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Our Polishes are Recyclable!

national recycling week nail polish exchange program

national recycling week nail polish exchange program

We are changing the way people dispose of their nail polish, and doing it alongside Planet Ark for National Recycling Week.

We have teamed up with our local recycling centre to correctly and thoughtfully dispose of our old nail polish bottles, in a way that has little impact on our environment.

Sustainability is of huge importance for us, and there is no reason for nail polish to be any different. It is our aim to implement an ongoing cycle, where the creation and recycling of our polishes goes hand-in-hand, reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Recycling our bottles is too simple! The timber cap can be put straight into your compost bin. The plastic brush and glass bottle need to be washed with nail polish remover to ensure they are free of any excess residue. Place the brushes and bottles in separate milk containers or plastic water bottles, and then into your recycling bin. If you have any bottles you are unsure of, send them to us, and we can dispose of them correctly!


We are kicking things off with our recycling campaign in November and have a huge incentive for all of our customers! Return to us any of your old or unwanted bottles (old, new, empty, full, any brands, we don’t mind!) and on receiving them, we will email you a 30% off discount voucher, for your next purchase!

It’s too simple. All you have to do is package up 4 (or more) of your unwanted polishes, and send them to us in Byron Bay. Don’t even worry about cleaning! We can do all of that for you! On receipt of your package, we will email you a 30% off discount code for your purchase (minimum of 4 polishes in transaction). Then keep an eye out over the month as we document the collection and recycling process!

Don’t forget to include your email address in the package so we can contact you and thank you for your contribution to reduce the impact of waste on the environment!

Send all parcels to PO Box 387, Byron Bay 2481.

We can’t wait to play our part in making a difference! In between busily packaging up your unwanted colours, take a look at our eye-catching nail polish shades to get you inspired!

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