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Wategos Byron Bay- The haven you must visit

wategos byron bay

When it comes to giving suggestion to our friends about what to do in their limited time visiting our sunny pocket of the world- Wategos Byron Bay is close to (if not at the top) of the list. We love it so much we named one of our polishes after it.

The sheltered little nook of a beach is partly rocky, partly sandy and all parts breathtakingly beautiful. The perfect spot for a family picnic, a beach day with friends, or a stop on your way up to the lighthouse. Wategos  is a local favourite, and one that people travel from afar just to visit. Early morning and dusk are our favourite times to be down there. Spend a moment watching the surfers on the rolling waves in the morning- and if you’re keen on hitting the waves, it’s definitely a Mal appropriate spot! As the sun starts to descend in the evening, the light bounces of the waves and behind the headland towards Byron, creating a perfect little spot to bring a warm drink and rug up as you watch the sunset.

We’ve written about it many times before, but winter at Wategos Byron Bay is something worth celebrating! The days are mild and the sun is warm but not biting. The streets are also a lot emptier and car parks are actually available, so you won’t spend all day stuck in a traffic jam like what can happen in summer.

And for the times we can’t visit the iconic beach? Wategos on our fingers and toes! Our clear water blue nail polish is the perfect way to get your mind wandering off towards the summer days fast approaching!

Let us know about your time at the beautiful Wategos! We love seeing your photos, especially when there is Sienna on your fingers and toes! Use #siennabyronbay and tag us, so we can marvel at all your beautiful adventures.

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