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An Update on Sienna x Rafiki Mwema

The girls of Rafiki Mwema show off their nails

girls at Rafiki Mwema painting their nails

two hands holding at Rafiki Mwema

We received these photos yesterday from Sarah at Rafiki Mwema.

Anne-Marie travelled to Kenya shortly after Christmas, and was able to take some bottles of polish with her, for the Rafiki girls.

The looks on their faces!

The photos speak for themselves, and it is beautiful to see Sienna in the hands of these girls who have been given a second chance at their childhood, in a safe, caring and therapeutic environment.

Rafiki Mwema is a therapeutic children’s home in Kenya. The children who come into the care of Rafiki Mwema, are victims of sexual and psychological abuse, street kids or have been rejected by their families. Children are taken into the home and offered medical and legal care and support, as well as going through a therapeutic care system.

Their stories are unbelievable and a lot of the time overwhelming, but it is important that we listen and support them however possible. These children, some under two-years-old, need our help.

The running costs of Rafiki Mwema are in excess of $15000/month, a figure that the charity isn’t able to meet without the help of donations from individuals and businesses. All the proceeds from the Sienna x Rafiki Mwema collaboration, go directly back to help the charity give these children the life they deserve.

There is a limited number of the Rafiki Mwema holographic silver glitter available on our website.

To learn more about the Rafiki Mwema story and our time with Sarah, you can read our blog post.

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