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Chrome Nails – Our healthier alternative

It’s no secret that chrome nails has been one of the hottest nail trends for the last year or so. Ever since Gigi Hadid debuted her $2000 mirror manicure to the Met Gala in 2016, the world of mirrored and chrome nail polish has exploded. But how do they achieve the look? The answer may not appeal to your if healthy nails is your top priority.

The chrome nail polish effect is created with two layers of gel polish, a tack free top coat, aluminium powder and is cured under UV light. In some cases manicurist and bloggers have been reaching for the pigment used in car paints to achieve the ultra-metallic effect. Pure aluminium powder is cheap and easy to buy- but it is also toxic, and this is why we stay away from this burgeoning nail trend. Although the powder is FDA approve in some cases (it may be used in eye-shadows but not lipsticks), it is also a known toxin, which is a big no-no for us!

But how can you achieve a shiny look to rival even the most holographic taloned manicure? Step into our chrome corner! We created Empress, Transcend and Gaia with a fine pigment that gives a beautiful chrome finish. Gaia, our fallow brown gives off a slightly silver chrome finish. Transcend is our bright silver and makes a real statement against dark clothes or tanned skin. Empress is our green-gold chrome and looks beautiful on the majority of skin tones.

chrome nail polish Sienna Byron Bay

Don’t fall victim to fad-trends that put your health at risk at the same time! Achieving the chrome look is possible without having to put your health on the line. Our chrome nail lacquers are long wearing, dry fast and will give you that ultra-shine without any trade-offs!

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