Last Minute New Years Eve Guide to take note of!

new years eve fire

If you’re reading this is December 31 and things are about to turn up a notch! Its New Years Eve, plans have been made, outfits have been decided on, and it’s time to ring in 2017 with your closest friends and family. Don’t be caught out however! It’s a crazy time of year and sometimes things can be forgotten, so we have prepared the ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide, for you to use as your checklist.

new years eve fire

  • Have a plan. Yes, being spontaneous sometime can be a lot of fun, but you don’t want to be caught out at 11:55 umming and ahhing over where the perfect countdown spot is! Decide early in the day with friends, and head there with plenty of time to find a perch and celebrate!
  • There is nothing worse than waking up after an amazing night celebrating with friends and family, to be greeted to half smeared makeup all over your face! Have you makeup wipes/remover placed somewhere that is so obvious when you get home, there is no way you’ll forget! Let’s wake up to 2017 with fresh faces and fresh spirits!
  • We aren’t condoning excessive drinking, but sometimes the champagne flows a little bit too freely and we caught carried away! New Years Eve threatens to be one of those times! Do your January 1 2017 a favour and have a water bottle and Gatorade (or alternative drink full of electrolytes) ready for you on your arrival home! Before you crash into bed, drink a fair amount and it will significantly help with your hydration! Tried and tested strategy, and it works!
  • Transport on New Years Eve is always difficult. So be prepared to wait it out in a taxi line for a little while before you get home. Alternatively, scope out the public transport options before the night comes to an end, so you have a plan for getting home in place! Another (preferred) option… wait it out! There will always be a huge taxi rush straight after midnight, but if you can wait it out an hour or two in the company of friends, you’ll find the rush dies down and transport is much more readily available!
  • A last minute New Years Eve guide wouldn’t be complete without some motherly advice now, would it? So please, if you follow only one thing in this guide, let this be it! Eat dinner! Yes we know, you’re most likely too busy getting last minute preparations complete, but please! Take the time to sit down and have a proper meal before (or with) your first glass of champas! It will keep away those mega late night cravings and may save you a trip to the kebab shop (although falafel kebabs with oodles of hummus are NEVER a bad thing!).
  • Rock a chrome nail! You’ll have everyone gushing over your mani with a gorgeous chrome shade as the perfect statement addition to your New Years’ outfit.

There it is, our ultimate last minute New Years Eve guide. Above everything else, have FANTASTIC New Years Eve. Take the time to reflect on the year that was, and once the clock strikes 12, take a moment to think about the year ahead. It’s an exciting time of the year and we love sharing it with all of you! Tag us in any of your photos with #siennabyronbay!

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