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One Billion Rising- Rising in Solidarity against violence towards women

One Billion Rising Byron BayThe majority of us at Sienna HQ aren’t usually big fans of maths or statistics- our strengths are in colour and imagery. But there is one statistic that this year, we can not overlook: one in every three females on earth is beaten or raped in her lifetime. This equates to a staggering one billion women and girls, who will go through this physical and mental torment in her time. One Billion Rising is a campaign launched on Valentine’s Day 2012, in a bid to end violence against women and reverse this statistic. Every year on Valentine’s Day, women, men and children across the globe come together to express their outrage, and rise up against the injustices seen in our world. Since 2012, the global movement has focused on Rise for Revolution, Rise for Justice, and in 2017 Rise in Solidarity- against the exploitation of women and girls.

In 2018, One Billion Rising will once again Rise in Solidarity against the many layers of oppression and injustice felt by women. The call for solidarity includes (but is not limited to):

Rising Against…
Violence Against Women
Worker Exploitation
Resource and land exploitation
Climate destruction
Gender Discrimination

And Rising For:
Women’s equality and safety and freedom
Refugee rights
Migrants rights
Climate justice
Reproductive rights
Free press
Safety of women’s rights defenders
Constitutional rights
Civic and sex education


It can be hard, when reading such powerful words, or hearing such shocking statistics, to feel helpless to what we as individuals can achieve. The Byron Bay V-Day event sees hundreds of women, men and children gather on Main Beach to unite, rise and remind everyone the importance of equal rights and freedom.

The One Billion Rising movement, is a huge force making waves in our global community. The Byron Bay event is being held on February 14, gathering at 6:30am at Main Beach. To find an event near you, visit the One Billion Rising website. Wear red to show your solidarity in support the end to violence against women. The Sienna HQ team, our friends and family will be attending the V-Day event in Byron Bay, wearing our favourite red nails of course, to show our support for this campaign to stop violence and injustice against women, and support freedom for all mankind.

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