paint your middle finger with Mimosa (pale yellow crème).
  • On the other four nails, use the brush (or bobby pin) to pain three-four dots in Lily (lavender crème).
  • Next, use the same technique to create one-two dots of Wategos (clear water blue crème).
  • Finish up with two dots of Fleur (blushing bride pink crème).

Hot tip: when painting dots with your brush make sure to have a tiny amount of polish on the brush as it will pool on the nail. It’s easier to add more than take it off!

4. Brush strokes

Brush Strokes nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Brush strokes nail art Sienna Byron Bay
Brush Stroke Nail art Sienna Byron Bay step by step
Colours: Florence, Liberty, Calm

Painterly strokes are having such a moment in nail art at the moment and the technique is totally achievable at home. Get your paintbrushes at the ready! (No, really).

  • Apply a base coat
  • Paint a coat of Calm (warm clay crème) on your thumb and ring finger.
  • Apply small brushstrokes of Florence (magenta plum crème) for a painterly effect on the other three fingers. You can use a paintbrush here, if you prefer.
  • Apply another small brushstroke of Calm.
  • Finally, add a smear of Liberty (Woodrose grey crystal) for the finishing touch.

Voila! You have achieved nail art glory.

Tip: Make sure to use just a tiny amount of polish when you paint the brush stroke accents.

5. Balloon French

French manicure Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Ballon French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay
Balloon French Nail Art Sienna Byron Bay step by step
Colours: Hope, Artisan, Courage

This design brings together our sheer white crème, Hope, with two of our favourites from our collection of Autumn/Winter hues: Artisan (deep mustard crème) and Courage (warm terracotta crème).

  • Paint a curved line on every nail to create the balloon shape and fill in with Hope.
  • Use your nail brush to create a curved line over the top quarter of the nail on your middle and ring fingers in Courage. Then fill it in.
  • On the other side of the nail, repeat the process with Artisan, overlapping the part of the nail painted with Courage.

If you’re not confident drawing freehand, try using French tip stickers to help guide your brush. We have even heard of people using round stationery stickers to get the curve just right. Either way, the whole look is just so chic. We love it.

Line Spa & Polish and sustainable beauty

Line Spa & Polish is a beauty biz after our own sustainable, eco-loving hearts. They are a 100% vegan, sustainable nail service and stock only the highest quality products that adhere to their philosophy: ‘wellness and environment should not be compromised for beauty’. We are, of course, thrilled they use Sienna! Alongside a no cruelty, no toxins approach to the products Line Spa & Polish use, the salon has been 90% plastic-free since they opened, and are constantly innovating to further minimise their impact.  Did we mention that their founder, Seika, is a next-level nail tech?

Let us know if you try any of these designs! We’re busting to hear how you go. If you enjoyed learning about how to create nail art at home, keep your eye out for Part Two of our collaboration with Line Spa and Polish with more designs coming soon.

Keep up with all things sustainable nail care @siennabyronbay and @linespanadpolish on Instagram
Manicure tips Fleur Sienna nail polish

10 tips to maximise the life of your manicure

Who loves a fresh-looking manicure? *raises hand* Everyone! If you followed our recent guide to a non-toxic manicure at home, your nails should be looking pretty good right about now. And while nail polish isn’t supposed to last forever – and that’s a good thing – there are some tips and tricks to keep your nails healthy and your manicure looking good for longer.

Read on for our tips to avoiding any mani-misadventures.

1. Shape your nails in one direction


We know you’ve heard it before, but it’s always good to have a reminder. When you are shaping your nails, file in one direction and avoid sawing back and forth. Another good tip is to hold the file flat against the nail tip. If you angle the file, you can thin the nail tip.

2. Hydrate your nails and cuticles


You wouldn’t dream of skipping out the door without moisturiser on your face, but we often forget that our nails and cuticles need hydration too. Dry, dehydrated nails are more likely to peel and split, and that gorgeous polish you spent Saturday afternoon applying may not make it to #ManiMonday unscathed. Grab a hand cream and some cuticle oil and apply frequently to keep your hands looking and feeling their best. This is especially important if you are in a cold climate.

Manicure tips Sienna Byron Bay Cuticle oil

3. Say goodbye to personal care products with a high concentration of alcohol


Hand sanitizer may kill germs, but it can also kill your manicure. The high- percentage of alcohol in hand sanitizer eats away at the topcoat and causes the polish to become dull and fade. Hairspray and perfume will have the same effect as hand sanitiser, and are not your friends when it comes to maximising the life of your manicure.

4. Wear gloves


No one likes chores but they are a necessary evil for most of us. Sigh. But did you know that chores are also responsible for shortening the life of your manicure too? Water gets into the nail bed causing the nail polish to become unstuck and lift. It’s a lovely thing, water. But it’s just not conducive to a long- lasting manicure. Protect your mani and your hands by wearing gloves if you are washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms or loading and unloading dishwashers.

Manicure tips cleaning gloves

5. Roll the bottle


It’s so tempting to shake a bottle of nail polish before a manicure. But resist! When you shake a bottle of polish you can create air bubbles and if they pop they will make a hole in your manicure. Roll the bottle between your hands instead. It’s still satisfying, we promise.

Manicure tips Base coat and Top Coat Sienna Byron Bay

6. Base Coat

Base coats keep your nails strong and create a smooth surface for applying polish which, as we all know now, prolongs the life of your manicure. Base coat is designed to stick to your nail bed and differs from a top coat, which is designed to stick to lacquer.


7. Top up your top coat

Some people swear by topping up their top coat every second day to keep the shine high and the colour intact. Yes, it’s still a teeny-tiny bit maintenance, but if it’s going to keep your manicure looking beautiful longer.

8. Seal the deal with a side swipe


Finish your top coat with a horizontal swipe at the tip of your nail to seal the top coat and protect your gorgeous manicure.

9. Drying time


While nail polish can be touch dry in a few minutes, it takes a bit longer for it to cure completely. We recommend painting them just before you go to bed or a Netflix marathon. That way they will have a good chance to dry and harden completely while your hands aren’t busy.

Manicure tips relaxing couch

10. BYO Polish to the nail salon


A hot tip for the nail bar aficionados: if you have a polish you love and you know works for you, take it with you to the nail bar. A professional application of your favourite product will you give you a mani that lasts for ages. A great nail tech will also clean up your nails and keep them looking chic.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 tips and they help with your manicure.

Spirit nail polish Sienna Hand photo

Easy steps to a non-toxic manicure at home

In this crazy, busy world, a perfect manicure can make you feel like a total BOSS. We can’t always have our nails done professionally but thankfully, this is something we can do at home. Put your phone away, hit play on some soothing spa music, and follow our steps to give yourself a nurturing manicure at home.

What you need


Get everything together before you start.

You need:

Sienna Manicure products nail care

1. Remove old polish


If you have any residual polish left on your nails from an old manicure, now is the time to wipe it off using a non-acetone remover or wipes. Tempting as it is to just brush over the top of your old polish with the new colour, give your nails the chance to shine by starting with a clean base. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly, focussing closely on the nails.

2. Shape your nails


Use a nail file to shape your nails. Sawing your nails back and forth will destroy the nail matrix which, frankly, sounds terrible. This means your nails will split, resulting in peeling and breakage. File outside to in and stick with it. Healthy nails are beautiful nails.

Sienna Glass nail file

3. Apply a base coat


A great base coat will protect your nails while creating a smooth surface to apply your polish. It will also prolong the life of your manicure. Clever base coat!

HOT TIP: Base coat holds your nail together too so if you have soft nails, it’s perfect to make them strong. It’s also the product to use if you like a nude nail, it goes on clear and gives them a high shine!

Base Coat Hand Shot

4. Apply your nail polish like a pro


We are heading towards the business end of your manicure now as we apply the nail polish colour. We are aiming for two coats here. The best way to achieve the perfect coat is to get a decent size bead of polish on your brush and then as you pull it out of the bottle, wipe it away from one side only. Now, land the brush with a drop of polish in the centre of your nail. Gently do three strokes; one in the centre from the base to the tip, one on the left and one on the right and voila! You have achieved nail polish glory.

HOT TIP: Make your first coat thin and load up your second coat for full coverage. If you need to do a third coat that’s totally fine!


Pro tip

You don’t need to push the polish right down to meet the cuticle. Leave a teeny tiny gap to make sure you don’t ‘flood’ the cuticle area with polish which is a short cut to a gloopy finish. No one likes a gloopy finish, and your eye will not be able to tell the difference anyway.

Spirit nail polish Sienna Hand photo

5. Finish with a top coat


Seal the deal with a clear top coat. Repeat the three strokes technique, but finish with a sideways swipe of top coat at the tip of the nail to seal the top coat and protect your gorgeous manicure. As well as giving shine for days, top coat stops your polish from chipping early.


6. Cuticle oil is like kindness


You know what they say: “Cuticle oil is like kindness. Sprinkle it around everywhere”. We’re not sure if they really say that… but they should. Cuticle oil will give your nails instant salon-look realness and major hydration. If you do accidentally knock your nails before your polish has hardened, (we’ve all been there), the oil provides a little slip so they’re less likely to nick.

Take a moment


Now is a good time to just sit still. You can’t do much while you wait for your nail polish to dry anyway, so take the time and luxuriate for a few blissful minutes. Listen to some music or a podcast, or simply do nothing. Life moves pretty fast and taking a moment to do your nails can double as precious quiet time. So go on. You deserve it.

Sienna nail polish spirit
Spirit nail polish

If you would like to see more of our DIY manicures, check out the Nail Care tab on our Instagram stories.

holiday nail art images dark skin

Nail Art to see you through the holiday season

holiday nail art sienna byron bay luxe transcend dark skin tone

holiday nail art fair and dark skin tonesholiday nail art sol harmony sienna byron bay fair and dark skin tones

holiday nail art fair and dark skin tone

Christmas nail art in reds and greens can often be fun, but we prefer to go with nail looks that see us through the entire holiday season. The holiday nail art trends this season are modern and a little bit edgy and when accompanied by a beautiful combination of colours, you can’t go wrong. Our two favourite holiday nail art looks are the simple stripe and reverse French. They’re subtle enough for the day time, but enough to make your outfit really pop during the evening. Any combination of colours will work, we chose these combinations because of how beautifully they pop! Don’t think you need to be a professional manicurist or full-time nail blogger to achieve these looks either, they are quick and simple and don’t require anything other than the bottles of polish.

Our two beautiful models, Ellie and Tabitha, were kind enough to lend us their hands, so we can show you all just how beautiful these looks can turn out!


Stripe Nail Art – Using Luxe and Transcend (the silver shimmer through Luxe makes these two the unlikely, but perfect pair)


  1. Apply our Sticky Base Coat.
  2. Follow with 2 thin coats of Luxe.
  3. Accent the nail with a stripe of Transcend from cuticle to tip, through the middle of the nail.
  4. Seal with our Lightning Top Coat.

Reverse French Nail Art – Using Sol and Amity


  1. Apply our Sticky Base Coat
  2. Start with two thin coats of Sol from base to tip of nail
  3. Follow with two coats of Harmony– starting 3-4mm away from the base, and painting towards the tip.
  4. Seal with our Lightning Top Coat

With both manicures, allow enough time for the nails to dry- because you’re applying a few more layers than usual, this may take longer than usual. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy your new holiday manicure.


Floral Mandala, perfect for resetting and refocusing your week

DIY Floral Mandala

floral mandala

floral mandala with crystals

2017 so far has been a crazy year! We can definitely feel it in the air down here, that this year is going to produce some amazing things. Before March pushes into April and time runs away with us anymore, we thought it was apt time to have a morning of reflection. What better way than to draw on the inspiration around us in nature, and create a floral mandala.

The process of creating the mandala is very therapeutic. A journey of reflection, where there are no rules or structure to follow, just intuition and feel. We foraged for flowers and greenery from our garden (didn’t have time to go to the flowers markets!), as well as some of our favourite stones and crystals, to create the floral mandala.

The process of creating the floral mandala took around 45 minutes.

Find your centre piece, which could be a flower, crystal, candle, whatever you want to focus to be on, and build around gradually from there.

For our centrepiece, we used a simple stone with the Om engraved into it. Om is the spiritual symbol found in ancient Buddhist and Hindi texts, and has meanings associated with soul, self within, ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit and cosmic principles. Whatever your interpretation of Om, it is important to remain respectful of the sacred symbol.

Building the floral mandala from here is just a matter of selecting combinations of flowers and crystals, in a pattern to circle around the centrepiece. We went with smaller flowers, in colour combinations that worked beautifully, and slowly built each layer around there.

Remember when making your floral mandala, it is about the process, rather than the end result. Focus on the feeling and follow your intuition. We made 5 rows around our centrepiece and at that point it felt complete.

If you’re in need of some refocusing (which we could all use sometimes!), just like meditation, creating floral mandalas is a mindful way of switching off from the world, to re-sync your mind and body. We hear from a number of the amazing Sienna lovers out there, that they spend the time painting their nails as a meditative process! Turn on some calming music, switch off from your phone and computer screen and actually enjoy the time it takes for your nails to dry as a stress reliever! We think Peace and Hope are the perfect calming nail polish colours! Let us know how you go!

new years eve fire

Last Minute New Years Eve Guide to take note of!

If you’re reading this is December 31 and things are about to turn up a notch! Its New Years Eve, plans have been made, outfits have been decided on, and it’s time to ring in 2017 with your closest friends and family. Don’t be caught out however! It’s a crazy time of year and sometimes things can be forgotten, so we have prepared the ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide, for you to use as your checklist.

new years eve fire

  • Have a plan. Yes, being spontaneous sometime can be a lot of fun, but you don’t want to be caught out at 11:55 umming and ahhing over where the perfect countdown spot is! Decide early in the day with friends, and head there with plenty of time to find a perch and celebrate!
  • There is nothing worse than waking up after an amazing night celebrating with friends and family, to be greeted to half smeared makeup all over your face! Have you makeup wipes/remover placed somewhere that is so obvious when you get home, there is no way you’ll forget! Let’s wake up to 2017 with fresh faces and fresh spirits!
  • We aren’t condoning excessive drinking, but sometimes the champagne flows a little bit too freely and we caught carried away! New Years Eve threatens to be one of those times! Do your January 1 2017 a favour and have a water bottle and Gatorade (or alternative drink full of electrolytes) ready for you on your arrival home! Before you crash into bed, drink a fair amount and it will significantly help with your hydration! Tried and tested strategy, and it works!
  • Transport on New Years Eve is always difficult. So be prepared to wait it out in a taxi line for a little while before you get home. Alternatively, scope out the public transport options before the night comes to an end, so you have a plan for getting home in place! Another (preferred) option… wait it out! There will always be a huge taxi rush straight after midnight, but if you can wait it out an hour or two in the company of friends, you’ll find the rush dies down and transport is much more readily available!
  • A last minute New Years Eve guide wouldn’t be complete without some motherly advice now, would it? So please, if you follow only one thing in this guide, let this be it! Eat dinner! Yes we know, you’re most likely too busy getting last minute preparations complete, but please! Take the time to sit down and have a proper meal before (or with) your first glass of champas! It will keep away those mega late night cravings and may save you a trip to the kebab shop (although falafel kebabs with oodles of hummus are NEVER a bad thing!).
  • Rock a chrome nail! You’ll have everyone gushing over your mani with a gorgeous chrome shade as the perfect statement addition to your New Years’ outfit.

There it is, our ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide. Above everything else, have FANTASTIC New Years Eve. Take the time to reflect on the year that was, and once the clock strikes 12, take a moment to think about the year ahead. It’s an exciting time of the year and we love sharing it with all of you! Tag us in any of your photos with #siennabyronbay!

New Years Eve Party Nails to make a statement this year!

The festive season is the best time of year to whip out the extravagant (or seemingly) nail art. Dressing up, celebrating with friends, popping the champagne, it all correlates to making a statement on your nails! New Years Eve party nails can not be overlooked!

We’ve picked out three of our must-do nail looks for this New Years, and we are so obsessed with them it, it will be hard to pick come December 31!


new years eve party nails pink gold
Pink/Gold Reverse French. Gold nail polish is so popular and this one is so simple you’ll be questioning why you don’t rock it all year round! Start with your base (as per usual we hope!), followed by 2 thin coats of Sundance, really making sure you get it right down to the cuticle! Let these first few coats completely dry, then with out go-to fuschia Luscious, place the brush one third of your nail up from the base, and apply to the nail from there. We are creating a reversed French tip here, to try to be as precise with the line of Luscious as possible. Apply two coats and allow to touch-dry before applying the top. As this look is 1-2 coats more than usual, you’ll have to be a little bit more patient with drying.


new years eve party nail fireworks
Glitter Fireworks nails. This one is similar to the starburst nails, but another level of dramatic! Start with the base coat, followed by two coats of Bonsoir, our shimmery midnight blue. Once dry, using a fine brush (or dotting tool if you have them) and Winter (go-to white!), dot the firework shape onto the nail. Start with smaller dots in the centre and graduate out to bigger dots around the edge. Once this is touch dry, carefully go over the nail with a coat of confetti, to really pump up the drama! Seal a look with our top coat. This is another look to be patient with and allow to dry before layering!

Love these looks? We hope you are inspired for your New Years Eve party nails! Share your photos with us using the hashtag #siennabyronbay, or head to our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Cruelty Free Christmas recipes to drive your taste buds crazy!

We are strong believers that Christmas is a time to come together with family and celebrate the year that was, enjoy the company of loved ones and get stuck into a feast. A cruelty free Christmas feast that is. It is incredibly simple to swap traditional recipes for more wholesome, earth-friendly and vegan recipes- and we have your go-to guide here. For a cruelty free Christmas feast that will have all the non-believers convinced, read on!


cruelty free christmas vegan basil stuffed mushrooms

Vegan Basil Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms. Yes, you read that correct, only the most delicious combination of foods we could have imagined. This recipe comes from Hummusapien, and involves stuffing button mushrooms with a walnut, basil, spinach, garlic, lemon juice, salt and hummus concoction. And we are totally on board. Head to her blog for the full recipe!

cruelty free christmas cranberry thyme cheese ball

This is the dish you bring for all the ‘I would go vegan but can’t give up cheese’ people: Cranberry and Thyme Vegan Cheeseball. This one is a classic, chuck in the food processor and you’re done type recipe (our favourite), and as far as consuming large amounts of cheese goes, it’s a lot more nutritionally friendly! Cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, thyme, cranberries and you’re pretty much done! Head to it doesn’t taste like chicken for the full recipe.


cruelty free christmas butternut roast

When it comes to searching for perfect cruelty free Christmas mains, there is one thing we steer away from. Complication. Too many ingredients, too much mucking around, not enough eating. But this recipe is none of that. It simple, makes use of all the cooking time so you’re not sitting around twiddling your thumbs, and is every part a perfectly Christmassy meal. So what are we raving about? Butternut Roast! Simply, a butternut pumpkin, with all its insides scooped out and replaced with a delicious lentil stuffed. This one gets a huge cruelty free Christmas yes from us! Check out the recipe here.


This next one is another roast, also with lentils, but it’s Christmas right? And you can never have too many lentils! This loaf recipe comes from Wallflower Kitchen and has an amazing balsamic onion gravy to accompany it. It’s as simple as cooking all the ingredients in a pan, mashing them and roasting in the oven to form a crust. The gravy magic happens while the loaf cooks…multi-tasking!


cruelty free christmas raw cake

The round we know you’ve been sticking around for! This Raw Vegan Cake is the definition of cruelty free Christmas! The triple layer raw dessert is just as visually appealing as it is delicious. Don’t stress if you’re unsure where to find lingonberries, we didn’t know either, raspberries work just as well! This super simple recipe is from The Queen of Delicious and we are ravenous just looking at it!

cruelty free christmas chocolate pudding pie

Chocoholics unite! This one is for you! Vegan Chocolate Pudding Pie. With a silky texture thanks to the silken tofu (and also added protein!), and depth of flavour coming from the coffee grinds, if you make one recipe, this is it! A bit of food processing and a bit of refrigerating and this one is done. Thanks Emilie Eats, you’ve definitely added to our cruelty free Christmas coma.

So there you have it! Cruelty Free Christmas is as simple as that. Tag us in any of your photos if you try these recipes!

diy vegan face mask ingredients

DIY vegan face masks you need to try this weekend!

Hunting for the best DIY vegan face masks? Want that day spa luxury feeling at home? We have your answer! A 3-step DIY facial treatment that you can make using simple ingredients from your pantry. We are all about simple beauty and going as natural as possible, and there isn’t anything more natural than this!


Coconut scrub

diy vegan face masks coconut scrubdiy vegan face masks coconut scrubdiy vegan face masks coconut scrub

Coconut oil + brown sugar

It wouldn’t be proper to start a DIY vegan face masks session without a coconut scrub! This will make your skin clean as a whistle and free of any residual makeup or dirt. It’s as simple as mixing coconut oil and brown sugar! Coconut oil solves everything, and mixed with brown sugar as a natural exfoliant, will clear your skin of any hidden nasties!

Fruit Cleanser

diy vegan face masks strawberry avocado bananadiy vegan face masks strawberry avocado bananadiy vegan face masks strawberry avocado banana2 strawberries, ¼ avocado, ½ banana, squeeze of lemon juice

Mash together with a fork or whiz together in a blender, adding in lemon juice until you get a sticky consistency.

Of all the DIY vegan face masks, this is the one that is equally good for your skin as it is nutritious for you body! Why is it so good? Strawberries are naturally acidic and help remove any excess sebum causing acne or blemishes, and partnered with the lemon juice, also brightens the skin. Banana is high in potassium and moisture to hydrate the skin. Avocados contain poly and monounsaturated which keeps your skin moisturised and fights against inflammation. Winning combination! Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and before gently washing off with a damp cloth.

Cacao Brightener

diy vegan face masks coffee scrubdiy vegan face masks coffee scrubdiy vegan face masks coffee scrubCacao Powder + Ground coffee beans + Ground oats + touch of coconut milk (or any other plant-based milk)

Mix all the ingredients together, slowly adding the coconut milk until you get a thick paste consistency. Spread over your face and leave for 10-15 minutes (it will start to harden slightly) before washing off with a damp cloth.

Cacao is an ancient ingredient, packed with Vitamin C, magnesium and Omega 6 fatty acids. When used on the skin it promotes blood flow and cellular repair- equalling a youthful radiant glow! Coffee is also known to brighten the skin, so partnered with cacao, it’s the perfect match.

So why not treat yourself this weekend to a pampering session you barely have to lift a finger for! Prepare your masks, settle down with a book or a glass of red, and make an evening of it!

Just in case you were wondering… the polish in these images are Empress as base with a Transcend diagonal tip.

Here are some of our best selling vegan nail polishes!

Lightning Top Coat

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Nail Polish Remover – Water Based with Soy

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Barefoot Dancer

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Base Coat

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Nail Polish Remover Wipes – Water Based with Soy

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Spring Summer nail art that you’ll want to try tonight!


The days are warming up, we’re going out for more early morning breakfasts and evening cocktails, which calls for fun Spring Summer nail art to accompany it!

We are obsessed with our Spring Summer range at the moment, and have all been rocking cute nail art at Sienna HQ recently.

Dots, stripes, negative space, the revival of french tips and ‘grown-up’ glitter are all trends rocking the fashion scene at the moment.


In a nod to the revival of understated nail art (and because we love glitter), here’s our fresh update on the classic french tips, ‘confetti’ style, and a too-cute polka dot look.

Time to nail art it!

Confetti Glitter French Tips





Coat your nails in a base coat. This ensures longevity for your mani and gives a smoother application


Paint your nails with your first creme polish. We are using Royale as our main colour, and Mimosa as a feature colour on the ring finger (party-nail!)


Don’t forget the second coat!


With your lint free makeup pads and the glitter polish, apply a small amount in a rectangular shape, on the edge of the pad. Go ahead and press the pad directly onto the tips of your nails. We alternated the feature ring finger, by apply the glitter to the base of the nail instead of tip. The idea behind using the makeup pad is to soak up the majority of the liquid in the polish, giving you a denser glitter finish.


Clean up any excess glitter around the edge of the nails. Allow to air for a minute until touch dry, then do a final coat with the top coat.

Multi Coloured Spring Dots





Coat the nails in a base coat (this will be the base for the mani)


With your first colour, dip the tool into the polish, be careful not to load it up too much, and start dotting the thumb nail, in random spots (we like to do 3 or 4 dots per nail). Continue dotting the index, middle and pinky fingers, with different colours for each nail. You can then go back with your feature creme colour and place one of two dots on each of the 4 already painted nails.


Using the same technique as in the first tutorial, paint your glitter polish onto the makeup pad, then press onto the ring finger. Cover the entire nail, cleaning up any mess around the edges.

Allow to dry- this will take a little longer than usual because the dots will be thicker than the standard two coats- we recommend 5 minutes. When touch dry, carefully coat with top coat.

Try this stunning nail art tonight and show us your pics! You can shop the colours we used by clicking the images below!