Byron Bay Blues Festival Food Trucks Favourites

Byron Bay lighthouse (Australia 2010)


Byron Bay Blues Festival Food –
Refuel and Re-energise.

While Byron Bay Blues Festival is all about the music, we can’t forget the Byron Bay Blues Festival Food Trucks! Delicious food, flavourful drinks, and sweet treats make our world go round. Sustenance is key during Blues Fest, necessary to help us keep our stamina and strength as we quest to see as many live bands and performances as we can each day.

There are so many food options – about 35 at last count – so follow our tips to enjoy the quintessential Byron Bay Foodie experience. You might just meet a Sienna team member in the queue!


Govindas Vegetarian

My personal favourite, there is no more poignant festival food than a plate of Govindas vegetarian. The special features jasmine rice, mixed vegetable curry, split mung bean dahl, savoury vegetable puffs (Kofta balls), fresh tomato and herb chutney, lentil tortillas (pappadam), a sprinkle of salad, semolina fruit pudding with custard (Halava) AND a drink of home made ginger and mint lemonade. For about $12, it’s a dream come true, satisfying all your taste buds. (Vegan options too.)


Silver Bullet Cafe

Looking for chai or a hot chocolate, or perhaps a fruit-infused Vitamin Water? Need a breakfast-style veggie-filled wrap at lunchtime? Stop here. We love the Mexican Breakfast of spicy beans in a sealed tortilla. When food and drink is served from a super-shiny silver 1964 Airstream Caravan, we’ll have one of each please.


Pizza Loca

Eat it with chilli, or without, this is a Byron Bay tradition. One slice will do, but two is better. The pesto topping inspires our own pizza making efforts at home but never have we tasted a pizza as good as this. Great for a quick hit in between meals, or as a carbohydrate-loaded dinner to keep you dancing and singing all night long.


Byron Bay Organic Donuts

Take your pick from a traditional, blackberry, or chocolate organic sweet donut. Mammoth in size, why not split one with a friend? These things make your mouth water just looking at them. Perfect for sustaining blood sugar levels in the late afternoon between bands. I’ve heard them described as ‘food for your soul’. What better food to nourish and nurture your body with on a glorious Easter weekend?


Ilias the Greek

Needing a sweet something to prop you up between meals? THIS is your place. Ilias the Greek is a local food company based in Billinudgel (just across the highway from Blues Fest) where they make divine Greek treats. Around here, he’s known for making the BEST Halva (tahini-based sweet) in the Southern Hemisphere, along with Nougat (Mandalato), Pastelli and Baklava triangles. Rumour has it that there will be 50 kg of Halva ready for us but be quick – Ilias the Greek won’t be a local’s best kept secret for long!


Ginger Necktar

The most refreshing drink you’ll ever have (we guarantee it), Ginger Necktar is made right here in Byron Bay from the freshest natural ingredients. The Original Ginger Necktar is packed full of this health-giving root vegetable, tickling your tonsils as you sip it down. If you prefer your drink to be a little less ‘therapeutic’, the Ginger & Cranberry Necktar balances ginger spice with a bucketful of freshly juiced Cranberries. Either way, these Ginger Necktars are the perfect antidote to late night chats with your best girlfriends, and dancing till dawn. If you find yourself craving more of this delicious drink post-festival, it can be found in local shops and now in selected retailers in NSW, QLD and Victoria too. Visit their website to find a stockist near you.


We’d love to know YOUR favourite Byron Bay Blues Festival Food Truck Feast too!


10 things You Must Not Miss at Bluesfest 2016

bluesfest 2016 gumboots

Must Do Experiences – Bluesfest 2016

Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016 is an eclectic conglomeration of sounds, sights, styles, sunnies and shimmies. It’s a world within a world, and Byron Bay Blues Festival regulars can’t wait for it to roll around each year.

All those who attend will attest to the fact that the reason they come back, again and again, is not just for the music but for the ‘experiences’ they gather and are a part of. So we thought we’d make a list of our favourite adventures and happenings in Bluesfest land that no-one should miss.



1. See the local area High School Showcase

Monday starts at 12pm with an hour of raw local talent of the teenage kind. The Northern Rivers region is a hotpot of talent so there’s a chance you’ll be in the audience when they discover the next incarnation of Powderfinger, Lisa Mitchell, Kate Ceberano, or Gotye.



2. Wear Gumboots

While this year has sun expected, it wouldn’t be an authentic Blues Fest without a bit of rain and mud. So it pays to have a pair of (funky) gumboots at the ready. Forgot to buy them? Don’t worry too much. There’s always at least one market stall with a gazillion pairs at the ready. But do get in quick. Spotted red and green gumboots are way cooler than a black pair, two sizes too big, and “fashion in the field” is important, don’t you think?


my alvarez


3. Pass a gold coin or two to a busker

From time to time, you’ll spot a roving busker popping up throughout the festival grounds to deliver their songs and stories. These buskers were hand-picked to perform at Blues through a rigorous and highly contended Busking Competition held in the months and weeks leading up to the main event. (Selected artists will also perform on the Busking Stage.) These musicians are highly rated but still on the way up. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way in this game.



4. Devour a Byron Bay Organic Donut. Our flavour suggestion: Chocolate

Now, while there are over 35 food stalls to tempt your taste buds this festival, we nominate the experience of devouring a Byron Bay Organic Donut as THE BluesFest 2016 food experience you must tick off your bucket list. We choose chocolate. How about you?



5. See at least one artist at every stage.

Commit to at least one performance at each stage. This is a guaranteed diversion that may lead you to that rumoured pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Anyone who has ever planned a Bluesfest itinerary will agree that there’s always one tent you come back to again and again; and one tent you never visit. Change it up. Alter your destiny.


Bluesfest Tuesday


6. Expand your tastes

If you enjoy folk music, broaden your horizon with a listen of some hard rock. If Latin-inspired groove is your thing, step sidewards and join in the fun of a Reggae romp. A few years ago, we stumbled upon the Cuban sensation Buena Vista Social Club and loved every minute. We even managed to tag along to a recording session at our local recording studio – you never know your luck!



7. Don a hat.

BYO if you choose, but hat-wearing at Blues Fest 2016 is “de rigueur” (necessary according to etiquette) and there’s plenty of cool hat options on site. Floppy felt hats are still holding on to the title of ‘hat of the moment’ but straw hats, a la bohemian, suitably top a locally-made flowery dress. Fancy hat options are available too for those who want to stretch their fashion boundaries a little. Think Akubra, Indian headdress, Cartwheel Hats (those 1920’s style broad, tilted brims!), for the women and Mad Men-style fedoras and posh–looking Ascot caps for the gents. (Rain Poncho hats are common for everyone some years too!)



8. Buy a merchandise souvenir

Support YOUR favourite find by buying their CD, tshirt, or poster. Or take home a memento of your five days by purchasing the Bluesfest 2016 compilation album featuring songs from a range of artists. Such an easy way to conjure up the memories of your Bluesfest 2016 trip.




9. Make a new friend a day

Step outside your comfort zone and engage with a stranger. Whether you meet in the queue for food, or the queue for the ladies, speak up. Ask questions. Smile. Interact, Byron-style, with a hug or handshake. Gift something that doesn’t cost you anything – let them go first, pay it forward and give someone a newly purchased bottle of water, take a lovely photo for someone. Then repeat this newly formed habit in the real world too!



10. Stay for the headline act

I know you’re tired and over the crowds, but magic happens when there’s a huge crowd of fans (and new fans) who’ve come to sing and dance along with their guru. I’ve never regretted a late night, but I have often regretted leaving early when friends have shared their stories of the antics of the headliners on stage.



11. And of course, get your nail done!

Come along and see us to try your favourite Sienna colour! Metallic nails are the perfect addition to your festival outfits!



What Bluesfest experience do you think rates a mention?


Byron Blues Festival Schedule. Who we love what to see.

Gathering all the information to plan your own Byron Blues Festival Schedule can be hard work. While some bands sound familiar, and other ones are legendary, there’s a whole crowd of bands and solos just waiting to be discovered.


How do you choose who to see?

Pot Luck is one strategy, stopping when your ears tell you to or taking friendly suggestions. You might read a review or two in the local paper, recognise a band’s name or you simply close your eyes and point! (A personal fave, you never know who you might discover!)


Here’s our Guide to Byron Blues Festival Schedule for the music lovers.


Grace Potter - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

Grace Potter – Guaranteed to get you Dancing

Grace’s amazing music and sexy sassiness make her our go-to girl. Born in Vermont, USA, Grace released her first solo album last year, ‘Midnight’, featuring contributions from her band mates. This rocker girl is a guitar-toting, piano-playing, tambourine-shaking chick of the moment and her star is firmly on the rise.


The Cat Empire - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

The Cat Empire – Guaranteed crowd pleasers

Australian favourites, the Cat Empire, a ska and jazz band, have been around since way back in 1999. That makes them festival veterans. We love their hit ‘Hello’ – if you need a bit of encouragement to take your first step onto the dance floor, this song is your entry point. But stay for the storytelling and laughter. With a recently released album, “Rising with the Sun” (the band’s 6th studio offering), we are sure to hear some new tunes too. Word to the wise: Handsome hats, suits and ties may be on display.


Ali Campbell - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

UB40 – All time Classic

You can’t do Bluesfest without a bit of reggae thrown in. These old-timers, with the line up of lead-singer Ali Campbell, Astro, and Mickey Virtue – are a hoot on stage – cheeky, cheerful, lively, and fun! Throw in more than a few well-known songs to sing along to, (UB40 has had more than 50 singles in the Top UK charts), and you’ll be grooving in the gumboots before long.

Elle King - Byron Blues Festival Schedule



Elle King – The voice you HAVE to hear live


If you are familiar with the hit song, Ex’s and Oh’s, you’ll know this voice. Elle King is a groovy gal who can twang a banjo while singing her heart out. Not only was she nominated for two Grammy Awards this year, she was named No. 2 on Billboard’s Top New Rock Artist of 2015. This girl is going places. Be in her audience to catch her in person. With a range of musical interests including Rock, Soul, Country, Folk and Blues, this is one performance to give you goosebumps. Style alert: Tattoos and heavy make-up mixed with sassy spiritedness.
ash grunwald - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

Ash Grunwald – Local Favourite

We cannot let you leave without introducing local talent Ash Grunwald. (Recently moving to our sunny shores we have claimed him as our own!). This surfer boy with a love of blues and funk showcases his authentic style and captivating vocals on Sunday in the Jambalaya tent. (2.30pm)

Kendrick Lamar - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

Kendrick Lamar – New favourite

Kendrick Lamar is the man of the moment. Winner of the Grammy for the Best Rap Album of the Year – “To Pimp a Butterfly,” the Best Rap Song – “Alright,” the Best Rap/ Song Collaboration – “These Walls,” the Best Rap Performance – “Alright,” and the Best Music Video – “Bad Blood” he must be doing something right! We are looking forward to seeing Kendrick live in action!

Tom Jones - Byron Blues Festival Schedule

Tom Jones – Old favourite

We’ll be making our way to the finale in the Mojo Tent on Monday 28th when the elegantly attired Tom Jones hits the stage for the big finale. We can’t wait to boogie along to Delilah, Burning Down the House, and Sex Bomb and we’ve got our fingers crossed that he’ll break out ‘You can leave your hat on’. Full Monty style. What a treat!

Extra definites: Cold War Kids (LOVE), Steve Smyth (DOUBLE LOVE!), Mojo Juju, Tex Perkins, Nahko & Medicine for the people…. The list goes on!! It’s going to be amazing, look forward to dancing with you in the crowd! xx

Our Pretty (Hot) Tip:

We suggest bringing your own picnic rug or blanket. When you want to relax with a champers listening to your favourite artist & watching the sun go down you’ll need a nice comfy patch of grass.