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The perfect manicure how-to!

There aren’t many things more satisfying than indulging in a manicure, but what about the times you want to recreate a salon look at home? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are our top tips for creating a perfect manicure finish every time!

After filing into your preferred shape and gently buffing to remove any ridges in the nail, apply a thin layer of our Sticky Base Coat.

The base coat is crucial for two reasons: 1. It acts as a barrier to protect the bare nail and 2. It provides a sticky surface for the colour to adhere too.


Once you allow the base coat to air dry, it’s time to move onto the first coloured coat (we used Ambrosia)!

To do this, picture your nail is split into three sections, middle, left and right. Brush one smooth consistent line down the middle section, then do the same down the left and right.

You want this first coat to be quite thin, but smooth and consistent with minimal streaks.


After letting the first coat dry, apply the second in the same way. A thin coat to give the colour good coverage!


Last step to making sure your manicure stays chip free and lasts longer than a few days…Lightning Top Coat!

Just like the coloured coats, split the nail into three sections, and go from there. Make sure you cover the entire nail, to really strengthen the manicure and ensure a long-lasting finish!


And there you have it, an amazing manicure you didn’t have to go to the salon to achieve!


Time to test it out for yourself! We love seeing photos of our colours out in the wild! Shop our amazing nail polish colours and remember to hashtag your photos with #siennabyronbay so we can fall in love with your amazing manicures!

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