Sustainability at Sienna


Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do. Sienna leads the way in best practice for nail polish quality, production and formula, and we will keep pushing forward to inspire a sustainable, ethical approach to beauty. People and planet are everything to us. We want to show you that we walk our talk.


Everything starts at the polish.
How can we create the best formula? How can we do
the best by our planet, and our people?



florence red nail polish

Rather than use an unnecessary plastic cap, we use timber. Our signature caps are hand crafted from a local, non-native weed wood. We work to keep local rainforest areas free from this pest and allow native revegetation to flourish in its place.

Sienna is 100% vegan and cruelty free with the certifications to prove it. This is core to our product. We will never sell our polish in markets that require animal testing.

Sienna was the first Australian polish to be completely free of Benzophenone -1. Our formula is proudly non-toxic and we are the cleanest nail polish on the market, globally. We were also the first nail polish company to ban the micro-plastic, glitter, from all production.

We innovate to find effective alternatives. Our nail polish remover is based on soy beans and is completely free of any nasties.

Our production happens within Australia to keep our carbon footprint low. In fact, most within 100kms of our warehouse.

Packaging is 100% recyclable and we run an in-house recycling program so customers can return their empties.

Printing is 100% local on recycled stock.

Our Polishes are Recyclable!


We are changing the way people dispose of their nail polish, and have teamed up with our local recycling centre to correctly and thoughtfully dispose of our old nail polish bottles, in a way that has little impact on our environment.

As we said, sustainability is of huge importance for us, and there is no reason for nail polish to be any different. It is our aim to implement an ongoing cycle, where the creation and recycling of our polishes goes hand-in-hand, reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Recycling our bottles is too simple! The timber cap can be put straight into your compost bin. The plastic brush and glass bottle need to be washed with nail polish remover to ensure they are free of any excess residue. Place the brushes and bottles in separate milk containers or plastic water bottles, and then into your recycling bin. If you have any bottles you are unsure of, send them to us, and we can dispose of them correctly!



Sienna nail polish spirit

We source all ingredients for Sienna from organisations that are child labour free – and we always will.

We invest in our communities by sourcing locally and giving back.

We partner with local charities like Heartfelt Homes and Future Dreamers and continue to support Rafiki Mwema through an ongoing sponsorship.


Beauty is for everyone.


Our collections are gender-inclusive. Our formula is water permeable and Wudu-friendly, which means it is suitable for people of Muslim faith. No-one gets left behind.