Floral Mandala, perfect for resetting and refocusing your week

DIY Floral Mandala

floral mandala

floral mandala with crystals

2017 so far has been a crazy year! We can definitely feel it in the air down here, that this year is going to produce some amazing things. Before March pushes into April and time runs away with us anymore, we thought it was apt time to have a morning of reflection. What better way than to draw on the inspiration around us in nature, and create a floral mandala.

The process of creating the mandala is very therapeutic. A journey of reflection, where there are no rules or structure to follow, just intuition and feel. We foraged for flowers and greenery from our garden (didn’t have time to go to the flowers markets!), as well as some of our favourite stones and crystals, to create the floral mandala.

The process of creating the floral mandala took around 45 minutes.

Find your centre piece, which could be a flower, crystal, candle, whatever you want to focus to be on, and build around gradually from there.

For our centrepiece, we used a simple stone with the Om engraved into it. Om is the spiritual symbol found in ancient Buddhist and Hindi texts, and has meanings associated with soul, self within, ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit and cosmic principles. Whatever your interpretation of Om, it is important to remain respectful of the sacred symbol.

Building the floral mandala from here is just a matter of selecting combinations of flowers and crystals, in a pattern to circle around the centrepiece. We went with smaller flowers, in colour combinations that worked beautifully, and slowly built each layer around there.

Remember when making your floral mandala, it is about the process, rather than the end result. Focus on the feeling and follow your intuition. We made 5 rows around our centrepiece and at that point it felt complete.

If you’re in need of some refocusing (which we could all use sometimes!), just like meditation, creating floral mandalas is a mindful way of switching off from the world, to re-sync your mind and body. We hear from a number of the amazing Sienna lovers out there, that they spend the time painting their nails as a meditative process! Turn on some calming music, switch off from your phone and computer screen and actually enjoy the time it takes for your nails to dry as a stress reliever! We think Peace and Hope are the perfect calming nail polish colours! Let us know how you go!

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