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Q & A with clean beauty guru, Amanda Jo from Organic Bunny

Amanda Organic Bunny

We are so lucky to work with Amanda, who you may know as the one and only Organic Bunny. Amanda is an endless source of knowledge about all things green and clean beauty, and is the living embodiment of her mission: to prove an organic lifestyle can still be glamourous! 

Amanda Organic Bunny

Like every natural beauty lover, we have always admired Amanda and her team at Organic Bunny. Not only does she have the knack for sourcing the most stunning products, but she also holds the highest standards when it comes to clean beauty. When Amanda first reached out to enquire about stocking Sienna, we were ecstatic. For the polish to be recognised by someone so admired in the international clean beauty world was a real milestone for us.


So you can imagine how thrilled we are to be releasing Cottontail, our collaboration with Organic Bunny. The gorgeous nude she has created will have you swooning. In the meantime, we had a chat with Amanda to learn about what motivates her to keep spreading the word about clean beauty and her top polish picks for the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Cotton Tail Beige Nail polish Organic Bunny Sienna Byron Bay

What sparked the idea to create Organic Bunny and is there a story behind the name?

Organic Bunny started off on a total passion-based whim. I loved all things organic, but also loved all things cute and feminine. So the word ‘Bunny’ for me sort of portrayed that side of things, a mix of both worlds. My nickname in high school was also ‘Bunny’ so I guess that helped as well. 😉


What is it about the clean beauty industry that keeps you motivated and excited to work in it?

I think showing girls that cleaner beauty is still so much fun! Showing them, hey, you CAN use safer products and still feel girly and glamorous is what keeps me going! I also love hearing about how much my posts help others. In a world full of misleading marketing and confusing labels, I love being able to offer easy to digest information for those wanting to reduce their toxic load.


We have been working together for two years now, what made you choose Sienna for your online store?

So many brands promise to provide a non-toxic nail polish to their customers but when you read their labels, they are still full of ingredients with links to cancer, like Benzophenone-1. I remember emailing Sienna long ago about this ingredient and you replied that you were committed to creating a line without this ingredient. That level of commitment to making a cleaner option is what won me over but then, in addition, the actual product performs amazingly and comes in the cutest packaging ever. Triple threat!


What’s the story behind the colour you have created for Sienna, Cottontail?

Cottontail was inspired by my wedding nail colour… It is truly my dream nude shade and is my very own clean version. Now ladies worldwide have the perfect nude for any and all occasions! From wedding day to every day, Cottontail is THE perfect nude.


What’s your number one tip for people starting their journey of clean living?

To have fun with it! I read about people being stressed out and scared but don’t let fear be what guides you. Not everyone can afford to do everything at once and that’s ok. The goal is to reduce your exposure to toxins so when you can, reduce! Swap out items when you can, starting with items that cover the largest areas of skin like your body lotions, body washes, shampoos, face care, foundations etc! The rest you can swap when you are able to. Instead of letting it overwhelm you, just think, with each item you swap out, the less toxins you are applying and that is a win alone!


It’s approaching winter in the US. Which nail colours are your favourite for the new season?

Cottontail and Florence, it’s so dreamy to have both on deck for Winter! Cottontail is perfect for when you want something a little more subtle but chic, and Florence is perfect for when you want that polished and GLAM Winter rich nail!


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Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today, Amanda. Keep up with all things clean beauty by following The Organic Bunny blog here.


For our US customers, you can see the Cottontail and the rest of the Sienna range stocked by Organic Bunny here.

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