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Summer music festivals you need to go to this year!

Summer Music Festivals Day on the Green

Summer is here. It’s happening. The days are longer and the nights are balmier and there is nothing quite like an Australian summer. We are so lucky! It seems music festivals go hand in hand with the warmer months. No late nights walking back to your car or tent in the freezing cold. No worrying about carrying a jacket around all day. We love summer music festivals, and if you’re just breaking into the scene, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite summer festivals you must do!

Summer Music Festivals FallsFalls

We spoken about our love affair with Falls Festival already in our Summer Bucket list but it couldn’t be left off this list of best summer music festivals. Falls is the epitome of carefree frolicking in a sea of equally-as-carefree revellers. The line-up is always amazing. The atmosphere is buzzing. And the feeling of pure joy swamps you at the annual 3-day festival. We obviously choose Byron, but there are 3 other locations around Australia as well.

Summer Music Festivals WoodfordWoodford

We’re leaving our coastal town and heading up to the Sunshine Coast for this one. Woodford is the folk festival of all folk festivals- and high on our list of summer music festivals to prioritise this year! The camp grounds are awash of colour and energy, with gorgeously named streets to guide you home late at night. The huge programme allows for all tastes, for those who enjoy music, the arts, yoga and dancing, panel discussions and everything in between. If you’re going for New Years Eve, follow the crowds up into the hills in the early hours of the morning to watch the first sunrise of 2017. It’s a sight not to be missed. The week long festival is fantastic to venture to as a day trip, or for making an entire week of. The days can be hot and dry, or muddy and drenched if the weather plays up, so prepare for both.

Summer Music Festivals Day on the GreenA Day on the Green

With events running from October- March at wineries all over the country, a day on the green is well worth making the effort for. Gather a group of friends, pack a picnic basket and head to your nearest venue for huge International and Australian- which include Cyndi Lauper, Blondie and James Taylor all in early 2017.

Summer Music Festivals Laneway Festival CrowdLaneway Festival

Falling in late January/early February in locations all over the country plus a couple of international locations, Laneway is the perfect festival to see all your favourite indie pop/rock acts in the one festival! Laneway started as a series of weekly live performances in Melbourne and has grown into a highly anticipated event on the music calendar. It’s a must-do over the summer! One day, plenty of sunshine (fingers crossed), and unlimited amounts of revelry. We can’t say no!

Make sure you take a look at our festival style go-to guide for picking the perfect outfit! Oh… and the perfect nail polish is a must as well!

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