What colours suit your skin tone? A go-to guide!

what colours suit your skin tone

It can often be hard to figure out what colours suit your skin tone, because often the hardest part is figuring out what undertones your skin has! Instead of separating it into too many different categories, we’ve focused on just three, which every single person falls under: warm, cool or neutral. Figuring out what undertones your skin has is as simple as going into natural light and looking at the inside of your wrist. Those with a warm skin tone have undertones of green or yellow, olive skin also fall under ‘warm’. Blue, pink or red undertones are classified as cool, and if you really can’t figure it out, chances are you’re neutral. Once you’ve determined your skin tone, finding what colours suit your skin tone is as simple as reading below. Please do remember, this is purely a guide, if you absolutely LOVE a particular colour and even if it’s not listed as a ‘go-to’ for you, just wear it anyway! If it makes you feel happy and confident, then it’s definitely the best shade for you.

what colours suit your skin tone
– greenish or yellowish undertones (also olive)

Your go-to warm colours: oranges, reds, golden yellows, amber, honey gold

Your go-to cool colours: olive green, deep turquoise, magenta, plum

Your neutrals: taupe, hot chocolate, creamy whites, latte

Colours to avoid: icy shades, jewelled tones (amethyst, sapphire, ruby)

Perfect Sienna Colours: Tempest, Promise, Luscious, Sundance, Olivia, Dream.

what colours suit your skin tone

what colours suit your skin toneCool– bluish, pinkish or reddish undertones

Your go-to cool colours: bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender

Your go-to warm colours: cerise, ruby, bright rose

Your neutrals: grey, navy, pristine white

Colours to avoid: oranges and yellows

Perfect Sienna Colours: Breeze, Seeker, Torakina, Bonsoir, Winter, Marble

what colours suit your skin tone
what colours suit your skin tone

Neutral– neither warm nor cool (if you struggle knowing whether you’re warm or cool… you’re probably neutral!)

Go to colours: neutral colours that fall in middle of the colour spectrum. Light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, placid blue, jade green, cameo green

Colours to avoid: anything too bright or vibrant, red and yellows (go for a soft yellow if you must do yellow)

Your neutrals: taupes, grays, off-whites

Perfect Sienna Colours: Harmony, Blossom, Juniper, Aura, AmbrosiaSiren

what colours suit your skin tone

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