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Quick and Easy Eco Friendly Nail Care

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Eco friendly nail care begins with quality products



At Sienna Byron Bay, we are committed to our goal of being the number one brand for non-toxic nail polish. We are ‘7 free’ meaning our polishes don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, synthetic camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene and tosylamide. Our nail polishes are also free of Benzophenone-1. ‘7 Free’ is our way of showing our commitment to keeping our products clean.

Our polishes are hard-wearing, designed to take you from the boardroom to the beach, from the kitchen to the keyboard, and from the playground to the performance. We like tough (but pretty!) so why compromise when you can keep it clean also.

We also love to experiment with our fun range of colours, so from time to time, we need to prime our nails and get them ready for a colour change. When taking the holistic approach, eco friendly nail care is much more than just applying a vegan nail polish so we thought we’d share our tips on eco friendly nail care to help you keep your fashionable fingers in tip-top condition.


Eco friendly nail care in your own home.




1. Use a Non-toxic Nail Polish Remover


We all know that conventional nail polish removers are simply bad news. Full of chemicals that damage the cuticle, burn your skin, and can give you a roaring headache. We don’t want any part of that. We want healthy, safe polish removals that leave your nails happy so that’s why we use a soy-based nail polish remover. (Ours is made from Soy Beans and Vitamin E Acetate from 100% renewable sources and does not contain that vulgar acetone, meaning no chemical smell.)


Coconut Oil



2. Be your own Nail Tech and look after your nails in between polishes.


Rub your nails daily with a rich emollient. Nut (almond) oil, olive oil, and coconut oil smell sweet and help repair and strengthen hard-working nails. An indulgent natural hand-massage is therapeutic to the soul too. Give a hand-massage to yourself today, or better yet, find a friend and nurture each other’s beautiful soul.



3. Clue into Cuticles.


While most professional manicurists and those who apply polish at home tend to trim the cuticle overgrowth to prepare the nail bed for polish (cuticles are a protein layer – keratin – that protects the growing nail by acting as a barrier for bacteria), it’s best to be wary of this practice as it can lead to infection. Instead, soften the cuticles with regular nail massages and push them back with a cuticle pusher instead.




4. Shellac. One word: Don’t.


The long-term ramifications of regular Shellac nails (health issues such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, damaged and weakened nails) are not worth the short-term gain of cost-per-wear affordability or timesaving applications. Choose health always.




5. Take a silica supplement.


Not only will your nails thank you, your shiny luscious hair will too. Silica helps balance hormones and wards off osteoporosis in your later years.




6. Eat well.


Our bodies can also benefit from foods sources containing silica – these include apples, cherries, raisins, avocados, bananas, almonds, peanuts, salmon, oats, oranges, some cereals, and seeds. Sounds to me like the perfect excuse to bake up an apple, raisin and cherry crumble with a ground seed sprinkle on top!


Not sure where to start on your journey to nail health? Our gift set is what you need! It comes with a soy remover, cuticle oil, file and buffer, base coat, top coat and choice of colour in our sienna calico travel bag.




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