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Eco friendly and earth conscious; our commitment to the planet.

As an eco friendly and earth conscious brand, we always ensure to take all lengths when it comes to minimising our carbon footprint and being as plastic-free as we can in our daily practice.


Firstly, we’ve always been the  cleanest conventional formula on the market. We’ve never used Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Synthetic Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene, Tosylamide or Benzophenone-1 (it’s still highly common to see Benzophenone-1 in ‘clean’ nail polish).

Our plastic-free journey began in the dreaming stages of Sienna- with the wooden cap. A plastic cap was never appealing to Danielle, because… it’s plastic.

“It took a lot of work to design the perfect wooden cap to top our beautiful European glass bottles, but it was well worth it. This element of our bottle not only dramatically reduces the plastic use in the product, it also looks gorgeous and contributes to the rejuvenation of the natural environment.”

The timber is selected by our founder Danielle and is a pest timber farmed for the sustainability of Australia’s native flora and fauna.

sienna byron bay nail polish bottles

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a plastic free brush for nail polish, though we are constantly making enquiries about how to make one. We strongly recommend and ask that you recycle your bottles and brushes in the correct way, when finished with your colour. We’ve covered exactly how you can recycle our Sienna bottles here.

As we have learned more throughout the Sienna journey, we continue to improve where we can. That is why we have upgraded our soy nail polish remover bottles to a recyclable glass and chose a recyclable (and reusable!) jar for our remover wipes when launching them onto the market in late 2017. “A great thing about the remover wipes jar is you can top it up when you finish, meaning it’s a once in a lifetime purchase! Just fill it with generic cotton rounds and top it up with our nail polish remover. Voila!”

We recently added Glass Nail files to our range to combat the throw away, single use nail files that are common in the market place. If you’re a professional salon you can put them through the autoclave so they’re hygienic. For the at home user you will never have to buy another file again. One customer remarked that her mother bought her one 30 years ago and it’s still going strong.

And finally, GLITTER. That terrible micro plastic affecting our oceans and animals. We recently made the decision to completely drop glitter from our range, it just doesn’t fit with our ethos and we’d feel so conflicted every time we went into production with this. We only ever produced 2 glitter colours anyway, our ‘Confetti’ was sold for around 2 years and ‘Heartfelt Homes’ was a limited run charity collaboration. We won’t be doing glitter again and we’re are the ONLY company in the entire world that is doing this. We really hope this will become a new standard for nail polish companies worldwide. Fingers crossed.

This is how our products are eco-friendly. We stick to small, local production to minimize waste and keep our carbon footprint low. Every step of the planning, design, production and delivery stages, is done so to keep our customers and our planet as the priority. There have been a number of decisions along our journey including cutting out glitter, choosing recyclable and more expensive materials, that have been made to ensure we remain true to our values as people but also as a brand and small business.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable journey.

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