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Ethical consumer decision making

We were recently nominated as a finalist at the Life Instyle GALA awards in the ethical category. We are so excited to be considered among a group of truly inspiring brands and continue to raise awareness about the importance of ethical decision making.

For many brands, when referring to their ethics, the word artisan gets thrown around a lot. Working directly with artisans- true masters of their craft, is a fantastic way to ensure the products you are creating have heart, soul, and run ethically true. We are lucky enough with our nail polish, to be able to manufacture with amazing artisans here in Australia, keeping our supply and production chain very close to home- making your ethical decision making an easy one. The timber from our caps is a locally sourced pest tree, allowing us to remain not only ethical and true to our values, but eco-friendly as well.

But what does ethical even mean? And why is it so important to consider when making purchasing decisions? Ethical fashion and beauty covers a range of issues including working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment and animal welfare. Many of the products and brands you know and love, have zero commitment to ensuring their production and supply chains remain above-board when it comes to these issues. However, times are changing- customers are demanding to see the complete story when it comes to what they’re purchasing, and big brands have no choice but to listen.

The beauty in purchasing from small businesses, particularly Australian companies- is that this supply chain is more often than not, a very clear one. We are able to speak to everyone personally, go visit them, and build a culture of ethically sound production.

It is these sustainable practices that we will continue to uphold throughout all of our practice, in our ethical decision making to bring you our product. We follow our polishes every single step of the way- from designing colour palettes, to ordering and creating our colours, through to packaging and sending them to our customers. If you want to know more about our journey and ethical story, read here.

We can’t wait to celebrate with all the other amazing brands nominated in the ethical category, and share in what is such a fundamental movement towards ensuring the future of our planet.

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