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Healthy nails all year around!

healthy pink nails

The secret to healthy nails, isn’t so secret after all!

healthy pink nails

Here in Australia we are starting to transition into the warmer months, the optimal time to really focus on your nail health to ensure your mani is in top shape by the time summer comes around! Healthy nails aren’t something that you can achieve overnight, or with a couple of days treatment. Changing your routine slightly, and incorporating little elements into your day-to-day life will ensure you have long-term healthy nails that are strong, and in beautiful condition all the time!

For those of you in Europe moving into the winter months- this all applies to you too! The health of your nails can be put to the test both in the warmer humid months, and against the bitter cold. Healthy nails is an all-year endeavour, but a simple one with these gentle reminders!


1. Don’t cut your cuticles, use a cuticle oil and gently push them back. Your cuticles are effectively your skin’s last line of defence, so cutting them is opening the body to bacteria and potential infection. Our cuticle oil is the perfect alternative to cutting, to soften and hydrate instead.

2. Use a base coat and top coat with your mani. It will give more longevity and give your nails the chance to grow strong, while looking amazing!

3. Don’t pick off your old mani! It can be hard sometimes, but resist the urge to pick it off (especially if you’ve gone down the Shellac path) as it can be extremely damaging for the nail bed underneath. Instead, use our hyrdrating water based nail polish remover or wipes, enriched with Vitamin E, to give your nails the little health boost they need.

4. Regularly file you nails to keep them a uniform length and shape. Make sure when filing however, that you start at the outside edge, and file into the middle. Don’t file directly across the top, side to side. This will cause feathering, which is not ideal for your healthy nails! Our glass nail file is the perfect eco-friendly choice in tool, as it never goes blunt!

5. Stay hydrated and make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs! Protein in particular is needed for strong nails- so make sure you’re getting enough Tofu and Tempeh in!

6. Stay away from nail products full of harmful chemicals (although you’ve found us! So you’re on the right track!). Sometimes it may seem like a faster or easier option, but the chemical laden nail products will only cause long-term negative harm. Take the time out of your week for a vegan, cruelty free mani instead!

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