Spring Summer nail art that you’ll want to try tonight!


The days are warming up, we’re going out for more early morning breakfasts and evening cocktails, which calls for fun Spring Summer nail art to accompany it!

We are obsessed with our Spring Summer range at the moment, and have all been rocking cute nail art at Sienna HQ recently.

Dots, stripes, negative space, the revival of french tips and ‘grown-up’ glitter are all trends rocking the fashion scene at the moment.


In a nod to the revival of understated nail art (and because we love glitter), here’s our fresh update on the classic french tips, ‘confetti’ style, and a too-cute polka dot look.

Time to nail art it!

Confetti Glitter French Tips





Coat your nails in a base coat. This ensures longevity for your mani and gives a smoother application


Paint your nails with your first creme polish. We are using Royale as our main colour, and Mimosa as a feature colour on the ring finger (party-nail!)


Don’t forget the second coat!


With your lint free makeup pads and the glitter polish, apply a small amount in a rectangular shape, on the edge of the pad. Go ahead and press the pad directly onto the tips of your nails. We alternated the feature ring finger, by apply the glitter to the base of the nail instead of tip. The idea behind using the makeup pad is to soak up the majority of the liquid in the polish, giving you a denser glitter finish.


Clean up any excess glitter around the edge of the nails. Allow to air for a minute until touch dry, then do a final coat with the top coat.

Multi Coloured Spring Dots





Coat the nails in a base coat (this will be the base for the mani)


With your first colour, dip the tool into the polish, be careful not to load it up too much, and start dotting the thumb nail, in random spots (we like to do 3 or 4 dots per nail). Continue dotting the index, middle and pinky fingers, with different colours for each nail. You can then go back with your feature creme colour and place one of two dots on each of the 4 already painted nails.


Using the same technique as in the first tutorial, paint your glitter polish onto the makeup pad, then press onto the ring finger. Cover the entire nail, cleaning up any mess around the edges.

Allow to dry- this will take a little longer than usual because the dots will be thicker than the standard two coats- we recommend 5 minutes. When touch dry, carefully coat with top coat.

Try this stunning nail art tonight and show us your pics! You can shop the colours we used by clicking the images below!



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