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The charitable organisation making waves in our community

coffee at maggie and mr jones charitable organisation ballina

charitable organisation heartfelt homes coffee with purpose

Heartfelt Homes Sienna collaboration charitable organisation

Caroline and Nolin at Maggie and Mr Jones charitable organisation

Heartfelt Homes Sienna collaboration charitable organisation

maggie and mr jones charitable organisation ballina

charitable organisation maggie and mr jones coffee with purpose

In late June we released our glitter bomb red charity collaboration colour- Heartfelt Homes. The charitable organisation run by Lennox Heads local Caroline Meehan, help find and pay for accommodation for the families of those ill in hospital. When listening to Caroline’s personal journey and how it motivated her to start Heartfelt Homes, we were truly moved and inspired to help as much as we could.

Heartfelt Homes is there for families when disaster strikes. They help with the often-neglected issue of where will a family stay if they have to travel long distances for their loved ones in hospital. Having the support and love of family has been shown to help with patient’s recovery, and Heartfelt Homes are instrumental in making this a welcome relief for as many families across Australia as they can afford. But the need is never ending.

100% of the profits from the sale of Heartfelt Homes goes directly back to Caroline and helping her charity change lives.

When Ballina café Maggie and Mr Jones heard about our collaboration with the charitable organisation, they quickly jumped on with their support. The social enterprise donates profits from every cup of coffee towards assisting people with disability participate in employment and training.

Throughout the month of June, 50 cents from every coffee purchased was donated to a trainee staff member, Oska, to help him achieve his dream of representing Australia in the Special Olympics National tennis tournament later this year. Oska was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 7, and since has faced many challenges but the one-on-one training provided by the amazing team at Maggie and Mr Jones has boosted his confidence, which has spilled across into confidence with his tennis. They are also very active in supporting other local charities, such as Heartfelt Homes, and raise their profile amongst the local community.

Having the charity colour in such a game-changing café is exactly what we hoped for these community endeavours. Coffee, glitter nail polish and all supporting social enterprise and charitable organisations… what a combination! Make sure you visit Maggie and Mr Jones if you’re in Ballina or passing through on your way to and from Byron Bay!

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