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Things to do in Byron Bay when you’ve only got 24 hours!

things to do in Byron Bay lighthouse sunrise

things to do in Byron Bay overlooking Tallows Beach

things to do in Byron Bay breakfast at Folk

things to do in Byron Bay Turmeric Latte at Folk

Photo by River Hazel

things to do in Byron Bay Wategos Beach

things to do in Byron Bay Lighthouse walk

things to do in Byron Bay Lighthouse on the cliff

things to do in Byron Bay cocktails at treehouse

things to do in Byron Bay Farmers Markets

We wish you were staying longer than 24 hours here, but if your schedule means you’ve only got one day- we’ve got the tips on things to do in Byron Bay to really maximise your time!

We are big believers that getting out amongst nature is the best way to experience this beautiful little pocket of the world- and paired with our favourite food picks, we think the below guide makes a perfect day outing!


  1. Head up to the Lighthouse for sunrise.

Byron bay and the lighthouse specifically, is the most eastern part of Australia… which means we are the first ones to see the sunrise over the horizon in the morning. Unless it’s a drizzly or windy morning, the sunrise is always spectacular from this spot.

  1. Folk for Breakfast

We’ve mentioned it so many times now it’s becoming an institution! Folk for breakfast is our absolute favourite- beautiful lattes, veggie based menu (with plenty of vegan options too), and tucked away in the quieter end of town. Get there early before the crowds! It’s a popular spot.

  1. Swim at Wategos

You can’t overlook the opportunity to take a dip in some of the finest beaches on the east coast (at least, we think so!). There are so many beaches you can choose from, which are all equally as beautiful and family friendly- we love to go between Wategos and The Pass, depending on where we can find a carpark. If you’re looking for something different, read more about our favourite Byron beaches.

  1. Lighthouse Walk

If you choose Wategos as your beach of choice, the natural progression is meander up the path to the lighthouse from there! It’s a beautiful winding walk which takes you past Little Wategos, and out to the Most Easterly Point. From there it’s a quick walk up the last few steps to the lighthouse. If you’re heading up this time of year, you may spot the last of the whales migrating for the season!

  1. Treehouse for cocktails- also make amazing Pizzas!

After a big day of nature loving and exploring, we know there is only going to be one thing on your mind…. Cocktail Hour (or is it only us who thinks this?) Treehouse are tucked away at Belongil Beach and the laidback atmosphere, live music and amazing cocktails is what draws us in every time.

  1. If you’ve got a few extra days in Byron Bay?

    Or just spare time in your 24 hours and you’re looking for more things to do, we have a few more suggestions to while away the time. The streets of Byron town are full of amazing handmade or local designers- Johnson, Fletcher and Lawson Streets in particular housing some of our favourites. Pop your head into Nami on Johnson Street- she carries some amazing local labels (including us!). If you’re there on a Thursday, be sure to make a visit to the farmers market for the best selection in local produce the Shire has to offer.


These things to do in Byron Bay are tailored for those who love waking up early and exploring- but we have do have other sneaky tips and ideas for your time here… read more about our favourite coffee spots, vegan dining locations and what to do in Bangalow!

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