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Green Beauty- we talk with Liberty Green about beauty of going green

Going green is the way of the future, and we pride ourselves on creating a quality product that is as green as nail lacquers can get. The green beauty industry is rapidly growing and it can sometimes be a struggle to read through all the packaging and fancy marketing to find products that actually work! We’ve enlisted the help of the beautiful Kelsey, of Liberty Green, to help with exactly that; her go-to green beauty products that are the best for highlighting your amazing features!

Why did you start Liberty Green?

I’ve always been interested in cosmetics; ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by lipstick, couldn’t wait to get my first nail polish and loved staring at my mother’s perfume bottles. I’ve been using natural beauty since my mid teens, I’ve just become more natural as the years have gone by and my research has continued.

I was looking for a new direction, and was seriously considering opening a natural & organic beauty shop. I’ve done retail with a previous business in the past, and realised I wasn’t interested in just being on the sales end, but wanted to educate women on why they needed to be using natural & organic beauty, and how amazing it really could be. I love talking to and helping people – that was one of my favourite aspects of retail – but I wanted a more involved approach. I also realised that what I wanted to offer was already fast becoming available in Australia. There were already people offering what I wanted to do, but better than I could have. Five or six years ago there really wasn’t much choice on the market, and it was difficult to find. I had to order everything from the USA. Now there are so many luxe, high-end, high performance, chic and on trend options available – but without all of the toxic rubbish.

I kind of fell into blogging from that – wanting to start a shop, then realising I wanted to just help women more than anything. That’s why Liberty Green began. To help women find organic beauty, realise how amazing it is and to make the purchasing, research and decisions easier.

Why is natural beauty so important to you?

I recently asked a very similar question on my Instagram (why did you go green?), and loved reading all of the varied answers. It’s so different for each person. For me, natural beauty (and a non-toxic lifestyle on the whole) is incredibly important because I know from experience what synthetic chemicals do to my body. Through my mid to late teens, I had several years of chronic migraines, which were related to a hormone imbalance as well as the toxin load on my body. I pretty much lived on painkillers and had a constant migraine for years, and then a whole raft of other health issues followed. Nothing but a holistic approach to my health cleared these issues for me.

I already believed in minimising my exposure to synthetic chemicals  – from household cleaners to diet and beauty products – but after experiencing what happens to my body when affected by chemicals, I’m more adamant than ever that these chemicals are adversely affecting our health. Nearly every beauty and personal care product on the market has several ingredients that have links or been proven to cause endocrine (hormone) disruption – among everything else from neurological disorders and infertility to cancer. And our hormones don’t just control our ability to reproduce – they affect our emotions, our stress levels, and that has a knock-on effect. The beauty industry has been toxic since it first began – women used to paint their faces with white lead, and use arsenic as a skin treatment. We know now that those are both highly toxic substances – they knew then, yet still continued to use them. Today’s beauty industry isn’t any different – we’ve just got better technology.

Look at Formaldehyde, or synthetic colourants. Formaldehyde is now a known human carcinogen, yet it was in many products for a long term as a preservative, and used in nail polish. It is still in use. There are preservatives (used in cosmetics) that contain formaldehyde and release it at very low temperatures. There are also many synthetic colourants that have been banned or restricted in the USA by the FDA because they are carcinogenic, and many others are believed to be carcinogenic. These colours are used in not just cosmetics, but also food and drugs. It’s crazy that we know these substances cause a disease for which there is no cure and yet we continue the widespread use.

Tell us about some of your favourite green beauty products:

I have so many!

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish, is one, of course. I don’t wear nail polish too often because I like to let my nails breathe, and actually don’t mind bare nails, but when I do want a pretty colour, I reach for SBB. For make-up, I love RMS Beauty. The “Un” Coverup and Lip2Cheek are both staple items. They give the skin this amazing dewy finish, that is seamless and just looks so fresh and alive. I use the “Un” Coverup as a concealer and a foundation. And because of the coconut oil base, the products are very healing on the skin, so if you have any issues, they help protect and repair the skin whilst also making it look flawless. Her Living Luminizer is also a must-have for the ultimate glow.

For lipsticks I love NUDUS Australia. They are all made with 100% natural pigment, are Certified Organic, long lasting formulas with beautiful colours and very chic. I also like Vapour Beauty’s Siren Lipsticks. They are also 70% Certified Organic and only use natural pigment, but the formulas of both of these are so good you wouldn’t know you aren’t wearing some high-end department store line.

I also love the entire Kjaer Weis line. It’s a very high-end line, EcoCert (one of the highest certifications available), and all of the compacts are refillable. The products are very pigmented and apply beautifully. The foundation is one of my favourites, because it can be so flawless and full-coverage, but also sheer and undetectable on the skin.

What is your everyday green beauty routine?

For skincare, I use the  Edible Beauty Australia’s Coco Bliss Creme & Gold Rush Eye Balm every night, after cleansing (always a double cleanse). Kypris Beauty’s Moonlight Catalyst keeps my skin flawlessly smooth. There is no roughness or texture to it at all with this. I also use Earthwise Beauty’s Green Leaves & Co Facial Oil religiously to keep my skin clear. Mornings are much simpler, usually just an oil after a light water wash. Lately I’ve been using the La Mav Vit C Nightly Repair Nectar in the mornings, with the Lewin & Reilly Frangipani Moisturiser and Kakadu Plum Rejuvenating Serum. My skin is feeling so plump and supple!

I wear make-up maybe only 3-4 days a week, and that depends on what I’m doing.

For an easy, everyday or weekend look, when I might be going to the markets, then brunch at a cafe and shopping, I keep it simple and fresh.

I love colour, but only lips, cheeks and nails. I rarely do anything with my eyes other than nude eyeshadow, liner and plenty of mascara. The easiest and fastest way to look more polished and put together, in my opinion, is a good lipstick and nail polish. If I want to feel more ‘done’, or like I’ve put a little more effort in, a killer red nail pulls everything together.

  • I use RMS Beauty “Un” Coverup as a foundation & concealer for my base – and because it is a cream, and very compact, I can pop this in my bag in case I need to touch-up. I don’t need a brush, just clean fingertips and a compact mirror!
  • Lately I’ve been really loving the Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush in Pink. It’s very silky and light, and very pigmented. It always looks natural and flawless. This all over the apple of the cheeks is really beautiful.
  • For eyes, I use a nude Alima Pure eyeshadow, line my lashes using the Lisa Eldridge Kitten Eye method and an Ere Perez brown pencil, Ere Perez waterproof mascara, EcoBrow on my brows. I never used to bother with brows, but once I discovered them – what a difference it makes to the overall look!
  • Highlighter is also important for an effortless, flawless look. My favourite is RMS Beauty’s cult-classic Living Luminiser. I can pat it on with my fingertips and it just gives you that lit-from-within-glow.
  • I then usually finish with a lipstick. It’s amazing what making sure you have a flawless, clean base then doing a pop of lipstick can do for the complexion. You don’t need heaps of time, and it’s easy to maintain throughout the day. I wear NUDUS Dreamtime if I want a red, or for a softer pink, I love Amalia, also from NUDUS. It’s an everyday mid-rose pink/mauve tone.

What are the benefits in choosing green beauty products over regular products?

Aside from the environmental benefits (less synthetic chemicals being used, and many natural cosmetic brands choose eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging, such as wind or solar power, recyclable non-plastic packaging, ingredients sourced from sustainable farming etc), you are also doing your body a favour. The body is pretty resilient, but we weren’t made to be assaulted by all of these synthetic chemicals, day in, day out. They are in everything from food to laundry detergent, food storage, our homes, building materials, water supply, clothing, cars – everything. Synthetic chemicals haven’t been around for very long in human history – industrial chemical manufacture really exploded and became much more common after the second world war. But we’re already seeing a lot of health issues, environmental issues and problems we haven’t seen before.

Many of the ingredients in mainstream beauty products are also doing your skin no favours – how can plastic (yep, many skincare and cosmetic products contains plastics) prevent ageing? Or fix acne? In some cases, the ingredients in these products can cause premature ageing because of how drying or harsh they are to the skin. Natural beauty won’t just cover up your issues, but help your body to heal and solve them.

You can read about Kelsey and her green beauty life on her blog and keep updated by following her on Instagram

Kelsey is wearing Tempest in the photo above

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