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How to live plastic free with five easy swaps!

It’s Plastic Free July and we are upping the ante on everything to do with living in a plastic free world. It may seem daunting when looking in your cupboards, being faced with an onslaught of plastic containers and packaging. But trust us on this one- once you make some small, thoughtful changes, ditching the plastic is actually very simple and definitely achievable!

reduce plastic bag

Here are five simple swaps we have made, without any extra effort required!


Ditch the plastic bags in supermarkets. Yes, Coles and Woolworths have said goodbye to single use plastic, but they replaced them with plastic bags. Doesn’t make ANY sense. Don’t waste your money on these, they’re not helping the environment at all. Take along a gorgeous, handy basket when grocery shopping; grab your hessian bags, your old plastic bags, anything else that can hold things. Even take multiple handbags if you have to! There is absolutely no need to revert to plastic. Your fruit and veggies go straight into the basket from the shelf, saying goodbye to plastic all together.

We’ve swapped out single use food storage for bulk foods by using glass jars and containers. Not only is it better on the planet- its more cost effective and in many cases a higher quality product. Think shops like Flannerys (who also stocks Sienna, great minds think alike!) or your local health food store when stocking up on your staples. They have large ‘bins’ of bulk foods (think lentils, flour, grains, spices) and you can buy what you need. This also saves you money and gives you fresh ingredients every time you cook.

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles! Yes, that chilled Mount Franklin bottle is convenient- but carrying a reusable stainless steel bottle with you is just as easy and way cheaper. Keep a water bottle in your gym bag or on your work desk, in your car or in your handbag and refill it at the tap. It’s going to both save you $$$ (up to $6 for 500mL!) and save the plastic wastage at the end.

Along the same vein as the plastic water bottles, single use straws have a hugely negative impact on the environment, yet they are so avoidable. Simply choosing to forgo the straw cuts down your individual wastage by an incredible amount. If drinking your favourite beverage through a straw is your way of life, reusable straws are conveniently available at the majority of health food stores. As seen on FB: “I’d like a straw please. Said 7 billion people.” Your changes will make a difference.

Choose a plastic Free Manicure of course! We have done everything we possibly can, to bring you plastic free alternatives for perfecting your manicure. Our water-based nail polish remover comes in a glass container, our water-based nail polish remover wipes come in a reusable glass container (biggest win!) and our glass nail files allow you to ditch the disposable nail files forever. The wooden lid on all of our bottles is sourced form local pest timber to ensure we are cutting our plastic usage in half (no other brands do this) and we’re helping the environment as much as we can.


Keep in mind- it is the small changes that add up to make the biggest difference. If 7 billion people drop using straws we have made a massive dent in plastic consumption. It all starts with you!

There you have it! Five simple changes that will make a minimal dint into your regular routine, but will do a world of difference for the Mother Earth! Feeling ready to take the next step on your plastic free journey? Trash is for Tossers is a fantastic resource full of ideas to make life simple what switching to plastic free. Their blog is full of ideas that are just as easily implementable in January as they are in July!

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