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A vegan Easter menu to see you through the long weekend

The longest-long weekend of the year is upon us! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, the days are still warm and it is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to Summer by spending time with family and friends. Other than our time spent boogying at Bluesfest over the long weekend, we have scheduled a big get together with our family and close friends- which means one thing… vegan Easter recipes!
We’ve turned to some of our favourite foodies for all the inspo for our Vegan Easter menu! Keeping the menu healthy, but still satisfying is the best way to get through the long weekend without the guilt! And it also means more vegan Easter eggs to indulge on…

We’re thinking fresh, seasonal foods but hearty enough to warm the belly and the soul! Whenever we are in need of a healthy fix or new recipe idea, these three amazing ladies are our first port of call, Elsa’s Wholesome Life, Deliciously Ella and Loni Jane. They are always creating new, delicious and (of course) vegan recipes that we can’t get enough of- and their blogs are full of endless health and wellness advice.

So what’s on our vegan Easter menu this long weekend?

for sides:

Deliciously Ella’s Pesto Butter Bean Salad and Roasted Mediterranean Veg with Tomato Pesto 

Vegan Easter Mediterranean Veg


for main:

Elsa’s Wholesome Life’s Creamy Vegan Mushroom Alfredo

warm, hearty but low carb- so no yucky, post-pasta feeling!

Vegan Easter Creamy Mushroom Alfredo


for dessert:

Elsa’s Wholesome Life’s Healthy Hot Cross Buns

Because… it wouldn’t be Easter weekend without a cheeky hot cross bun… right! This version though has far less sugar and much higher nutritional value!

Vegan Easter Elsa's Wholesome Life Hot Cross Buns


Post-Long Weekend Brekky Boost:

Loni Jane’s Superfood Burcha

The long will inevitably come to an end- but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep treating ourselves. Loni Jane has the best bircher recipe we have ever tried. PACKED full of superfood, easy to assemble and very high in fibre to keep you full for longer, as you kick those post-long weekend blues!

Vegan Easter Loni Jane Burcha


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