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Naturally Byron – The New Summer Collection

Naturally Byron Collection
Summer Collection Nail Polish

A morning walk on the beach, a cafe with those we love, a view surrounded by mountains, life in unison with nature and the ocean … The essence of Byron Bay.


This summer, we present you “Naturally Byron”, a collection in the colours of the beautiful Byron and all the joy it brings us. From the blue azure of Kombi to the vibrant peach of Joy, these 5 new crèmes are all inspired by a moment, an emotion, a memory lived in this unique town.

Kombi Blue Nail Polish

Kombi – Azure blue crème

This azure blue is inspired by one of the greatest classic of Byron Bay: the Kombi. Want to go on a road trip? Explore the open road? Let yourself be carried away by this intense blue and go on the road, where the wind will take you.

Bohemian Purple Nail Polish

Bohemian – Soft lily purple crème

The delicacy of this soft lily represents the calm spirit and peace someone can feel watching at the ocean.

Joy Orange Nail Polish

Joy – Vibrant peach crème

The smile of a child, his little hand in ours, as if we were alone in the world. Here’s Joy, a vibrant peach perfect for a sunny day full of happy moments.

Goddess Raspberry Nail Polish

Goddess – Dark raspberry pink crème

It’s summer, bring out the goddess in you and let it shine! This dark raspberry will accompany your best outfits to celebrate in style.

Passion Red Nail Polish

Passion – Intense Vermillion red crème

Here is a bright red as intense as the fire that burns in your heart when you are with the person you love.


We are really excited to show you this new collection! Here is a colour chart for a comparison of the new nail polish alongside some of our current range, to find the perfect colours for your summer vacation!

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