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Lighthouse Walk & Folk- Our Byron Morning Ritual

Folk Lighthouse morning ritual

Folk Lighthouse Morning Ritual

Outside Folk Byron Bay

Beetroot latte at Folk Byron Bay

Breakfast at Folk Byron Bay

Matcha latte at Folk Byron Bay

Coffees at Folk Byron Bay

double espresso at Folk Byron Bay

breakfast at Folk Byron Bay

There is nothing better than having a morning ritual, and for us it’s the lighthouse walk, followed by brekky at Folk.

On this particular morning, we started from Clarkes, followed the boardwalk along to The Pass and up over the track to Wategos. From there, was the quick ascent up to the lighthouse. The clouds cleared by the time we got to the top, and that view never grows old! We wandered back down through the rainforest and finished back at Clarkes.

The morning started out hazy and super muggy, but by the time we had reached the lighthouse, it cleared to be a beautiful morning.

The best part about the lighthouse walk is you can workout as hard or as easy as you like. The constant undulating hills as you go along from the pass to Wategos, and the steps from Wategos up to the lighthouse are a really good leg workout if you push it. But sometimes taking it easy and appreciating the view as you meander along can be just as therapeutic!

After the lighthouse, it was straight to Folk for brekky!

We swapped our usual soy lattes for the naturopathic lattes on nut milk- this time choosing the beetroot, lucuma, maca love potions and matcha mesquite antioxidant rich brew.

Whether you’re a sweet or savoury tooth, you can’t go wrong at Folk. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, with a number of vegan options also. We had the tahini and orange granola with beetroot vegan yoghurt, smashed avo on toast with dukkah and buckwheat hotcakes with house-made labne and fresh fruit. Trust us, it tastes just as good as it sounds (and looks!).

We were wearing Rafiki, Buttercup and Dream for our morning outing! Take a look at all our nail polish colours, or find them in town at Nami, Stoked or GoVita while you’re here.

If you’re visiting Byron for a weekend getaway, the lighthouse walk followed by Folk for breakfast is a must do!


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