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Zero-Waste Bloggers who love spreading the plastic free message!

It can be overwhelming, we understand. Going from mindless plastic use, to consciously avoiding anything with plastic and living a zero-waste lifestyle is a huge step. We are only taking baby steps ourselves! But there are people out there who have paved the way, and want to share everything they know with all of us! It is so much easier to go down any new journey with guidance, and particularly having lived the majority of our lives not thinking twice about plastic consumption and sometimes we need some help knowing where to start.

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There are some amazing bloggers online who really are carving out their mark on the zero-waste movement and making the world a better place because of it. There are a couple of stand outs for us, who we have definitely turned to for ideas, recipes and tricks to making the adjustment to a plastic free life.


Eco Warrior Princess.

Jen does exactly what this name suggests- an absolute eco warrior when it comes to all things minimalist and eco-friendly. Her blog is Pandora’s Box full of useful information and articles spanning across all topics eco, vegan, zero-waste and earth friendly. Her post on 22 Steps Closer to Zero Waste is a fantastic place to start.

Plastic Free Mermaid.

Kate has been living plastic free for 10 years, and is a true warrior for the cause. Her online blog I Quit Plastics is full of information and ideas aimed to help you make the switch. She has a number of downloadable guides available also, with a free one called 5 Things To Bring- helping you make the first conscious step.

Trash is for Tossers

Lauren is a New Yorker living a zero waste life. She composts, she recycles, however she does not contribute to landfill in any way. It was during her Environment Studies major at university that she realised the difference she could make- and Trash is for Tossers was born. Easy to navigate and very well-written, Trash is for Tosser is a fantastic resource- we recommend start in the ‘Easy Changes’ section!

Paris To Go

Ariana is an American who resides in Paris. Her aesthetic is beautifully Parisian and full of insight into living a zero-waste life in a huge bustling city.

TIPS FOR A PLASTIC FREE JULY (and future) Plastic is very handy stuff, that is no lie but it’s got to the point that it is far overused for our convenience too often. The fact that every bit of plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth and will be for at least another 1000-10,000 years is devastating. Let’s have a little more respect for our Mother Earth and show her that we are changing our ways. ⭐Keep baskets and reusable bags in your car/ handbag always. ⭐Raise your awareness of plastic packaging when buying things, now this just will open your eyes and you will quickly realise that just about everything comes with plastic attached 🙁 but have hope and seek alternative options where possible or buy the product and email their customer service and ask if they could look into eco packaging. “Awareness is the first step to making any lasting change” ⭐If the store staff automatically put your items in a bag and you don’t need one, ask them not to worry about it ⭐keep a cutlery set in your bag (including a metal, bamboo or glass straw) wrap them up in a fabric napkin. You won’t always remember to use it and someones you cant change what others do (like if your drink comes with a plastic straw, just remember next time to order it without the straw and make effort to at least recycle it) ⭐Ignore what anyone else thinks. BE THE CHANGE. ⭐Do your best but don’t beat yourself when you can’t go completely plastic free, it’s actually very hard. Take one step at a time. ⭐Invest in a good glass or BPA free plastic bottle that you can use time and time over ⭐Research what plastic chemicals do to your body and the negative impact it has on your hormones ⭐Do a weekly shop in the bulk food stores and your local farmer’s markets, take your own bags and baskets ⭐Type in plastic pollution in google images and lock those images into your mind. ⭐Recycled plastic is good for some packaging and products, considering that all the plastic that has ever been made is still on this earth it only seems smart to at-lest reuse it. ⭐Get creative and make your own meals at home with produce that comes straight from the ground and trees 🌈Happy plastic free July (and eternity hopeful

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If you’re more inclined to scrolling Instagram rather than reading a blog, there are some amazing influencers sharing the zero-waste message.

Our favourites? @lonijane, @stevieyaaay, @mamaeatsplants

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📷 via Trash is for Tossers and @lonijane

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