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Splendour 2017: your eco-friendly guide

Splendour 2017 eco friendly camping

splendour 2017 eco friendlyWe try to live as eco-friendly as we possibly can by making conscious choices and cutting down on plastic and waste wherever possible. Come festival time this mentality doesn’t need to change either, even though it may seem like you’re in your own little world free from responsibility! It’s quite simple to make good choices that help the planet when traversing the Splendour 2017 festival site and campgrounds, and here are our top tips!

Splendour 2017 silver glitter glo tattsGlitter

The word on everybody’s lips! We know, covering your body in glitter is probably the number two priority (after painting your nails), but it is worth taking a second or two to consider what glitter before bathing in it.  Bio glitter is the way of the future- compostable, biodegradable and ocean safe means it is so much eco-friendlier than PET glitter alternatives. The standard glitter you can find on the shelves everywhere, unless is states otherwise, is PET plastic and nasty for the environment. The tiny particles can’t be broken down, and eventually find their way into waterways, harming the wildlife and environment. Glo Tatts have an amazing range of glow-in-the-dark Bio Glitter that you can shop online, or visit them at Splendour 2017!

Splendour 2017 earth bottles reusable drink bottleWater bottles- bring reusable not plastic

Plastic waterbottles are recyclable, yes, but we’ve got a better idea. Cut the plastic altogether. Bring a reusable water bottle (or two) and fill up at the water taps provided. That way you’ll never have to worry about running out of water, because you’ll always be able to fill up. Our friends at Earth Bottles have a range of reusable metal bottles in two different sizes, plus tea totty and coffee cup, to make sure you’re covered for all scenarios! Did we mention they come in different colours, so you can match your bottle with your mani!

Splendour 2017 eco friendly campingLow Carbon Footprint Camping

Want prime camping position with the shortest walk to all the action? Pledge to be an eco-warrior camper, and you will get just that. Camp Little Foot(print) is an area dedicated to the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy. All you have to do is purchase a Carbon Offset Ticket, and arrive with 3 or more passengers, and the best camping position is all yours!

For more truly simple but effective ways to have an eco-friendly Splendour 2017, that can then roll into your everyday life, check out but the Splendour website and the Be an Unfucker campaign. They break it down to make eco choices seem far more simple than you previous thought. Eco-friendly doesn’t mean living as a fully-fledged hippy, it just means being conscious in your decisions.

Go and have a truly magical time at Splendour! And don’t forget to tag us in any of your happy snaps!

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