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Cuticle Oil, Glass Nail Files & more… Sienna newest additions!

Sienna freesia cuticle oil Sienna nail polish remover wipes Sienna nail polish remover



  • Cuticle Oil

Our divine freesia cuticle oil is the super-nourishing step you need in your nail care routine. After finishing your manicure with a top coat and allowing it to dry, all you need is a little drop on each cuticle. The oil will ensure you cuticles stay healthy and hydrated, which leads to longer, stronger nails. It also helps replenish moisture to the skin around the nail, which can be dry after being exposed to nail polish remover. You’ll be addicted in no time… trust us!

  • Glass nail file

The gorgeous glass nail file in velvet pouch, is a lifelong investment you’re making in your mani! No longer will you need disposable cardboard emery boards, as the glass nail file never goes blunt… which means you’ll always have perfectly oval, square, squoval, rounded, pointed (or whatever shape you prefer) nails and you’re doing mother earth a favour in cutting down waste.

  • Remover

Our soy remover has always been a best-seller, so we decided it was time for an update both with our packaging and formula! We’ve switched to a beautiful glass bottle, which is reusable and recyclable- much eco-friendlier! Our previous oil-enriched formula has now been improved to a lighter formula, still enriched with soy.

  • Wipes

Our remover wipes are a nail-lacquer-loving traveller’s best friend. Just one wipe will remove polish from all 10 nails, so you’ll be ready for your next colour and have a fresh mani in no time. The gorgeous glass container is also reusable, cutting down wastage. We don’t currently offer refill packs, but you can make your own refill, with circular makeup remover pads and our new acetone free remover with soy poured on top.

All of these products are now available for individual purchase through our online store, and through most of our stockists. The Remover Wipes, Cuticle Oil and Glass Nail File are also available in our Conscience Gift Set.


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