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Nail Polish Lover Gift Ideas for this Christmas!

nail polish lover gift ideas christmas pack

So you’ve been given the task of buying a gift for someone who is nail polish obsessed… their nails are always painted a different shade and it seems like there is never a chip or dry cuticle in sight. What to buy? We’re going to make it easy for you! Here is our nail polish lover gift ideas for this Christmas! You can thank us later…

nail polish lover gift ideas christmas pack

1. Any nail buff knows nail care is hugely important when it comes to achieving, and more importantly maintaining, the perfect manicure. Nails need to be clean of any residue before applying any polish, should be filed into the desired shape and gently buffed to remove any ridges in the nail. Don’t forget the cuticles either! They should be hydrated, and taken care of, just as much as your nails! If you’re reading this and thinking that sounds all too hard, we have the solution for you. Our Christmas Gift pack literally has everything you need to follow these simple nail steps. Plus you can choose your own polish colour to perfectly suit the person you are buying for. P.s. we won’t judge if you get it for yourself!

nail polish lover gift idea three pack

2. Base, Colour & Top Coat sets. It’s the best feeling opening a gift of new nail polish and eagerly painting it straight onto your nails. It’s not the best feeling however, when it chips and flakes off because you skipped out on the base and top coat. So when gifting a nail polish lover some new colours for their collection, the addition of a base coat and top coat will score you extra brownie points, and mani points too!

nail polish lover gift ideas

3.Salon Time! At-home manicures are amazing, but there’s something undefinable about that feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh mani. Treat your nail polish lover to a manicure from one of our nail salons! Mani Factorie and JT Nail Studio are our favourites!

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